Now I'll say that for hemoglobin for the rest of my life


<agent_orange> I still think you're a babe
<tieboy> fag
<agent_orange> even though you never called
<agent_orange> asshopper
<tieboy> colonpony
<agent_orange> boofoo erectus
<SoiledGreen> cuntsucker.
<SoiledGreen> whoops.
<agent_orange> say what?
<SoiledGreen> wrong line.
<Samwise> Uh, SG, that's not quite what they're getting at.
<agent_orange> knob goblin
<tieboy> sphincter spelunker
<SoiledGreen> analprobe.
<tieboy> rump ronin
<Samwise> rectum rooter
<SoiledGreen> rear raider.
<tieboy> homosexual male
<agent_orange> fag
<Samwise> ass captain
<SoiledGreen> gayboi.
<CrazyClimber> bowel boffer
<agent_orange> poet
<SoiledGreen> artist.
<Samwise> pet shop boy
<shil> interior decorator
<SoiledGreen> pixie.
<agent_orange> back door man
<Samwise> hairdresser
<CrazyClimber> Lincoln Tunnel navigator
<tieboy> prostate prodder
<Samwise> tinkie winky
<daria> short bus rider
<SoiledGreen> licked the back window.
<agent_orange> spunk monkey
<daria> fudge packer
<daria> village person
<Samwise> jizz swizzler
<agent_orange> semen demon
<SoiledGreen> vaginal vixen.
<CrazyClimber> he was in that group with suzy, right?
<tieboy> bum rummy
<agent_orange> choad ho
<Samwise> spooge stooge
<tieboy> taint enthusiast
<SoiledGreen> spunk funker.
<agent_orange> rosebuddy
<Samwise> stylish dresser
<agent_orange> felchophile
<tieboy> damn. save these for me
*** SIGNOFF: tieboy signed off
<agent_orange> temp
<agent_orange> shit
<daria> too late!
<SoiledGreen> monkey boi.
<Samwise> san franciscan
<CrazyClimber> tie needs a little "relief"
<SoiledGreen> uuuh! uuuh! *spurt!*
<agent_orange> homogoblin
<SoiledGreen> spunkmaster.
<agent_orange> now I'll say that for hemoglobin for the rest of my life
*** PyroP has joined #spinnwebe
<SoiledGreen> teabagger.
<PyroP> made-of-people.
<agent_orange> (cough)

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