Good Burger!

Apparently, the fans of Good Burger know no bounds. See the feedback I've received.

<cravatboy> It was a Good Burger skit
<StanXhiao> They had a movie?
<StanXhiao> Oh, man, I /saw/ that movie!
<cravatboy> yep
<StanXhiao> Welcome to Good Burger Good Burger Good Burger
<StanXhiao> It's coming back to me know... was Abe the gruff but loveable old man?
<cravatboy> yes. he said "I think I broke my ass." Which was the only good par t of the movie
* StanXhiao s mind was numbed when I was forced to watch that movie with the kid
<StanXhiao> Damn.... Abe broke his ass?
<StanXhiao> we should send a birthday card /and/ a get-well card
<cravatboy> It was fairly painful. My friend writes the Good Burger books. You should pick some up for your kid
<SeanQ> fetch him some salve, stat!
<StanXhiao> Oh, man, there are good burger books?
<StanXhiao> Perhaps a review is in order...
<cravatboy> Several
<cravatboy> badder than what? WHAAAAT?
<cravatboy> But who is Evah?
<CrazyClimber> Gaborh, I think
<StanXhiao> 1 sheet movie poster, Good Burger -- price $18.75
<StanXhiao> VHS tape, $6.99
<cravatboy> the poster is more than the tape?
<K-Man> $10 on 20 minutes, most.
<StanXhiao> Waitaminute... looks like a /bunch/ of people write the Good Burger books
<cravatboy> Steve Holland wrote 2 i think, and the All That book. That's the guy I know
<AgentOrange> The famed "Guddenburger" series by Thomas Mann--8 novels, 3458 pages
<StanXhiao> Steve Holland, Dan Schneider, Joseph Locke,
<cravatboy> Dan Schneider didn't write them, he was the producer of the show and stuck his name on it
<AgentOrange> Franz Kafka
<StanXhiao> "Death in Venice, CA, home of the Good Hurger"
<SeanQ> Kurt Vonnegut
<cravatboy> (Dan was Dennis on "HEad of the Class" and my former boss)
<TheEnigma> H.P. Lovecraft
<TheEnigma> L. Ron Hubbard, Stephen King, Dante
<StanXhiao> Slaughterhouse Five: Where Good Burgers Come From"
<SeanQ> Thomas Pynchon, "The Crying of Take-out Order #49"
<AgentOrange> Gosh, cravatboy, you must know *everybody* on the b-list
<cravatboy> b list?
<AgentOrange> okay, c-list
<cravatboy> thank you
<TheEnigma> "Fahrenheit 451: The perfect temperature to cook a Good Burger."
<SeanQ> didn't Isaac Asimov write several dozen Good Burger books?
<StanXhiao> No, he wrote the Good Burger limericks
<TheEnigma> Do Androids Dream of Good Electric Burgers?
<StanXhiao> I Have No Mouth and I Must Eat A Good Burger
<AgentOrange> and the poorly-recieved good burger opera, "Das Ring auf der Niebulburgers"
<SeanQ> harlan "You Want Fries Wit' Dat" Ellison
<CrazyClimber> 2001: A Good Burger
<StanXhiao> I Know Why The Good Burger Sizzles
<cravatboy> The Good Burger Whisperer
<CrazyClimber> The Glass Good Burger
<K-Man> Good Burger Hunting, starring Matt Damon and Dom DeLuise
<AgentOrange> The Color Purple (indicates not-so fresh meat, which you don't want in your Good Burger)
<TheEnigma> Good Burgers at the Whistle Stop Cafe
<cravatboy> Good Burgers who Hate Women and the Women who Love Them
<SeanQ> "Women are from Venus, Men are at Good Burger"
<StanXhiao> Fries and Prejudice
<CrazyClimber> Fried Green Burgers
<K-Man> Good Burger: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
<cravatboy> Journal of Daily Affirmations. And Good Burgers.
<TheEnigma> Dave Barry Eats a Good Burger
<SeanQ> Infinite Digestion
<StanXhiao> Mein Burger.
<K-Man> "What's Gilbert Grape Eating?"
