SeanQ officially revokes zomp's title of 'least picked-on spinnoff'


<Leth> snnkkkt
<Leth> guy just came into the lab swearing at the top of his voice about 'goddamned fucking Windows motherfucking goddamnit" then realized the GM was at the other end of the room
<Samwise> Leth, it's not like you work for MS or anything
<Leth> well yeah, but the GM really isn't all that into swearing and tirades
<SeanQ> is the GM a Quaker or something?
<Leth> So we're all laughing because now this guy is probably going to have to sit through a "stress management" chat with the gm
<Samwise> And show me the person who works anywhere near a computer who doesn't rant every now and then.
<Samwise> I'll bet zomp has said things that you would never in a million years picture coming from his mouth
<bob> "bush isn't all bad!"
<tieboy> "Comics are kind of juvenile"
<Leth> "Stupid liberals! Goddamned social programs stifling innovations and making me reboot"
<tieboy> "I just can't wait to get home, light up a smoke, and watch 'Becker'."
<bob> "why would anyone learn more than one language, anyway? how many do you need?"
<tieboy> "Good to see you, Dodge."
<Leth> "I've been giving a lot of thought to going gay and writing a livejournal about rollercoasters"
<Leth> gahaha
<tieboy> snkkt
<Samwise> "I'm so glad we bought this house."
<SeanQ> "These pants are getting awfully snug in the waistband"
<tieboy> "It's rare that a sequel is better than the original, but I think Weekend at Bernie's 2 pulls it off!"
<Samwise> "Ma-cho, macho maaaaaan..."
<bob> "no, dru, don't get off my face yet"
<SeanQ> "Al Franken is a misunderstood genius"
<tieboy> "Mmm... EZ Cheez and Bacon Bits make a great Hot Pockets topping."
<Samwise> "Gneeerrrp onxhg honnycesn tocetrrod alfnne!"
<bob> "lida! have you seen my billy joel CDs?"
<Samwise> "Ahhh, it's Miller time."
<tieboy> "Think I'll get a tattoo."
<bob> "let's have a movie night in my new media center room!"
<tieboy> "Didja see that football game?"
<bob> "how do you like my mohawk?"
<Samwise> "Blah blah, a bunch of people fought with swords and shit. Whatever."
<Craig> "I think three piercings per ballsack is just about right."
<tieboy> "Sorry, I have no idea how Congress works."
<bob> "like i haven't been wearing a nipple shield just like that for years."
<Craig> "Politics? Dunno, haven't given it much thought lately."
<Craig> "Okay, gotta run, school just let out, and #Teen_Chat should really start filling up!"
<bob> dammit, thoughtjinx
<tieboy> "Kyol is straight."
<Samwise> "I really look up to tieboy."
<Craig> "Nebraska is a real hotbed of technology and innovation."
<tieboy> "I'm gonna go submit some captions on Orrin's DFC page."
<Samwise> "OK, time to edit... accept, accept, accept... hmmm... oh what the hell, accept..."
<Craig> "I really think the Nuge was able to explore himself, creatively, when he was in Damn Yankees."
<bob> "spooning with lots makes me sleep sounder."
<Leth> "WHEN is the publishing world going to wake up and discover the genius of Lots42 DAMMIT BOB
<Samwise> now that's something he definitely would say
<bob> "new ST(O) page up"
<Leth> "I think I'll make the interface at easy to use and find things"
<bob> "could you take a few more photos of me?"
* SeanQ officially revokes zomp's title of 'least picked-on spinnoff'
<Samwise> "Oh please. A comic whose only point is a lesbian character? That's retarded."
<SeanQ> "I got in twelve reps of 220 on the bench press today"
<Samwise> "*BRRRAAAAAAP* Mmm, pizza."
<bob> "i just adopted four more cats! that's 20!"
<Samwise> "Why doesn't anyone respect me for my *mind*?"
<Leth> "Oh god, another Sid Meir game. Why can't they just get Duke Nukem 4 done already?!"
