<Samwise> Hehehe, in simirc the simflames are just variations of the word "flame".
<SimQ> *witty retort*
<SimQ> *wry observation*
*** ipi ( has joined channel #spinnwebe
<kaufman> *kick*
<SimQ> *URL*
<Samwise> "Flamety flame fire flames!" To protect the obviously socially inept.
<kaufman> *noise*
<zompist> *witless joke*
<Samwise> *pun*
<kaufman> *bad translation*
<zompist> *split*
<zompist> *split*
<zompist> *split*
<Samwise> *la
<agt_orang> *overeager interjection and correction of previous statement*
<kaufman> *la
<Samwise> g*
<agt_orang> *typo*
<zompist> *pointlessly pedantic correction*
<Samwise> *emoticon*
<kaufman> *unintentionally pompous newcomer*
*** ipi has left channel #spinnwebe
<agt_orang> snnnkt
<zompist> *correction of typo from ten lines back*
<Samwise> HAHAHA
<agt_orang> oop.sorry.
<SimQ> *laughter*
<agt_orang> *snnnkt*
<kaufman> g*
<Samwise> Instead of summons, that was a great dismissal.
<TomFish> *age/sex/loc*
<Samwise> *aspersion*
<kaufman> *geeky question*
<zompist> *stupid remark made half-readable by numbers**
<Samwise> *highbrow nerdy rambling answer*
<kaufman> *innuendo*
<TomFish> *room full of idle bots*
<Samwise> *spam*
<TomFish> *second pathetic attempt at scoring some cyber*
<agt_orang> *invitation to #Fuckmeinthepoopenspigot*
<kaufman> *discussion of hot new software*
<SimQ> *pathetic plea for attention*
<kaufman> *suggestion to apply it to this channel*
<Kyol> *snnnnkkkk*
<agt_orang> *juvenile, obscenity laden dismissal of red hat linux*
<SimQ> *pathetic plea for attention to stop*
<TomFish> *discuss how sims are doing*
<agt_orang> *baiting of mac users*
<zompist> *meta-meta-comment*
<SimQ> *paste log into web page*
<TomFish> *baiting of windows users*
*** kaufman has changed the topic on channel #spinnwebe to * unintended quote memorialized in channel topic*
<SimQ> *brb*
<TomFish> *laugh*
*** Leth (~Leth@h5144.s84f5.BayNetworks.COM) has joined channel #spinnwebe
<agt_orang> *large paste resulting in flood and /kick*
<TomFish> *!babel last post*
<zompist> *non sequitur*
<kaufman> *confusion*
<Samwise> *last submission to common web interest page* (not available after version 1.4b)
<kaufman> *sudden baseball talk*
<agt_orang> *whining, petulant request to be brought up to date*
<Samwise> *gender bender*
<kaufman> *last submission: something that may be remotely funny, but probably isn't*
<agt_orang> *op*
<Kyol> *general horndogging*
<kaufman> *quoting an old red zone*
<agt_orang> *harassing of any presumed females*
<Samwise> *blatant proposition*
<Samwise> *inside joke*
<TomFish> *to prove the superiorty of my favorite band, and me by association, state name of band followed by an intentional (hopefully) mispelling of the word "rules"*
<Samwise> *mockery of confusion at inside joke*
<kaufman> *with 0s for os*
<agt_orang> *request for shilantra to remove her shirt*
<Samwise> *request for shilantra to remove her shirt*
<kaufman> *removal of shirt by exactly one of the shils*
<SimQ> *skate around channel*
<TomFish> *big fucking object*
<agt_orang> *set /ignore KemloCaes*
<SimQ> *renick to absent member of channel*
<kaufman> *training of infobot*
<agt_orang> *:P*
<TomFish> *renick to simq*
<SimQ> *mockery*
<Samwise> *playing with infobot*
*** TomFish has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by SimQ (*oops, forgot the leading *)
*** TomFish (~tomfish@ has joined channel #spinnwebe
*** Mode change "+o TomFish" on channel #spinnwebe by SimQ
<kaufman> * leaving for reboot *
<TomFish> *bitch, moan, complain*
<zompist> *hiding of window while boss comes by*
<Samwise> *irrelevant scientific theory/fact/misquotation*
<agt_orang> *prolonged discussion of obscure perl commands*
<kaufman> *gripe about officemates*
<Samwise> *alt-tab job insurance*
<TomFish> *change nick in clever way to indicate lunchtime*
<kaufman> *stupid work gets in the way*
<zompist> *rush to read quotes page*
<TomFish> *more spam*
<kaufman> *change nick in clever way to show you're in the can*
<Samwise> *mocking of possible misinterpretation*
<kaufman> *rush to read new captions*
<agt_orang> *repeatedly /msg bot until you break it*
* hockeyfag has returned.
