#spinnwebe Logs : It's Your Last Rites, Charlie Brown!


<mdxi> I Hope Saint Peter Reads The Comics, Charlie Brown!
<SeanQ> You Made Your Final Deadline, Charlie Brown!
<TomFish> Bite Me, Charlie Brown
<mdxi> It's Your Last Rites, Charlie Brown!
<TomFish> Bil Keane wins! *fatality*
<mdxi> *banality* more like it
<mdxi> How'd You Keep Churning Out That Trite Pablum For 40 Years, Charlie Brown?
<TomFish> tom laundry, charles schulz, doug henning
<TomFish> all killed because of goth music
<SeanQ> Now That You're Dead, Will Anyone Notice, Charlie Brown?
<SeanQ> yeah, i read Henning was cluthcing a Depeche Mode CD when he went
<mdxi> Please Say Cathy Guisewite's Next, Charlie Brown!
<SeanQ> Take Jim Davis With You, Charlie Brown!
<mdxi> i still want to see some of Keane's "At Ease With The Japanese" strips.
<mdxi> ph33r
<TomFish> At Ease with the Japanese "Put our little yellow friends at ease by using this cute mispronciation "Flied Lice" for their favorite source of nutrition."
<TomFish> "Who bomed Pearl Harbor?" "Not Me"
<TomFish> "Gojira gave me a flightmare"
<mdxi> "We Play for MacArthur's Erection!"
<mdxi> umm...At Least You've Got More Personality Than Keanu, Charlie Brown?
*** SeanQ has changed the topic on channel #spinnwebe to Why Did You Leave Everything to That Stupid Beagle, Charlie Brown?!?
*** SeanQ has changed the topic on channel #spinnwebe to Even Dead You're Funnier Than Cathy Guisewite, Charlie Brown!
<mdxi> wonder if he had a Met Life policy
*** SeanQ has changed the topic on channel #spinnwebe to Move Toward the Light, Charlie Brown!
<mdxi> Say Hello To Jesus For Me, Charlie Brown!
<SeanQ> I Hope Walt Kelly Kicks Your Ass in Heaven, Charlie Brown!
<SeanQ> Now /That's/ A Retirement, Charlie Brown!
<mdxi> Which Religion Was Right, Charlie Brown?
<mdxi> Allah Would Like A Word With You, Charlie Brown
<mdxi> Snoopy's Off To The Vivisectionist, Charlie Brown
<tieboy> If only he had died by falling on his head from trying to kick a football
<tieboy> something a little more relevant
<mdxi> been strangled by a kite string
<tieboy> smothered by a blanket
<kaufman> put away for dismembering lucy
<mdxi> eaten by a beagle
<rJak> strafed by the red baron
<kaufman> rabid dog bite
<kaufman> piano fell on him
<rJak> being attacked by Family Circus zealots.
<mdxi> terminal ringworm from not bathing
<rJak> Assassinated by a GI Joe death squad.
<rJak> Had his neck broken by Snake Eyes.
<rJak> He ain't talking though.
<tieboy> a tiny christmas tree falling on him
<kaufman> a BFPumpkin falling on him
<tieboy> getting bonked by a line-drive that knocked all his clothes off
<CrzyClmbr> suffocated inside a small dog house.
<mdxi> choking on a naturally curly hair
<tieboy> infectious disease passed on by pig-pen
<rJak> Attacked by a disgruntled, laid off Shermie.
<kaufman> beaten by band of militant lesbians
<rJak> Two words: Cathy Guisweise.
<tieboy> ink poisoning
<kaufman> impaled on cactus
<LJ-atwork> get caught in a cartoonist-eating tree
<TomFish> caught aids from pepermint patty
<TomFish> charlie brown, peppermint patty. if those aren't porn names, then what?
<tieboy> Marcie made a man-suit from his skin
<rJak> Got his clothes knocked off by a baseball and caught pneumonia.
<rJak> Caught VD from the red haired girl.
<mdxi> was playing one of the wisemen in a christmas play, tripped and his blanked/turban became twisted around his neck
<CrzyClmbr> lost in a cloud of dust and dirt, he starved slowly.
<mdxi> broke tooth on a rock obtained while trick-or-treating; gangrene set in
<rJak> in a twist of irony, he is overcome by a flood of valentines and suffocates.
<tieboy> crushed under a hundred page Sims manual
<tieboy> injuries caused by repetitive dance syndrome
<rJak> snoopy dance got out of hand.
<rJak> Snoopy cripples creator with backward monkey punch.
<CrzyClmbr> damn bird nagged him to death.
<kaufman> got cat scratch fever from cat next door
<kaufman> run over by zamboni!

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