<TheEnigma> Dave Barry Is Not Making This Good Burger Up
<AgentOrange> When bad things happen to good Burgers
<jacquilynne> Good Burgers of Madison County
<StanXhiao> Chicken Soup for Good Burgers
<K-Man> Fear And Loathing At Good Burger
<cravatboy> Men are from Good Burgers, Women, also, from Good Burgers
<jacquilynne> Good Burgers for the Single Soul.
<TomtheFish> bite my good burger
<mdxi> The Burger Whisperer
<K-Man> Good Burger I: The Phantom Mustard
<StanXhiao> Eat, Drink, Man, Good Burger
<AgentOrange> Indiana Jones and the Takeout of Doom
<jacquilynne> The Good Burger Luck Club
<mdxi> Tie Me Up! Feed Me Burgers!
<TheEnigma> Star Trek V: The Search For Fries
<StanXhiao> Scent of a Good Burger
<K-Man> Un Chien Good Burger
<cravatboy> Rise and Fall of the 3rd Good Burger
<AgentOrange> Five Good Burger Kung-Fu (letterboxed)
<TomtheFish> Good Burgers of Legend
<jacquilynne> Trimph of the Good Burger
<K-Man> Enter The Burger, starring Bruce Lee
<cravatboy> Ransom (Gimme Back My Good Burger!!!)
<TheEnigma> Jurassic Burger
<AgentOrange> The Cook the Thief, His wife, and a Bag of Good Burgers
<Samwise> Mmmm...burger...
<StanXhiao> Like Water for Good Burgers
<cravatboy> Oh God, You Burger
<TheEnigma> I'm Gonna Git You, Good Burger!
<AgentOrange> The Lord of The burgers
<StanXhiao> Fries and Whispers
<TheEnigma> Sex, Lies, And A Good Burger
<cravatboy> How Stella Got her Good Burger
<SeanQ> The Sixth Good Burger... "I see charred beef... all the time."
<jacquilynne> Shakespeare's in Love with His Good Burger
<TheEnigma> American Good Burger - "and one time, at band camp....."
<SeanQ> For Whom the Good Burger Sizzles
<K-Man> "I stuck a good burger in my pussy."
<jacquilynne> Disney Musicals:
<TheEnigma> The Good Burger Mile
<jacquilynne> The Little Good Burger
<AgentOrange> Shakespeare in Love with a Deliciously Good Burger
<jacquilynne> Snow White and the Seven Good Burgers.
<cravatboy> White Hunter, Black Good Burger
<jacquilynne> The Good Burger King
<cravatboy> & I?
<jacquilynne> Sleeping Good Burger.
<SeanQ> Joe Pesci in GoodBurgers
<TheEnigma> The Big Good Burger
<SeanQ> "Something taste funny?"
<jacquilynne> The GodBurger parts 1, 2 and 3
<TheEnigma> "Hey, look, good burgers!" "Shut the fuck up, Donnie."
<cravatboy> Titanic: "GoodBurg ahead!!!"
<jacquilynne> BraveBurger. Mel does costume drama.
<AgentOrange> GoodBurgers vs. Gigan
<cravatboy> Good Borger: Resistance is Futile
<StanXhiao> Midnight in the Garden of Good Burgers
<SeanQ> who hs the pool on how long we can riff on this?
<K-Man> Good Burger Academy, parts 1-473
<AgentOrange> "GoodBurger is a freind to children!"
<StanXhiao> The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Burger
<TheEnigma> A Good Burger's Life
<AgentOrange> Where the Good Burgers Are
<mdxi> Goodburger is really neat! He is made of moo-cow meat! We are eating GOOODBUUUURGEEEEER!
<TheEnigma> Good Burgers Go To Heaven
<K-Man> your name is goodburger you goddamn animal...
<AgentOrange> Burgardoz
<TheEnigma> Chasing Burgers
<AgentOrange> The Burger is good! The Penis is evil!
<TheEnigma> Burgzilla
<cravatboy> Jurassic Burger Park
<TheEnigma> "Rook! Ees Burgzeera!"
<StanXhiao> As Goodburger as it Gets
<jacquilynne> Planet of the Burgers
<LJ-atwork> Ich bein ein Goodburger!
<AgentOrange> How stella got her hips back
<TheEnigma> "Get your bun off of me, you damned dirty burger!"