<hockeyfag> what did I miss?
<Samwise> *unusual euphamism for fecal matter*
<zompist> *op wars*
<kaufman> *begging of editors for new captions*
<Samwise> *walking in on conversation*
<zompist> *disgusting website*
<TomFish> *use of unusual euphamism for fecal matter in current topic*
<zompist> *disgusting comment on disgusting website*
<hockeyfag> *secret /msg explaining what happened while gone*
<zompist> *sexual innuendo but no actual sex*
<Samwise> *false horror at disgusting website*
<zompist> *bookmarking disgusting website*
<TomFish> *bookmarks disgusting website for disgusting acts once home*
<SimQ> *set bookmark for disgusting site*
<kaufman> *posting disgusting website's url to fan newsgroup*
<SimQ> *jinx jinx*
<Samwise> *sending disgusting website to boss*
<agt_orang> *cruel mockery of web page constructed by normal, average person*
<kaufman> *giving enigma nightmares*
<SimQ> *sign guestbook*
<TomFish> *sending resume to disgusting website*
<Samwise> *cruel mockery of everyone not currently in channel*
<SimQ> *meta comment on how painfully funny we all are*
<SimQ> *dislocate elbow patting self on back*
<Samwise> *ruffiani guestbook story*
<TomFish> * use of unusual euphamism for fecal matter when describing website*
<tieboy> *cruel mockery of everyone currently IN channel*
<kaufman> *cruel mockery of self*
<Samwise> *belittling wit of chatter*
<kaufman> *pregnant pause*
<hockeyfag> *swearing at microsoft product*
<zompist> *mockery of mr. ben's mother*
<SimQ> *pause gives birth*
<tieboy> *asking of those on webcams to hold up various items of make crude gestures*
<Leth> *pause suckles offspring in-channel*
<zompist> *pause refreshes*
<kaufman> *pause's babies grow up in just 3 days*
<TomFish> *idle*
<TomFish> *lurk*
<agt_orang> *desperate attempt to remain funny in eyes of others*
<kaufman> *discussion of today's comics*
<Samwise> *conversation with idle nick*
<Samwise> *just love me!*
<zompist> *interjection*
<kaufman> *an even more disgusting website*
<SimQ> *bathe pause's offspring, save runoff and sell in 8oz bottles for $6.95 at WalMart*
<TomFish> *conversation with eric idle*
<agt_orang> *request to look at current work-related web page*
<zompist> *a website that makes you want to disown your species*
<Samwise> *laughter at idea of work*
<kaufman> *inquiry whether website can be viewed at work*
<agt_orang> *cruel mockery of SeanQ's place of employment*
<kaufman> *a websit so sickly sweet, you run for the insulin*
<Samwise> *request for woman to be bathed & brought*
<kaufman> *new perfume ideas*
<Samwise> *parody of sweet website*
<agt_orang> *angry questioning as to why no warning was given about MIDIs at disgusting website*
<kaufman> *announcement of imminent departure*
<zompist> *possibly some farewells*
<Samwise> *insincere farewell*
<agt_orang> *clever /quit message*
<kaufman> *dozens of farewells after person already left*
<Samwise> *leaving channel to get some hot msg action*
<Samwise> *discovering msg partner is of inappropriate gender*
<zompist> *not caring*
<kaufman> *discovering neither of you care*
<agt_orang> *discussion of presumed personal hygiene habits of recently departed person*
<kaufman> *discussion of presumed personal hygiene habits of recently departed person involving an object recently found on the web*
<tieboy> *Jim Varney mourned*
<hockeyfag> *nori*
<TomFish> *Doug Henning mocked*
<SimQ> *thread runs out of steam*
<agt_orang> *silent hoping that last witty remark showsup on Raven's quote page*
<kaufman> *thread comes back to life*
<Samwise> *bill gates vilified*
<tieboy> *pianos hid under*
<TomFish> *haiku*
<kaufman> *pun*
<zompist> *limerick*
<Samwise> *large trout*
<kaufman> *out of meter*
<zompist> *epic in terza rima*
<kaufman> *egotistical hypnotic boy*
<hockeyfag> *fantastic gay hockey sex*
<zompist> *story of a date gone horribly awry*
<tieboy> *licking*
<agt_orang> *suggestions made to LadyJ regarding new things to poke holes in*
<Samwise> *faked sympathy for bad date*
<tieboy> *thoughtful, open conversation. Deep caring for those in need*
