#spinnwebe Logs : Battlefield Nudity


<maime> Is battlefield nudity a new thing for CAP?
<maime> Someone should make a list of CAP sins.
<maime> "motel cohabitation"
<maime> "battlefield nudity"
<hockeyfag> "animal nudity"
<hockeyfag> "bare foot flesh"
<hockeyfag> "bare hand flesh"
<maime> "ankles"
<hockeyfag> "ankles at a higher elevation than the head"
<hockeyfag> "ankles located behind head"
<hockeyfag> "cocksucking lips"
<hockeyfag> "wearing white after labor day"
<maime> NO. that's a maime sin.
<kaufman> "newly washed babies"
<maime> "diaper changing nudity"
<hockeyfag> "placenta in a delivery room scene"
<maime> "woman outside of kitchen"
<Leth^> "viewing of thigh tendons"
<hockeyfag> "woman drawing a paycheck"
<Leth^> "woman wearing shoes"
<hockeyfag> "male nurse"
<maime> "woman drawing a paycheck and not sending it to CAP Alert"
<maime> "male dress wearing"
<hockeyfag> "piercings on a male"
<kaufman> "wasted spermatazoan"
<Leth^> "man in woman's restroom"
<hockeyfag> "self pleasure"
<Leth^> (and vice versa)
<kaufman> "pleasure"
<maime> 'not praying before bed"
<hockeyfag> "unisex restrooms"
<maime> "star trek uniforms"
<Leth^> and in one movie listing "booze" "drinking" and "drunkenness"
<Leth^> all as seperate sins
<maime> "igniting anal winds"
<kaufman> "hogging ops and running off"
<hockeyfag> "cleaning ear with something bigger than your elbow"
<KemloCaes> Ah, the joys of CAPAlert.
<hockeyfag> "feltch anywhere in the movie"
<SeanQ> i would bet my house Thomas carder doesn't know what felching is
<Leth^> "mentioning feltchig while other people are eating lunch"
<SeanQ> what's for lunch, Leth, tossed salad?
<hockeyfag> "serving salad without the option of low fat dressings"
<hockeyfag> "Not having chopsticks available with chinese"
<KemloCaes> "making fun of CAPalert"

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