<StanXhiao> A Few Good Burgers
<LJ-atwork> Good riddance to bad burgers
<cravatboy> GoldBurger
<CrazyClimber> Being John Malkovich On His Way To Get Burgers
<StanXhiao> Good Burger Bad Cop
<cravatboy> Burger & Hooch
<TheEnigma> Some Like 'Em Good
<AgentOrange> A Ketchup Pack Now!
<StanXhiao> Good Burgers Wear Black
<K-Man> Tales From The Good... Burger
<TomtheFish> what started all this?
<LJ-atwork> On the goooood ship, Bur-ur-ger
<jacquilynne> Alfred Hitchcock's The Burgers.
<AgentOrange> resevoir burgers
<TheEnigma> Night of the Good Burgers
<cravatboy> Good Burger & Good Burger: They're Good Burgers.
<TheEnigma> "Keeeeeeeetchuuuuuuup......"
<StanXhiao> Good Burger, Vietnam!
<jacquilynne> Are those living burgers?
<cravatboy> Make my Burger
<K-Man> The Usual Burgers
<LJ-atwork> "Are you a Good burger, or a Bad burger?" "Oh, but I'm not a burger at all... I'm a little girl!"
<TheEnigma> "For God's sake, Earl! Don't open the grill! DON'T OPEN THE GRILL!"
<jacquilynne> Glengarry, Glen Burger.
<CrazyClimber> Looking for Mr. Goodburger
<AgentOrange> Dressed to Kill, with letture, vine-ripened tomatoes...
<cravatboy> Time Burgers
<K-Man> Half Baked, Half Fried: The Story Of Good Burger
<StanXhiao> The Good Old Burgers
<jacquilynne> 32 Short Films about Good Burgers
<LJ-atwork> Night on Burger mountain
<cravatboy> Gone Burgering
<CrazyClimber> OK, I'm taking 4 minutes this time
<CrazyClimber> I've got 2:08
<LJ-atwork> o/` Sunny day, grilling the faaaat away, on my way... to get some lettuce greens.... can you tell me where to get, where to get some sesame seeds?"
<TheEnigma> Star Wars: The Good Burger Strikes Back
<TomtheFish> the man who went up a mountain and had a good burge
<spinn> see, /that/ scans
<TheEnigma> Seven Years Eating A Good Burger
<jacquilynne> The End of the Good Burger
<jacquilynne> The English Good Burger
<cravatboy> CHUD
<AgentOrange> Good Burger, Mr. Lawrence
<TheEnigma> BHUD
<K-Man> To Kill a Good Burger
<TomtheFish> so um
<TomtheFish> why are we spouting out movie titles and hitching burgers on them?
<spinn> Driving Miss Daisy To Get A Good Burger
<jacquilynne> And other movies starring Ralph FineBurger
<TomtheFish> i scrolled back a bissel, to no avail
<K-Man> Of Good Burgers And Men
<TheEnigma> Burger-eating Humanoid Underground Dwellers
<LJ-atwork> Doctor Goodburger, I presume?
<jacquilynne> I don't know, Tom, I don't think we remember.
<spinn> Total Recall Good Burger
<CrazyClimber> Women on the Verge of a Nervous Burger
<SeanQ> good god, i take a five minute call and i have to scroll back five screens
<TheEnigma> Stan started all of this
<Kyol> Good lord.
<K-Man> Tom: It's Abe Vigoda's birthday --> Abe Vigoda was on All That --> The two guys from All That were in Good Burger
<TheEnigma> It's all his fault
<StanXhiao> Because it seems everyone's written a Good Burger bood and, by extension, a script treatment
<jacquilynne> Strictly Good Burgers
<LJ-atwork> The cook, the thief, his wife, and her Burger
<LJ-atwork> it's SamBurger!
<TomtheFish> it's a wonderful burger
<TomtheFish> burger at tiffinys
<LJ-atwork> The Burger of Oz
<TheEnigma> Good Burgers In Yonkers
<CrazyClimber> A Christmas Burger
<TomtheFish> a burger frys in brooklyn
<K-Man> The Whole Nine Burgers
<StanXhiao> Breakfast at Good Burger's
<jacquilynne> Moving to Broadway:
<jacquilynne> The Good Burger of the Opera
<TheEnigma> Les GoodBurgers?
