Rhymes with 'areola'


<Drusilla> no, and no, and fuck no.
<Drusilla> no one has any naked pics of me.
<bob> except shawn.
<Drusilla> including shawn
<zompist> japhod's copies don't count anymore; they're all crusted over
<Lore> Tell that to Google Images.
<Drusilla> NONE EXIST!
<Drusilla> except for those tie had. but they're undoubtedly gone, so there you go.
<bob> oh, and mach
<Lore> Zomp can draw some if you want.
<Leth> that tie had?
<tieboy> I had naked pix?
<bob> but he "deleted" them when he started boinking jupe
<Lore> Tie boinked jupe?
<zompist> hell, in the photoshop era, no one has no naked pictures
<Drusilla> how true. leth, make naked pics.
<Drusilla> quickly now.
<Leth> again?
<SeanQ> that hed sucks
<bob> yeah, match up dru with spidey this time
<Lore> You can get the bodies from www.sandwichmakinghoneys.com
<Leth> I remember way back when someone asked me to make naked pictures of them. "Paste my head and Tie's head into a porno picture!"
<Lore> www.selfobsessedteens.com
* zompist checks to see if he has a dru head shot and a lots42
<SeanQ> www.pastycorpses.edu
<Lore> www.touchedbyajesuit.com
<Lore> www.girlswithlikefourteenfuckingaliases.com
<tieboy> I was NOT happy where you pasted my head, btw
<Lore> www.itspronouncedah-ree-ohn-ah.com
<bob> www.comeonmyfaceandsavemethemakeup.com
<SeanQ> or jer-ods new site, www.rainraingoaway.org
<Lore> www.girlswillingtolistentorantsabouthowthematrixisreal.com
<Lore> Also known as livejournal.
<zompist> collapsar.aero/wankmaterial/2003/boobage/triple_d/arryonna
<bob> www.mayocomplectedsandwichartists.com
<Drusilla> hey, fuck you
<Drusilla> it's arrianna
<tieboy> mayo complected
<bob> once she figures out the final solution, it'll be aryanna
<zompist> "arrianna. it's dot com!"
<Lore> I do like that phrase.
<Drusilla> and it's pronounced are-re-on-nah
<Lore> Shit.
* Drusilla sighs melodramatically.
<SeanQ> rymes with 'areola'
<Lore> I'm actually reduced to pretending to cough to hide my laughter.
<zompist> you're welcome!
<Lore> www.hotsexymelodramaticsighs.com
<Drusilla> i'm glad none of this sites exist so far.
<SeanQ> thank you for continuing to check, though, dru
<bob> www.ifieverhavesexillgobothways.edu
<Lore> www.whichisdommeagain.com
<Leth> www.putmorebeercansonmytits.com
<Lore> www.barelylegalalsobarelysane.com
<Leth> huh THAT one exists
<Lore> Liar.
<Leth> yup
<bob> www.thinkgirlversionofjohnwaynegacy.com
<Lore> www.ohwellatleasttheyretalkingaboutme.com
<Drusilla> ...go back to the funny ones that aren't true.
<Lore> Dru's not a domme, she's a pushy sub.
<Leth> www.boyweallreallylikedruforhermindandwit.com
<tieboy> www.ilookedatagirlsoimbi.org
<SeanQ> www.subpushingpushysub.com
<Samwise> Hey, what do you call the useless skin around a vagina?
<Leth> www.notasubpusherbutsandwichartist.net
<tieboy> school of rock?
<bob> <kyol> a woman?
<Lore> www.nebraskanfarmboyswithasenseofhumor.com
<tieboy> kyol's mouth?

*** Samwise has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Leth (And you kicked me for Militia Etheridge?)
<Lore> Militia Etheridge! That's funny!
<Drusilla> it is?
<Leth> the question was "What do you call 1000 armed lesbians?"
<Lore> Oh.
<Lore> Well, no, it's not funny with that set-up.
<Leth> beheh
<Leth> fuck you
<Lore> It's funny as a contextless Web board alias.
* DingoBoy nods
<Leth> you too, baby eater
* DingoBoy nods and flips Leth off
<Drusilla> good man
<Lore> Interesting.
<Lore> Apparently it takes from 50 to 10,000 lesbians to form a militia.
<Lore> Depending on who's telling the joke.
<Lore> They can be armed with guns, rifles, or M-16s.
<Samwise> 49 lesbians are a mere... what, flotilla?
<tieboy> mob?
<Lore> Or they can just be "armed."
<Leth> "pictorial"?
<Drusilla> lilith concert?
<Samwise> coven?
<Lore> A womaniple.
<zompist> "hors-d'oeuvre"
<tieboy> good start?
<Leth> "Still dangerous to be male around"
<tieboy> more than emuff?
<DingoBoy> femi-squadron
<tieboy> field hockey team?
<Drusilla> freshman class at bryn mawr?
<Lore> I was going to go with rugby.
<tieboy> well, go ahead
<tieboy> school of no cock?
<Lore> Wabe's wet dream?
<bob> a broadway musical featuring only drag queens?
<DingoBoy> Notre Dames
<zompist> nightmare of a dissertation committee
<tieboy> so we can say "You're a few lesbians short of a militia" when we think someone is kinda crazy
<Lore> A porn movie?
<Samwise> sure
<Drusilla> Wabe's ex-girlfriends?
<zompist> dru's future non-girlfriends
<Samwise> snkkkkt
<Lore> Tofu's greatest nightmare?
<Leth> "All waiting for me to convert them"?
<tieboy> battery hoard?
<Samwise> to what, judaism?
<Lore> A clitque?
<tieboy> er, hoarders
<Leth> look at me Sam. Buddhism
<tieboy> wangless gang
<Samwise> Didn't know Buddha was so evil
<tieboy> crewcut crew?
<tieboy> pussy posse
<Leth> you should read more Falwell then
<Drusilla> alternate universe spinnoffs
<Leth> Harley-Davidson franchise
<Lore> Every vegan in Milwaukee?
<zompist> ooh, right. 49 lesbians = 1 floor off the wtc
<Lore> butch batch
<Samwise> mickie mob
<zompist> result of ben entering a bar
<tieboy> munch bunch
<Samwise> heheheh
<Lore> poon platoon
<Lore> a syndiclit
<zompist> birkenstock sale
<tieboy> pride
<Leth> a full bitchgade
<Samwise> nice, tie
<Samwise> a pride of gays
<Drusilla> float in the pride parade.
<tieboy> squat squad
<bob> cockmockers
<Lore> Everyone who watched "Ellen"
<bob> the world's largest synchronized menstrual cycle
<Samwise> *shudder*
<bob> (i couldn't figure out how to make that rhyme)
<bob> although i guess i could've just gone with "period piece"
<Samwise> if we could harness that power, we could dismantle our nuclear arsenal
<Lore> All the characters they don't put in the English version of "Sailor Moon."
<Lore> And so become different characters.
<DingoBoy> Sailor Wanda calls on the power of NOW
* Lore gets his semantics-arguin' boots on.
<tieboy> the result of ben entering a bar
<tieboy> jesus
<tieboy> still laughing
<Lore> That was a good one.
* Drusilla yields to lore.
* Lore takes off his semantics-arguin' boots, put on his masturbatin' boots.
<zompist> i bet those are the same boots

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