Don't make me think about Coo-sin Larry boofing Balki in the dumper.


<AliasN> so are there any porno versions of sitcoms?
<Samwise> Only in my head, Alias.
<bob> well, there was that "simple life" on fox
<Leth> "Three's Extra" and the spinnoff "The Ropings"
<AliasN> Joanie Loves Chachi... Carnally
<tieboy> Sanford & Daughter
<Freyja> Yes Yes OH GOD YES Dear
<Freyja> King of Queens
<tieboy> Night Cunt
<Freyja> More Than Friends
<Samwise> The Cosplay Show
<Freyja> Pecker
<tieboy> Reamed Acres
<tieboy> Spooging Amy
<tieboy> Glaze-'Er
<AliasN> Unf
<Freyja> 3rd Cock from the Bun
<SeanQ> Friends (With Benefits)
<tieboy> Spill on Face
<Freyja> All in the Family
<tieboy> Just Shoot on Me
<Kyol> Fish
<SeanQ> Brown Eye for the Queer Guy
<tieboy> Growing Glans
<SeanQ> Porkin' Mindy
<tieboy> Family Thighs
<Freyja> The Golden Shower Girls
<SeanQ> Laverne & Shirley & Melissa & Roberta & Several Teamsters
<tieboy> Two Guys, A Girl and a Greasy Place
<Samwise> Bosom Buddies (director's cut)
<Samwise> My Two Fags
<tieboy> Yiff'rent Strokes
<Freyja> Male Cum in the Middle
<tieboy> Everybody Loves Raymond
<Mikki> The Orifice
<AliasN> One Guy at a Time
<tieboy> Quim City
<tieboy> Dumping a Hot Load on Ally McBeal
<AliasN> Ally McSqueal
<bob> American Realdoll
<Freyja> Will on Grace
<tieboy> Family Guy Sucks
<tieboy> (editorial)
<bob> Sabrina, the Barely Legal Teenage Witch
<tieboy> Gimme a Tubesteak
<bob> Crank Yankers
<Freyja> Walker, Texas Banger
<Kyol> Who's Wang Is It Anyway?
<SeanQ> Boston Pubic
<bob> WKRP in Sin
<AliasN> Greatest American Dildo
<bob> Jerry Springer
<tieboy> Dawson's Crack
<AliasN> The Self-Love Boat
<Kyol> o/' believe it or not iiiii'm fucking your wiiiife...o/'
<tieboy> Sex in the Shitter
<AliasN> Newtart
<SeanQ> The Sopranos (gay castration porn)
<AliasN> Perfect Strangers who Have Sex with Each Other Upon Meeting
<tieboy> ewww
<tieboy> don't make me think about Coo-sin Larry boofing Balki in the dumper
<SeanQ> "So riDEEculous.... soooo, soooo riDEEEculous...."
<Samwise> Buffy the Vampire Goth Slut
<Samwise> Taint Elsewhere
<tieboy> Hill Street Cooze
<AliasN> Silver Spooge
<Kyol> Diff'rent Strokes
<Samwise> Spunky Brewster
<Freyja> Full Hoes
<SeanQ> Behind the Musician
<tieboy> Webster Getting Plowed by that Huge Ex-Jock
<Kyol> Behehe
<SeanQ> gah tie
<Kyol> "Small" Wonder
<tieboy> Herman's Head
<SeanQ> Max Headroom
<Freyja> I Dream of Jeanie and Wake Up All Sticky
<tieboy> Hogan's Smeared Holes
<SeanQ> The Date Blow
<tieboy> Dribble Sauce on the Hairpie
<Samwise> Queers
<bob> 30-Minute Lays
<Samwise> Hairy Mason
<Samwise> Wings, Only That Blonde Gets Naked All The Time
<bob> Adult-Only Swim
<bob> Hawaii Big-O
<Samwise> DiCks
<bob> Adam's 12
<bob> the Golden Globes Covered with Wads
<Freyja> The BJs
<tieboy> Fagney and Lacedup
<Samwise> Came
<tieboy> The Scared Crow and Mr. King, Who Likes Fucking Crows
<SeanQ> Leave it to Beaver
<tieboy> The Spoogitive
<Samwise> The Jizzoner
<SeanQ> damn.. I just was working onthat one
<SeanQ> Fugitive, I mean
<SeanQ> spooky
<SeanQ> The Randy Yiffit Show
<Samwise> Murray, She Blows
<tieboy> Rammed-In Camera
<tieboy> Spunk'd
<SeanQ> Your Show of Blows
<tieboy> Home In Lubricant
<SeanQ> All My Potential Children Dripping Down Your Face

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