so next time your fortune cookie promises good fortune, thank the fine gay men


<StanXhiao> ask about nhos while yer at it
<StanXhiao> Nipples Hanging Out of Shirt?
<StanXhiao> New Hampshire Orchid Society?
<StanXhiao> I bet Ken knows
<Agent_Orange> Nougat Honey Oat Snacks
<TomFish> Never Help Override Serbia
<TomFish> Not Hanging Or Snug
<TomFish> to go back to the underwear conversation
<tieboy> Nori Hazardous Overflow Splash
<Agent_Orange> Nice Hot Ovary Spells
<TomFish> Newt Hillary Oral Sex
<StanXhiao> Niblets Hurting, Ouch, Stan!
<Leth> Never Had Ostrich Sex
<Agent_Orange> Negligable Hormonal Output Syndrome
*** SeanQ is now known as Not_Here_OutSide
<TomFish> Nasty Herpes On Snatch
<Leth> Now Hammering On Sichel
<Agent_Orange> tom: snkkkkt
<Samwise> Nasty Hard-On Surprise
<StanXhiao> Nuevo Huevos? Oh, Si!
<Agent_Orange> Not Homosexual, Often Surprising
<TomFish> Nifty Heterosexual Oats Sown
<Leth> Nermal Hated, Overly Sappy
<Agent_Orange> Nine Hookers Off Starboard
<Samwise> Not Healthy: Opossum Sex
<Leth> Newly Had Operater Stress
<Samwise> "NHOS" Has Overpowered Sanity
<Leth> ooooh, recursive NHOS.....
<Samwise> "GOD Over Djinn"
<Agent_Orange> Nearly had overtime. Shit!
<mdxi> now go for a doubly recursive one like HURD
<Leth> Now Having Overpowering Snkkkts
<StanXhiao> Newly Hydrated Ovary Spawn
<Agent_Orange> Newly Hoovered Ovum Scent
<TomFish> Nappy Hair On Head
<Samwise> Scalp
<Agent_Orange> bzzzt
<StanXhiao> Oing!
* TomFish goes into the penalty box
<Agent_Orange> thanks for playing here's the rice a roni sseya
<Samwise> Nearly Had One, Sucker!
<StanXhiao> Never Have Oing, Sam!
<TomFish> the san francisco treat
<Leth> Now Heckling One Sap!
<TomFish> now i can legally marry my man thanks to rice-a-roni
<Agent_Orange> Rice a roni has a million uses
<Agent_Orange> advancing the casue of gay na lesbian civil rights being only one
<TomFish> name 4 foods SF is famous for
<TomFish> 1. rice-a-roni
<tieboy> I used to work for RAR. In marketing.
<LadyJ> rice-a-roni, cock, cock, cock
<TomFish> 2. sourdough bread
<Agent_Orange> 2. Sperm on a stick
<TomFish> 3. chocolate
<TomFish> 4. fortune cookies
<Leth> Anchor Steam beer
<LadyJ> isn't botan rice candy made in SF?
<Leth> maybe, but never ever have Fancy Shit Candy in SF
<Agent_Orange> They *mean* it
<Leth> the presentation is....disturbing
<TomFish> so next time your fortune cookie promises good fortune, thank the fine gay men
<tieboy> One suggestion from a brainstorming session for the RAR website was "We should have it so they can smell the different foods"
<Agent_Orange> of Fellatio Fortune Cookie Co
<TomFish> why not just the taste
<Agent_Orange> "We should have it"? ngggggggh
<StanXhiao> Tie: They should get together with Parfums de Cower
<TomFish> "Smell the aroma of fresh Spinnwebe"
<TomFish> "The internet comes alive in scents"
<TomFish> just keep away from those german sites
<tieboy> Damn, wish I'd saved my memos from /that/ place...
<Agent_Orange> "#spinnwebe: Could knock an e-buzzard off #shitwagon"
<tieboy> "Wet Messy socks are great to look at, sure... but I wanna smell 'em"
<Leth> Eau du Rudi
<Agent_Orange> a delightful mixture of cheese, kool aid
<TMR> "Freshly Horked Vomit"
<Agent_Orange> Parfums de Famewhiff!
<TomFish> "what's keeping the tent wher it is? Scratch, Sniff -n- guess!"
<Agent_Orange> I'm not too sure about smelling some of those IADL folks
<Leth> yeah, that older woman picking her teeth at the bus stop would not be a HAPPY scent
<TMR> Sweaty mantits.
<Agent_Orange> there's a certain car hood with a rather whiffy aroma...
<tieboy> Old Shriner, by Calvin Klein
<Leth> Demonic (arm)Pit
<Agent_Orange> Geriatric Fez Fantasy
<TomFish> and the nori, ferrgedaboit
<Leth> The Billy Doll: "Oh, scratch me THERE"
<TomFish> mahir "i smell you!"
<Leth> And who knows what that guy in #411 smells
<TMR> Freshly Smashed Toddler
<Leth> Unwashed Goofus Fantasy
<Kyol> "See porn star do 500 guys at once!" Uhh, there aren't enough holes..
<Agent_Orange> Jeeves really *Could* find things that smell like fish!
<Leth> and of course, Gallant's "Smell Like Roses" Body Spray
<TMR> "Jeeves, could I borrow a prophylactic?"
<TMR> The wood nymph smiles at the red mold.
<TMR> The wood nymph is suddenly very hot.

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