paPREEka or papREEka?


<TomFish> where was the statement?
<zompist> didn't you make one?
<zompist> or was i simply anticipating stan's?
<TomFish> are you blind?
<zompist> are you insane?
<TomFish> what is insanity?
<zompist> isn't it obvious?
<TomFish> that you're blind or I'm insane?
<zompist> would it matter?
<TomFish> don't you have work to do?
<zompist> what makes you think i'm not working?
<TomFish> shouldn't you be idle on irc otherwise?
<SeanQ> you mean like me?
<TomFish> should I like you?
<zompist> do you think i'm an assembly line worker?
<TomFish> where did Stan go?
<TomFish> forfit
<TomFish> work calls
<zompist> also, non sequitur-- lost point. :)
<SeanQ> don't you think kaufman would be good at this game?
<SeanQ> stan, have you returned to play in TomFish's absence?
<zompist> when he's not here?
<StanXhiao> uh, sure!
<SeanQ> isn't that his name in the roster?
<zompist> wasn't that a long lunch for raven?
<kaufman> may I join in?
<zompist> can we stop you?
<SeanQ> how many meals did she eat?
<kaufman> don't you realize I was reading up on etoy?
<TomFish> should I pronounce it CLIToris or cliTORis?
<zompist> was she eating like a bird?
<kaufman> what's wrong with clitorIS?
<SeanQ> [zomp: i could call you for the raven non-sequitir]
<TomFish> that's it, I'm calling the whole thing off!
* zompist was just discussing people in the /who list.
<kaufman> sean: is bracketed text a "free zone"?
<SeanQ> [yes]
<SeanQ> [heh]
<mdxi> paPREEka or papREEka?
<kaufman> [bullshit]
<TomFish> ok, let's get orginized her
<mdxi> wher?
<zompist> mDXi or MDxi?
<kaufman> spermburpingGUTterslut or SPERMburpinggutterslut?
<kaufman> young Elvis or fat Elvis?
<mdxi> labratory or laboratory? aluminum or aluminium? poinsetta or poinsettia?
<kaufman> Louie-ville or Louis-ville?
<kaufman> [Frankfort]
<zompist> ljatWORK or lJatwork?
<kaufman> cecilweed or cecilwood?
<zompist> "al gore" or "wonky piece of firewood"?
<Leth> troll bait or thoughtful posting?

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