<zompist> *hugs all around*
<Samwise> *telling story of bad date on other channel*
<tieboy> *Jesus Christ spoken of respectfully*
<zompist> *sympathy sought for lousy job*
<Samwise> *SARCASM*
<kaufman> *new stuff for sale on cafepress*
<Samwise> *ebay item*
<TomFish> *no symphony, only Zuul*
<zompist> *jesus returns; kicked off channel for flooding*
<zompist> *no coke, only petsi*
<kaufman> *collection taken for group purchase of ebay item*
<agt_orang> *reaffirm commitment to not buy new items offered for sale at cafepress*
<Samwise> *reminded that noah handles floods*
<tieboy> *Jokes strung out for hours*
<Samwise> *not wanting to break the streak*
<agt_orang> *ping*
<Samwise> *clever automatic ping reply*
<kaufman> *inquiry into whether a split is coming*
<Samwise> *discussion of lag*
<agt_orang> *wondering what sort of vile act you'll have to perform if you do break the streak*
<SimQ> *lagged reply to comment made 15 minutes ago*
<Samwise> *discussion of how difficult it is to discuss lag*
<kaufman> *discussion of who should have "Elk" appended to their name*
<SimQ> *realization of 15 minute lag*
<agt_orang> *inquiry as to role of robotmen in future society*
<Samwise> *webpage depicting said vile act*
<zompist> *eating scene*
<kaufman> *investment advice*
<SimQ> *fade into sepiatone*
<agt_orang> *giving up and going back to work*
<kaufman> *inadvertently pasted stuff*
<tieboy> *decopage, decopage, decopage*
<tieboy> *wws*
<zompist> *pictionary*
<Samwise> *shocking msg inadvertantly posted to channel*
<Leth> *leave to find squeegee to clean snnnkktt off of screen*
<kaufman> *penis puns*
<tieboy> *massive mockery for typo*
<zompist> *vagina puns*
<kaufman> *uvula puns*
<Samwise> *mention of soda spewed on equipment*
<Samwise> *metapun*
<kaufman> *<SeanQ> metspun*
<Samwise> *never metapun i didn't like*
<agt_orang> *inquiry as to just what someone meant by that last crack?*
<zompist> *discussion of butt crack*
<hockeyfag> woo hoo! I can do nationwide DSL now :D
<TomFish> *hate*
<tieboy> *picture of buttcrack*
<kaufman> *long, boring explanation*
<Samwise> *discussion of crackho*
<tieboy> *hockers breaking streak*
<kaufman> *webcam url*
<TomFish> *rubbing of buttcrack*
<zompist> *making fun of crackers*
<Samwise> *can we all stop now*
<TomFish> *smoking crack*
<TomFish> *no*
<kaufman> *stupid expensive company name*
<hockeyfag> *mom on crackho magazine*
<kaufman> *beca*
<kaufman> *beca*
<Samwise> *southpark quote*
<kaufman> *beca*
<tieboy> * switching hosts*
<zompist> *kemlo*
<kaufman> *prefacing things with "e"*
<Samwise> *Lovecraft entity*
<zompist> *porn*
<tieboy> *anime*
<kaufman> *Love Boat entity*
<hockeyfag> * being a kick ass provider*
<TomFish> *five in one action*
<Leth> *shameless self-promotion*
<Samwise> *shameless promotion*
<Leth> *jinxing*
<tieboy> *flop sweat*
<zompist> *something that annoys ladyj*
<kaufman> *something that arouses ladyj*
<TomFish> *morning of steve forbes*
<Samwise> *reference to genetalia*
<Samwise> *afternoon of george bush*
<tieboy> *deference to genetalia*
<TomFish> *manipulation of genetalia*
<kaufman> *morning after of bill clinton*
<Samwise> *picture of irregular genetalia*
<kaufman> *suggestion that the previously mentioned item is in fact on fire*
<tieboy> *spouse not mentioned*
<zompist> *bad zippy imitation*
<Samwise> *revelation of contents of soylent substance*
<SimQ> *bad Gilbert Godfreid impersonation*
<Leth> *attempts to summon using witty or derogatory statement*
<zompist> *something ending in SURGE!*
<kaufman> *arrival of someone*
<Samwise> *posting of summon & entry*
<tieboy> *sdrawkcab delleps sdrow*
<zompist> *discussion of summoning*
<Samwise> *needless greeting*
<agt_orang> *abusing op privileges*
*** CrzyLunch has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by agt_orang (agt_orang)
*** CrzyLunch ( has joined channel #spinnwebe
*** hockeyfag has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by agt_orang (agt_orang)
*** kaufman has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by agt_orang (agt_orang)
*** Leth has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by agt_orang (agt_orang)
*** kaufman ( has joined channel #spinnwebe
*** Leth (~Leth@h5144.s84f5.BayNetworks.COM) has joined channel #spinnwebe
<Samwise> *excess punctuation*
