SWHC Logs : One-Note Wonders


  • Don't make me think about Coo-sin Larry boofing Balki in the dumper. Added 2/18/04
      <AliasN> Greatest American Dildo
      <Kyol> o/' believe it or not iiiii'm fucking your wiiiife...o/'

  • Rhymes with 'areola' Added 2/18/04
      <zompist> hell, in the photoshop era, no one has no naked pictures
      <Drusilla> how true. leth, make naked pics.
      <Drusilla> quickly now.
      <Leth> again?

  • SeanQ officially revokes zomp's title of 'least picked-on spinnoff' Added 2/18/04
      <tieboy> "Kyol is straight."
      <Samwise> "I really look up to tieboy."
      <Craig> "Nebraska is a real hotbed of technology and innovation."

  • paPREEka or papREEka?
      <kaufman> may I join in?
      <zompist> can we stop you?

  • Aye, the terrier, he's listing to port, Cap'n Rumpumper
      <spinn> talk to the poodle, 'cos the terrier ain't listing
      <CrzyClmbr> yeah, if it curves to the left, it's definitely listing
      <SeanQ> after stan's brother get's thru with him, he'll list
      <SeanQ> to the left
      <StanXhiao> Aye, the terrier, he's listing to port, Cap'n Rumpumper.
      <StanXhiao> Give 'im a yank on the right yarble to steady 'er out.

  • "for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers, only"
      <Kyol> Since you all want to know, apparently some nurse-y friends of hers gave her an enema "probe" with a pen inside it.
      <zompist> so, she's drawing on things inside her rectum?
      <KemloCaesar> or is she using her rectum to draw?

  • Now I'll say that for hemoglobin for the rest of my life
      <agent_orange> asshopper
      <tieboy> rump ronin
      <agent_orange> semen demon
      <Samwise> spooge stooge

  • Cutting off your dick is no euphemism.

      <CrazyClimber> looks like you'll have to sacrifice the bishop, sam.
      <tieboy> isn't that a euphGGAGAGGGG
      <Elkman> I thought that was "shining the bishop".
      <sol-D> or possibly "flogging"
      <CrazyClimber> yeah, cutting off your dick is no euphemism.

  • Don't say anything funny, i don't wanna miss anything
      <tieboy> "...ay, but ya fook one goat..."
      <Agent_Orange> "...and the duck says, 'can you get this Newf out from under my ass?'"
      <tieboy> "Why, that's Alex Trebek's scrotum!"
      <KemloCaesar> "Er... we get on the camel, ride into town, and pick up a girl."

  • mdxi thinks it's the Glass Dildo of Too Much Information.
      <kaufman> hey, hadn't said anything in 3+ hours; did I miss anything?
      <mdxi> not really, no.

  • Newly Hoovered Ovum Scent
      <Samwise> "NHOS" Has Overpowered Sanity
      <Leth> ooooh, recursive NHOS.....

  • It's Your Last Rites, Charlie Brown!
      <mdxi> How'd You Keep Churning Out That Trite Pablum For 40 Years, Charlie Brown?

  • Mr. Ben in the Kitchen with a Nori
      <Samwise> *propernoun* in the *location* with the *noun*

  • Battlefield Nudity!
      <SeanQ> i would bet my house Thomas carder doesn't know what felching is

  • BSDM Haiku-Writing Motherfuckers
      <CrazyClimber> please don't touch me there / not with that thing anyway / oh god make it stop
      <kaufman> Cuffs are on too tight / Welts up and down my poor back / And I have to pee
      <LJ-atwork> ow ow ow ow ow / ow ow oooh ow ow ow ow / ow ow ow ow stop.

  • Mmmmmm, Burgers!
      <TheEnigma> "For God's sake, Earl! Don't open the grill! DON'T OPEN THE GRILL!"

  • Sim#spinnwebe
      <TomFish> *to prove the superiorty of my favorite band, and me by association, state name of band followed by an intentional (hopefully) mispelling of the word "rules"*

  • Wankin' to the Oldies!
      <DocEvil> Goin to toshi station to pick up some power converters
      <DocEvil> Goin back to check on Uncle Owen
      <mdxi> checking the negative power coupling
      <DocEvil> Lowering my midichlorian count

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