<Leth> "Hey guys! Wait, I got a good fart coming! Get the lighter!"
<Samwise> "Ooo, pickled pigs' feet!"
<bob> "i dunno why you'd want to go out to dinner. i've got plenty of hot dogs in the fridge."
<Samwise> "What? Let you morons into my *house*? Do you think I'm *stupid*?"
<tieboy> "If only Adam Sandler and Joe Esterhaus would team up."
<bob> "can't we just play clue?"
<Leth> "There's too many words in this book. Do they have a kid's version?"
<tieboy> "Gonna spend the weekend working on the car."
<Leth> "LOL"
<Samwise> ":)"
<tieboy> "thru"
<Craig> "I don't know why people wanna travel to other countries when the U.S. of A is the best god-damn country on the face of the planet. Plus, I hate brown people."
<Samwise> "That's very unique."
<Leth> "Now, now, I think it's healthy that spinn has foound an outlet for gaming. You people are mean."
<Craig> "I can't wait for Toby Keith's cover of 'Proud to Be an American.'"
<Leth> "I'm moving to Arkansas!"
<Samwise> "Well, I was pretty sure I was right, but I'll go with what Bob says."
<tieboy> "Nice to see you, LadyJ."
<Leth> "Wanna fuck?"
<Craig> "3 more Yeager shots over here!"
<Craig> jaeger, I guess it is
<Leth> "Man, I just can't get enough Watchtower reading!"
<tieboy> "I got in not one, not two, but THREE fistfights this weekend. Awesome."
<bob> "dammit, cable rocks my world"
<Samwise> "Damn, that Ann Coulter sure can suck a dick. I think my left nut imploded!"
<Leth> "Fucking nerds. Try going outside now and then. <plays football>"
<SeanQ> "I was gonna draw you a map, but you can just follow my car instead"
<Samwise> "Hello, Amtrak? I need one ticket to Minnesota."
<Samwise> "I wish I knew a decent restaurant, but I usually just go to McDonald's."
<Leth> "I've signed up for the TIPS network. I just loves me that John Ashcroft!"
<tieboy> "I am so stoned."
<Craig> "Stupid Patriot Act is so flimsy. Fucking touchy-feely liberal pussies."
<Leth> "w00t! Linkin Park has a new album out!"
<Samwise> "Cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys. Christ, they're called 'guns', look into it sometime."
<bob> "the flag over my window wasn't big enough, so i put a flagpole in my front yard."
<Leth> "Cold. Dead. Hands. Motherfucker."
<Craig> "The new 'Love Is...' is simply a-DOR-able! You have GOT to read it!"
<Samwise> "You can take my Smith & Wesson when GOD DAMMIT LETH
<Leth> "Gotta run, the latest Harlequin romance just got delivered!"
<bob> "pig roast at my place this weekend! we'll start with the slaughter at 5 AM sharp."
<Leth> "anyone catch yesterday's Springer?"
<Samwise> "He didn't have a big enough selection for me, so I bought some new CDs for the karaoke guy."
<SeanQ> "Why do they put a little squiggle under their 'c's? Stupid fucking frogs.."
<Leth> "I genuinely like Bob"
<Craig> "I shot that 13-point son of a whore right in his fucking heart. Yea, this new thirty-aught-six is a real beaut!"
<bob> "are the sequins on this vest too bright?"
<tieboy> "Fags? Getting married? Might as well just keep abortion legal and let blacks stay in the country while you're at it."
<Samwise> "Keg stand!"
<tieboy> "Queef."
<Craig> "And look, the words 'Ditto, Rush!' light up when you press this switch. I swear, this is the best tie ever."
<Leth> "I'm tired of picking up hookers off the street. Anyone know a good brothel?"
<tieboy> "You know when yer gettin' blown and you cut a cheesy fart, and the chick screams and you spill your Schlitz Light all over her back? I hate that."
<SeanQ> "Sure, I'll go again"
<Leth> "I just bought a lot of really sturdy chairs!"