* Samwise slaps agt_orang around a bit with a large trout
<hockeyfag> *earl wilson appearance*
<SimQ> *spit Dr Pepper on keyboard*
<zompist> *applause*
<kaufman> *palindromesemordnilap
<Samwise> *comment starting with .me*
<tieboy> *sudden disappearance and reappearance followed by f-word*
<zompist> *brief appearance by wabewalkr*
<kaufman> *begging for ops*
<Samwise> *psychic object*
<kaufman> *spinn grunts*
<zompist> *becalist plotting*
<Leth> *plotting revenge for /kick*
<Samwise> *cliquism*
<SimQ> *realize Bob renicked*
<kaufman> *realize someone left hours ago*
<zompist> *whois to figure out who's who*
<Samwise> *prayer that Raven logs this*
<kaufman> *hope that Raven logs /all/ of it*
<zompist> *fear that raven logs it all*
<Samwise> *preemptive snnkt*
<tieboy> *snicker over word "log"*
<zompist> *webcam shot of log*
<TomFish> *revoking hero status of leth*
<SimQ> *addition of meaningless comment intended only to push Raven closer to her quota*
<hockeyfag> *buys action log*
<zompist> *iadl editing*
<kaufman> *wondering if Raven won't be able to get out of her meeting before this discussion fizzles*
<SimQ> *play on the phrase"log of fag"*
<kaufman> *great rejoicing*
<zompist> *attempt to find out if a newbie knows anything about spinnwebe*
<Leth> *offers to hand-deliver save card to TomFish rebuffed*
<zompist> *trolling photon into speaking*
<agt_orang> *inquiry as to appropriateness of invoking parody exception*
<SimQ> *inquiry as to meaning of PEBCAK*
<zompist> *calming down psychotic member*
<Samwise> *refusal to discuss beat to death topic*
<kaufman> *inquiry as to meaning of nori*
<zompist> *pause while someone goes outside to hack through light pole wires*
<Samwise> *clever new use for liquid infusing device*
<Leth> *mocking of channel regulars who hump trees*
<Samwise> *giving away status of 13yearold boy*
<zompist> *discussion of second-rate actor*
<kaufman> *posting of iadl caption that editor's borderline on*
<Samwise> *cult movie title*
<zompist> *giving away 13-year-old boy*
<Samwise> *13 year old boy on ebay*
<zompist> *marvelling at how long some people's lunches are*&
<Samwise> *comment concerning NAMBLA/priesthood/michael jackson*
<kaufman> *Bil*
<zompist> *deliberate misinterpretation for humorous effect*
<kaufman> *Roy*
<Samwise> *mockery for excess character*
<zompist> *renicking to a celebrity*
<zompist> *mockery for lack of character*
<kaufman> *what PJ stands for*
<Samwise> *mockery for substandard mockery*
<kaufman> *plan to ruffianize the dna lounge*
<agt_orang> *query regarding jeff keane trolling a.f.s.*
<Leth> *not allowing the DFC days to pass by*
<Samwise> *professional web comedian*
<zompist> *badly counted haiku*
<spinnfude> this is really weird looking without context.
<agt_orang> *holding on to last pathetic shred of happier times*
<kaufman> *not answering suggestion that you start own dfc*
<agt_orang> thank god
<agt_orang> he broke it
<agt_orang> stop stop
<agt_orang> stop
*** spinnfude is now known as spinn
<Samwise> *refusal to let a joke die*
* agt_orang just says no to *
<spinn> goddamn!
<kaufman> *in need of brake job*
<spinn> you've been doing that for like an hour and a half
<kaufman> *statement of the obvious*
<zompist> what if we froze like that?
<Samwise> Bhahahahaha
<kaufman> *zompist is now known as Calvin
<agt_orang> this kind of peer pressure drove me to heroin!
<tieboy> *plan to utilize joke later as call-back*
<SimQ> it wasn't that long, was it?
<Samwise> This kind of heroin drove me to peer pressure.
* zompist slyly hands agto some more heroin.
<CrzyLunch> back, caught up, and sorry i missed that
*** CrzyLunch is now known as CrzyClmbr
<kaufman> *lagged response*
<zompist> *surprise that bob is actually sorry about that*
<Samwise> *revitalizing old joke*
<zompist> NOOOOOOOO!

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