<TomtheFish> la femme good burger
<jacquilynne> Sunset Good Burgers
<CrazyClimber> Cats
<TomtheFish> lock stock and two good burgers
<TheEnigma> Catburgers!
<AgentOrange> I think I just felt the barrel bottom
<TomtheFish> good burger lola good burger
<Da_Raven> OOOOhhhhhhklaburger!
<jacquilynne> Josephy and His Amazing Technicolor Good Burger
<LJ-atwork> Guys and Burgers
<TomtheFish> the greatest burger ever served
<jacquilynne> Annie Get Your Good Burger
<CrazyClimber> Hair (In My Burger)
<TheEnigma> The Burgercracker
<TomtheFish> good burger: reserrection
<Kyol> you suppose this is how McD's comes up with McBurger names?
<TheEnigma> Schindler's List of Places to Buy Good Burgers
<AgentOrange> Jesus Christ Burgerstar
<Da_Raven> Goodspell burger
<TomtheFish> last action goodburger
<LJ-atwork> o/` Luck, be a Burger tonight! Luck, be a Burger tonight! Burger, if you ever had some ketchup to begin with, LUCK! Be a Burger tonight! o/`
<jacquilynne> Waiting for Goodburger.
<StanXhiao> Canadian Bacon-Burger
<CrazyClimber> On the Burgerfront
<kaufman> burger me!, what a time to have meetings
<spinn> I feel like burger tonight, like burger tonight
<LJ-atwork> Crazy for Burgers
<AgentOrange> Johnny Got his Burger
<kaufman> The Good Burger Girl
<kaufman> pardon any repeats ...
<spinn> Johnny Burgerously
<Da_Raven> Porgy and Burger
<jacquilynne> Tom Jobim's classic, The Girl from Good Burger
<TomtheFish> neon good burger evangelion
<LJ-atwork> my Burger's repeating on me
<StanXhiao> Burg & Burger, starring Jim Carey
<LJ-atwork> Joseph's amazing technicolor dreamBurger
<kaufman> The Colored Burger
<SeanQ> The Devil Went Down to Good Burger
<spinn> The Color Burger
<TomtheFish> the english good burger
<LJ-atwork> A Burger Line
<CrazyClimber> Driving Miss Burger
<kaufman> It's a Good Good Good Good Burger
<spinn> Burger, Interrupted
<TomtheFish> deep good burger
<jacquilynne> Good Burger Quest
<spinn> Burger, The Patty of Fate
<TheEnigma> Saving A Good Burger For Private Ryan
<SeanQ> heheh spinn: Burgerlag
<AgentOrange> hey! don't pin this on me!
<StanXhiao> Little Shop of Burgers
<LJ-atwork> o/` Seeds and Buuuuuun, Orchestra and Balcony, what they want is what you see! o/`
<AgentOrange> Bride of Ground Chucky
<kaufman> The Fish That Saved Good Burger
<TomtheFish> can't stop the good burger
<SeanQ> Waitaminute... looks like a /bunch/ of people write the Good Burger books
<SeanQ> The famed "Guddenburger" series by Thomas Mann--8 novels, 3458 pages
<StanXhiao> The Burger Has Two Buns
<TomtheFish> what's a good burger book?
<AgentOrange> I didn't say it wasn't true. I just said don't *blame* me!
<LJ-atwork> a tale of Two Burgers
<CrazyClimber> The Greatest Burger Ever Made
<jacquilynne> o/` 'Cuz there's no business like burger business, there's no business I know. 0/`
<StanXhiao> My Best Friend's Burger
<LJ-atwork> James and the Giant Burger
<jacquilynne> PRelude to a Good Burger.
<TomtheFish> all right, we're starting to repeat 3 deep now
<SeanQ> Goedel, Escher, and Good Burger: An Eternal Golden Arch
<CrazyClimber> Penn and Burger
<jacquilynne> Babe: Pig in the Burger
<AgentOrange> Willy Wonka and the Choiclate Slaughterhouse
<spinn> She's All That, And A Side of Beef
<jacquilynne> Good Will Burger
<TomtheFish> let's switch to porn titles
<TomtheFish> NOW!
