Aye, the terrier, he's listing to port, Cap'n Rumpumper


<hockeyfag> I'm waiting for the gay verions of hooters.. roosters
<StanXhiao> Tooters
<StanXhiao> Clangers?
<Leth^> Pooters?
<spinn> cruisers
<kaufman> Nuts -- with a squirrel logo
<StanXhiao> Peeners
<kaufman> Pizzlers
<Leth^> Dick's
<StanXhiao> SeanQ's House of Sknnnt
<SeanQ> Tonight's Special: Tubed Steak
<spinn> the top of the "i" has an oddly curved shape
<StanXhiao> hehehehe
<StanXhiao> to the left
<StanXhiao> J.P. Pumprumper's
<hockeyfag> roosters.. with a picture of a rooster
<spinn> rumpity pump
<spinn> heheheh
<kaufman> dutch boy
<hockeyfag> ya know.. rooster=cock..
<spinn> man, we're all with the cutting edge humor here, and mark's back in 1985
<spinn> he's like, elkhumorsplit
<StanXhiao> I have three gifts for thee, par-rump-a-pump-pump
* hockeyfag bitchspals spinn like its 1999.. wait.. it is..
<hockeyfag> "H.R. Rumperstuff"
<kaufman> Rumplestilskin's
<CrzyClmbr> bitchspals?
<spinn> Rumpleforeskin's
<kaufman> cc: friends of the poodle
<CrzyClmbr> hehee
<spinn> talk to the poodle, 'cos the terrier ain't listing
<spinn> listening
<CrzyClmbr> yeah, if it curves to the left, it's definitely listing
<SeanQ> after stan's brother get's thru with him, he'll list
<SeanQ> to the left
<StanXhiao> Aye, the terrier, he's listing to port, Cap'n Rumpumper.
<StanXhiao> Give 'im a yank on the right yarble to steady 'er out.
* CrzyClmbr resolves to look both ways before crossing until it wears off
<StanXhiao> Outback Grill takes on a whole new meaning.
<StanXhiao> Oliver Garden.
<CrzyClmbr> "Dirt Snake Garden"
<spinn> honk! honk!
<Raven> Like geese during autumn....
<StanXhiao> Guy-Fil-A
<SeanQ> Crapplebee's
<StanXhiao> Lube-eees
<kaufman> Bunnagain's
<Leth^> Sin-in-bunns
<kaufman> Willi's
<SeanQ> T.G.I.Guy-days
<StanXhiao> To Go, or To Poot In
<spinn> Prostate Pete's
<SeanQ> ir Fri-Gays
<Leth^> Analbee's
<Raven> Cap'n Billy's House O' Buggery
<Leth^> Fine SeaMen
<StanXhiao> Long John Silver's--oops, been done
<spinn> "welcome to TGI Fri-gays. How many in your party? Schtupping or non-schtupping?"
<kaufman> Very Friendly's
<spinn> wait a minute
<StanXhiao> oh, is it?
<StanXhiao> you'd never know it by half the waitstaff
<StanXhiao> Kentucky Fried Amsterlad
<spinn> "we do tight little dutch boy right"
<kaufman> Uncle Roy Rogers
<StanXhiao> Arboy's
<spinn> big boy
<kaufman> Taco Gerbil
<Leth^> Boston Manket
<spinn> Boston MeatMarket
<kaufman> Buttfuckers
<shil> T.G.I.Felchers
<SeanQ> Today's Special: Freshly Tossed Salad
<spinn> K. Y. McRufflenutter's Fun-tyme Schlong-Wetting Extravaganzaporium
<CrzyClmbr> Chuck E. Foreskin Cheese
<StanXhiao> The Palm Room at the Waldork
<kaufman> Mr. Lube
<spinn> that's what we need. the jiffy lube of brothels
<spinn> so business people can go on their lunchtime
<StanXhiao> IHOP
<spinn> 29 minutes or it's free! Guaranteed!
<StanXhiao> International House of Penis
<spinn> International House of Poontang
<SeanQ> "That 15 Minute Blow Job Place"
<DMLaenker> Uh... Fuck Hut?
<StanXhiao> B.J. Chang's
<spinn> A AAA Amazing Blowjob, Inc.
<DMLaenker> Neighborhood Fellatio Centre
<StanXhiao> Steak 'N Anal
<shil> TubeSteak 'N Anal
<StanXhiao> Pasghetti Warehouse
<CrzyClmbr> The Ground Round Butt
<DMLaenker> Everything TubeSteak
<CrzyClmbr> Howard's Johnson
<kaufman> Benny Wanna
<StanXhiao> Gerald FitsGerald's
<SeanQ> Bugger King
<shil> Gerald FistGerald's
<StanXhiao> Burger Queen (or was that done already)?
<DMLaenker> Digsy's Diner
<StanXhiao> Pizza In
<spinn> Just Bathroom Stalls
<DMLaenker> Pizza In, Pizza Out
<kaufman> SodomcDonald's
<DMLaenker> Fuck University
<shil> and on a completely unrelated tangent, Krystal Meth
<spinn> I believein Krystal Meth, 'cos I believe in me
<DMLaenker> "We're hung like a horse!"
<CrzyClmbr> Transgendered Wendy's
<CrzyClmbr> hm, can't believe we missed Hardee's
<kaufman> and of course Fairy Queen
<shil> Subway. 'nuff said
<kaufman> Limpie :-(
<SeanQ> "I'll take a twelve inch Spicy Italian, please!"
<kaufman> Pizzler

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