#spinnwebe Logs : *propernoun* in the *location* with the *noun*


<Raven> I got one of those How to Host a Murder games - I'm still seeing if we can modify it to do it on IRC. :)
<Samwise> Raven: I *love* those.
<maime> that would be fun rave.
<Sickboy> I think Mr.Ben did it.
<MisterQ> in the kitchen
<kaufman> with the nori
<hockeyfag> with a nori
<Sickboy> With the pizzle.
<TMR> Mr. Ben, in the bathroom, with a candle.
<MisterQ> Death by Nori!
<Samwise> Bil, in the sink, with a jar.
<TMR> It wa a suicide... he didn't KEEP HIS MOUTH OPEN!
<shil> cecilweed, on the shed, with a rake
<kaufman> so the tribe captures the three explorers and offers them a choice: Death or Nori
<TMR> Jeffy, by the river, with a giant fish.
<Mr-Ben> LadyJ, supported from the ceiling, with a whip.
<hockeyfag> bil, in the sink, with oing
<kaufman> billy in the meth lab with the head pipe
<Samwise> Jeffy, in the Void, with his hair.
<TMR> Dolly in the Sauna with the 18" Love Kong
<TMR> No, wait. That's the video.
<MisterQ> Roy, in the shed, with... you don't wanna know
<shil> mdxi in the living room witha sparc station
<MisterQ> Thel, in the bathroom, with a glass dildo
<kaufman> Thel in the pizza with her other boob
<Samwise> Jeffy, in the Red Zone, with a log of fag.
<hockeyfag> Thel, on the strip club stage, with a stainless steel buttplug
<MisterQ> PJ, in the crib, with a psychic fern
<hockeyfag> actually, thel, in the freezer, with a stainless steel buttplug
<hockeyfag> earl wilson, on the beach, with his press pass
<MisterQ> H.R.Geiger, in M.C.Escher's room, with a precious moment figurine
<TMR> You shouldn't keep your stainless steel buttplug in the freezer.
<TMR> You think getting your TONGUE stuck to cold metal is bad...
<Sickboy> It's like licking a cold fence, just with your ass.
<kaufman> Cthulhu anywhere he wants with anything he wants
<Samwise> KFS on the web with a letter
<kaufman> spinn in the courtyard with a hammer
<MisterQ> The kitten, in the foyer, with a fire
<K-Man> maime in the MOO with the sweetbus
<MisterQ> spinn, at the starbucks, with a post it
<Mr-Ben> Alex Chilton, behind the piano, playing "Holocaust".
<LadyJ> PJ, in Washington DC, with a pennant
<shil> hockers in amsterdam with a dutch boy
<MisterQ> Mr. Ben, in the kitchen, with an obscure rock star. j/k
<K-Man> Bil, in the kitchen, with the oing
<kaufman> shil in her bedroom with a webcam
<Samwise> Jim Varney in the living room with his first movie.
<Mr-Ben> Daniel M. Laenker, in his bedroom, playing with his NANITES!
<TMR> Lucy, in the sky, with diamonds
<Mr-Ben> Er, "playing with his NANITES" is a masturbation reference if I ever heard one before.
<MisterQ> verbing with the noun
<K-Man> A pig, in a cage, on antibiotics
* K-Man sits and waits for /someone/ to catch the ref
<Samwise> *propernoun* in the *location* with the *noun*

Heather Garvey / Raven / raven@xnet.com
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