<TheEnigma> o/` Don't fear good burgers....come on baby..... o/`
<kaufman> Deep Burger
<AgentOrange> Behind the Green Meat
<kaufman> Fry Hard
<spinn> Hot Beef Injection
<TheEnigma> Lethal Fries
<kaufman> Debbie Does 'Donald's
<StanXhiao> heheh. Fry Hard
<AgentOrange> Two Big ol' patties...
<TomtheFish> Special Sauce
<kaufman> Knife the Big Mac
<StanXhiao> Spanking the Patty
<Samwise> Havin' it Your Way
<TomtheFish> The Whopper
<AgentOrange> The Whopper Jr.
<StanXhiao> Ten Things I Ate About You
<SeanQ> ooh, midget porn
<Samwise> ...with Cheese.
<kaufman> Sesame Seed Buns
<TomtheFish> sean: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
<TomtheFish> ewww
<TomtheFish> ew
<TomtheFish> i feel so dirty now
<TomtheFish> ew
<kaufman> Burger of Tiny Town
<TheEnigma> Flame-Broiled Passion?
<TomtheFish> that has got to be the most disturbing image to ever pass thru my mind
<TheEnigma> Hold The Pickles
<AgentOrange> Fry Daddy & Flat Patty: a Love Story
<spinn> Hot, Sizzlin' Meat
<kaufman> Hot -n- Juicy
<SeanQ> Johnny Has Two All-Beef Patties
<spinn> I was typing that, and I saw enig's "hold the pickles" and then I almost didn't finish
<Leth> Meat Among The Buns
<spinn> seemed pointless after that one
<TheEnigma> That must be a good thing, spinn.
<spinn> it is. mine seemed weak in comparison
<kaufman> Johnny Depp stars in "Ed Would You Like Fries With That"
<Samwise> Super-Sized
<spinn> Anal Sluts Do Ten Guys At Once, And There's A Burger
<TheEnigma> Well, we've gone from literature to cinema to Broadway to porn.
<TheEnigma> Dare I ask what's next?
<kaufman> there's still music
<Samwise> Children's stories?
<TheEnigma> Don't Fear the Burger
<Leth> Ina Gadda Da Meata
<spinn> by the way, tom, that was an excellent redirect
<LJ-atwork> heh
<jacquilynne> The Backstreet Burgers
<kaufman> Good Burger Yellow Brick Road
<kaufman> We had joy, we had fun, we had burgers in the sun
<Samwise> I Believe I Want Fries
* CrazyClimber slaps SeanQ around a bit with a good burger
<spinn> man, I want a coffee.
<AgentOrange> Girl, You'll Need a Burger Soon
<TheEnigma> Well, I hate to leave in the middle of such conversation, but it's time to me to go.
* SeanQ picks lettuce out of his hair
<TheEnigma> Bye, all.
<StanXhiao> Go to Chock Full 'O Nutburgers
<jacquilynne> Do they have coffee at Good Burger, spinn?
<CrazyClimber> Baconburger Number Nine
<kaufman> FREE BURGER!
<SeanQ> Rage Against the Good Burger
<mdxi> Nine Inch Burgers
<StanXhiao> Only The Good Fry Young
<kaufman> Abraham, Martin and Burger
<spinn> Toad The Wet Burger
<mdxi> Gud Burggrd
<CrazyClimber> The Allman Burgers
<spinn> Blues Traveller
<SeanQ> snnnkt
<spinn> (c'mon, c'mon, you can get it)
<LJ-atwork> shawn: wouldn't that be Nine Ounce Burgers?
<spinn> baha
<spinn> thanks sean
<mdxi> He Ain't Heavy, He's My Burger
<SeanQ> the image of John Popper playing a Good Burger instead of a harmonica jumped into my head
<SeanQ> MC 900ft Good Burger
<AgentOrange> pickle shrapnel everywhere...
<spinn> my idea there was, when you say "blues traveller", the burgers are implicit.
<Leth> dammit, "Dancing Queen" just came up on Winamp, and now I can't think of anything else
<spinn> oh, thanks FUCKER
<SeanQ> okay, well, then... Heart
<Samwise> Now neither can we, Leth. :)
<AgentOrange> awwww.... Burgercuda!