<Craig> "I'm so tired of living in Chicago with all the mud people. I wonder if I can get transferred to Mobile. Mood: hopeful"
<bob> "Check out the new SUB! Eight to the gallon on the highway, baybee!"
<bob> sigh... SUV
<Craig> Bob, I read that as "Sub" as in "Suburban" so it was still good. No worries.
<bob> whew i'll sleep easier tonight
<Leth> Sport Utility Behemoth
<Craig> indeed, didn't want you to pop an extra Xanax on my account.
<Samwise> "That Barry Manilow is one bad motherfucker."
<tieboy> "Where am I going on vacation? DAYTONA BEACH, BAYBEE!"
<Leth> "one bad motherfucker"
<Leth> "If I have to read one more thing written by Lore I'm gonna go fucking postal, I swear"
<tieboy> "Watch me shoot this fucking chipmunk."
<Craig> "that bitch at Colorado U got what she deserved. Woman! Playing football?!"
<Samwise> "You're playing what? Dungeons and dragons? Well I beg your pardon, your highness: king of the nerds."
<tieboy> "Gotta go, WWE Cage Match on Pay Per View"
<bob> "gotta do something about this beer gut. well, next week."
<Craig> "Two more videos and my 'Girls Gone Wild' collection is complete."
<Leth> "I'll never know why Roger Corman never got a lifetime achievement Oscar"
<Samwise> "What, you didn't know I won the Heisman?"
<bob> "do you know anyone *else" who's had a mullet for 10 years?"
<Craig> "That cover two defense's weakness is exposed when the back flows into the flat and the receivers flood one side of the field. Morons."
<tieboy> "what r u up 2?"
<Craig> "<3"
<bob> nicely subtle, craig
<Leth> "I jerk off to pictures of Jenny McCarthy, and I'm proud!"
<bob> "instead of watching a bad movie, let's just do whippets."
<Samwise> "Mmm, pork rinds!"
<Craig> "SWIRLIE!"
<bob> "i'd like to share my love of our lord and savior jesus christ with you."
<SeanQ> I think we're starting to loop
<tieboy> "Man, I've been up for 3 days playing Grand Theft Auto"
<bob> "keep going! i'm drawing the swatoon as you riff!"
<SeanQ> see, he might say that, Bob
<bob> nah, all the swatoon quotes are years old
<SeanQ> I deleted 'these leather chaps are chafing me' for the same reason
<Leth> ok, how's this then, Sean
<Leth> "Bob, keep going! I'm drawing the swatoon as you riff!"
<tieboy> "I just don't get agto's humor."
<bob> "jesus fuck, i've never taken a strap-on that big before."
<tieboy> "I just made stileproject my homepage."
<Leth> "God, I'm going to get fired. These Elkman photoshops are KILLING me!"
<Leth> "I disagree. I think FF8 was the best."
<Leth> "GO CUBS!"
*** zompist has joined #spinnwebe
<Leth> "nope, nope, nothing to see here
<Leth> hey zomp
<SeanQ> mornin' mark
<Leth> how goes the goatfucking?
<bob> heya zomp
<zompist> heya, leth sean bob 'n allayouze
<Leth> "allayouz- DAMMIT"
<zompist> heya, leth sean bob 'n allayouze DAMMIT (sorry)
<zompist> my boss and grand-boss are both out today. if i can avoid *their* boss-- and that's my standing policy anyway-- i can do nothing at all today!
<bob> "i'm going to buckle down and put in some OT too!"
<Leth> "Where all the white wimmin at?"
<Craig> are we playing "guess the riff" with zomp?
<Leth> no, just continuing to run with it
<Leth> Sean said we were looping, so this is a delicious twist
<bob> "man, i could scratch my balls for another hour."
<Craig> "I'm quitting my church, it's not fundamentalist enough for me."
<Samwise> "Yurgh! Listen, senorita, put your top back on."
<Craig> "Pregnant woman give the best lap dances."
<Leth> "Blah blah fags blah blah Frenchies blah blah Germans blah blah god I wish the Klan were up here."