<kaufman> Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny-Yellow-Polka-Dot-Good-Burger
<kaufman> Mayo on You!
<Leth> "The night is young, and I got some friiiiiiiiieeeessssss"
<SeanQ> They Might Be Good Burgers
<Leth> GoodBurger Man
<TomtheFish> no more
<spinn> tonight...I had...the burger of my life...and I've never felt this way before
<TomtheFish> for the love of god, no more
<mdxi> Sammy Double Burger, Jr.
<SeanQ> Parlaiment Burgerdalic
<TomtheFish> get off the goodburger roof
<SeanQ> sorry, TF, had that one half-typed
<StanXhiao> Blind Burger Jefferson
<Samwise> She's Got a Burger & Fri-ies
<StanXhiao> Woke up this morning/Burger in my mouth
<CrazyClimber> o/~ someone left the cheese out in the rain ... and I'll never have that hamburger again... oh no o/~
<spinn> On The Good Ship Grade A Beef
<kaufman> I am the Burger ... They are the Burgers ... I am the Hot dog! Goo goo Poupon!
<Leth> come on....come on....just take a little piece of my burrrrgerrr...
<TomtheFish> good burger and the holding co.
<TomtheFish> no,
<SeanQ> o/` Every-body got somethin' to hide, 'cept for me an' my good burger o/`
<kaufman> And she's buying a burger to have now.
<StanXhiao> Don't want no peppermint/I want a real beef Patty
<mdxi> Little Dead Cow Pat(tie)
<AgentOrange> Salt & Pepper's Lonely Heart-Clog Snack
<kaufman> We all live in a yellow good burger ...
<Leth> Burger......fries and shake....get a big bun with ketchup and you're ok....
* SeanQ is now exhausted
<LJ-atwork> we're really scraping the bottom of the burger now
<spinn> here, have a burger
<spinn> a GOOD burger
<CrazyClimber> busted flat in baton rouge, waitin' for my fries
<spinn> say! we could say stuff about that!
<Leth> imagine there's a's not hard if you try
* AgentOrange snaps and heads to the roof to begin firing
<Leth> what, no convenient clock-tower?
<kaufman> oh lord, won't you buy me a big mac with fries?
<mdxi> There is a burger joint / In New Orleans
<AgentOrange> upon the golden arches, blazing away
<Samwise> Book suppository, Agt.
<SeanQ> plan on barracading yourelf there for a while? better take a tasty and nutritious snack... like....
<TomtheFish> my friends all got porterhouse, i must make amends
<CrazyClimber> britney spears impression: "I can't get no ... burger action"
<kaufman> aiiiiiiiiiieeeee!
<StanXhiao> Oh, sure
<AgentOrange> NOT br*tn*y sp**rs
<LJ-atwork> o/` Love snack, baby, Love snack... Chomp on my burger, it's as BIG AS A WHALE, and it's about to set saiiiilllll.... I got a big mac, it feeds about twenty, so come on! and get your arteries ready! o/`
<Samwise> That ain't nothin but a hot dog
<kaufman> Burger burger, whoa-oh, you've gotta go ...
<LJ-atwork> You're so vain... you prolly think this burger is for ya
<TomtheFish> so bye bye good burger with fries
<kaufman> Nanananananana-nananana-nanananana My Hamburger!
<TomtheFish> took my chevy to wendys but wendys was closed
<SeanQ> o/` When I was seventeen.... it as a very good burger o/`
<Leth> Take me down to the Burger King city....where the lettuce's green and the onion's crispy...oh won't you please take me home.....
<TomtheFish> and good old boys smoking weed and cloves
<Samwise> o/~ how many fries must a man sca-arf down... o/~
<CrazyClimber> Leavin' on a burger, don't know when I'll want fries again
<TomtheFish> sang "we'll make that hamburgler fry"
<kaufman> Burger in the USSR!
<AgentOrange> o/~ shake shake shake ... shake shake shake...o/~ "Okay, that's six shakes..."
<StanXhiao> *state capital's name that sounds like a burger*
<kaufman> * CrazyClimber is now known as Crazy Climburger
<AgentOrange> * StanXhiao is now known as StanChow
<kaufman> Big Macramento?

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