<Craig> you fuck, i was just cooking up a klan reference
<bob> "i've got that folder around here somewhere. dammit, i've gotta get organized one of these days."
<Craig> "Yes ma'am, you can help me. Where's your 'Idiot's Guide to...' section?"
<Samwise> "Jesus, why'd I buy that? That TV is just too damn *big*."
<tieboy> "I bet I can get at least 10 more horsehockey episodes done today."
<Craig> "Okay, someone tell me again, what's the difference between 'its' and 'it's'? I can never keep that shit straight."
<Leth> "I wish I had some skin tags too. They sound neat!"
<bob> "this is just the servant's quarters. You'll be staying in the main house, in back."
<Leth> "I shaved my pubes! Wanna see pics?"
<SeanQ> "stay out of the sun, that pallid look really turns me on"
<bob> "got wasted and shot up five street signs last night. best night ever!"
<Craig> "Why don't we just build a huge wall all along Mexico? That'd keep those goddamn beaners outta here."
<tieboy> "Nothing better than really chubby chicks with huge fake boobs flopped out."
<Craig> "I'm up to a 8.0 on!"
<bob> "i never thought the bike would even fit, but i have to admit, it felt pretty good"
<Leth> "I think the Blackhawks have a geat shot this year, if they can control the neutral zone and avoid costly penalties"
<tieboy> "Wanna see my collection of beer cans and stuffed possums?"
<bob> "don't just pee on me, greg. pee on me like you *mean* it."
<SeanQ> "I got tired of just drawing it, so mnow I'm working on a 1/16 scale model of Verdunia in my backyard"
<Samwise> Sean, again, we're creeping into reality here
<SeanQ> ah well
<Craig> "I wanted to go into mixology but I just didn't have the smarts for it."
<Leth> "I think that O'Rielly guy really has his head screwed on straight"
<Craig> "So I slapped her again and said 'When I ask for a Pabst, I want it ice cold and I want it NOW!'"
<Samwise> "Skoal has a nice bite, but for an 'all-day' chew, I really prefer Copenhagen."
<Leth> "I just sat there as the bus drove on. Could you believe that fucking cunt got mad that I didn't get up? Fuck that noise"
<tieboy> "I laid down my Harley this morning."
<Craig> "Thank God those corporate guys are on top of things. Imagine people wasting their time on the intranet instead of working!"
<Craig> [sic]
<bob> "shot another peacenik today."
<Leth> "Condy Rice? I'd fuck her"
<Craig> "George invited us down to Crawford again this weekend."
<tieboy> "Dru, I enjoyed your story about unhappy vampire clowns. Can I write one for you?"
* zompist googles for a picture of condy to check on that one
<Leth> you suck tie
<Samwise> "You call that art? I could shit a better comic book than that! Where's the *explosions*, ferchrissake?"
<bob> "just a second... almost got this booger out of there"
<Craig> "I can't wait to teach my nephew how to hawk up a good loogie."
<bob> "menthol's for pussies. give me generics, unfiltered."
<Samwise> "Time to sweat to the oldies!"
<Craig> has someone dcc'd the stuff to him that zomp missed?
<Leth> "Should I go with the animated cherubs in the banner, or just the unicorns and java applets for my main page?"
<Leth> "Needs more MIDI"
<tieboy> "I've realized that homestarrunner is really just mediocre flash comedy."
<Craig> "Gotta run to Michael's for some more puffy rainbow stickers. Be back soon!"
<tieboy> "I lost my ebay bid for a signed copy of Bad as I Wanna Be by Dennis Rodman. Fuck."
<tieboy> "We should wait for ristoril before we continue this riff."
<bob> someone pasted a riff in msg!
<Craig> ja
* bob checks DSM IV to see if post-riff letdown has been officially diagnosed yet
<tieboy> aaand the number one thing zompist would never say... drumroll please, paul... "Two words: Arby's R00lz!" </letterman>
<Craig> must'a been a top 300 list
<zompist> mmm, i could go for some arby's
<Samwise> dammit
<Samwise> stop crushing our dreams

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