#spinnwebe Logs : Wankin' to the Oldies!


<mdxi> i should become a male prostitute...there can't be too many around here
<zompist> in the channel, you mean?
<zompist> let's see. one, two, three, four, five...
<zompist> no, you're right, it'd be just you.
<MisterQ> I prefer the term 'exotic service expert'
<TMR> I like the term "Meat Missile Rental Service"
<zompist> or, "hire-a-hole"?
<DocEvil> trouser bandit
<DocEvil> Genital technician
<TMR> Hire a ham, you mean.
<zompist> pipefitter
<DocEvil> Hire a hog
<sol-D> Richard rentals
<MisterQ> would a Sr. Genital technician need viagra
<mdxi> Schlongs-R-Us
<TMR> Penis Providers
<MisterQ> One-eyed snake experts
<mdxi> Cock On Call
<mdxi> Dick On Demand
<TMR> Dial-A-Hump
<sol-D> Pipe Plumbers
<mdxi> Tube Steak To Go
<zompist> lower body engineer
<DocEvil> Meat Wranglers
<zompist> you-squirt we-wipe, inc.
<TMR> Fuckers, Inc.
<DocEvil> Squeezin and Pleasin
<sol-D> Keyboard Cleaners?
<DocEvil> Stump Humpers
<MisterQ> The Vertical Smile experts
<DocEvil> Monkey Spank Inc
<mdxi> Pay-By-The-Inch
<TMR> 69th Street Liquor!
<DocEvil> Star Wars Euphemisms for masturbation
<DocEvil> Hand Jabba
<sol-D> U Haul
<mdxi> giving the droid an oil bath
<sol-D> Pizza Hut
<DocEvil> Test firin the Death Star
<TMR> And I thought it smelled bad on the outside!
<DocEvil> Moffing the Tarkin
<DocEvil> Pulling the ears off the Gundark
<zompist> gungan done!
<TMR> Shaking hands with Yoda
<DocEvil> Turning little Yoda into mighty Vader
<zompist> jumping into hyperspace
<DocEvil> Unsheathing the meatsabre
<MisterQ> sisterkisser
<TMR> Senator Palpitator
<DocEvil> Goin to toshi station to pick up some power converters
<zompist> orbiting tatooine
<DocEvil> Stroking the wookie
<DocEvil> Goin back to check on Uncle Owen
<zompist> below the belt pod race
<DocEvil> Handjob Solo
<zompist> freeing the slave
<TMR> Shooting womp-rats
<mdxi> spanking the womprat
<DocEvil> spanking the Emporer
<zompist> toppling the at-at
<mdxi> checking the negative power coupling
<zompist> getting in touch with the feelgood side of the force
<sol-D> lightsaber tug-o-war
<TMR> Letting the wookiee win!
<mdxi> lanchin' the probe droid
<zompist> doing the boss nass
<mdxi> "launchin'"
<DocEvil> Living la Vida yoda
<MisterQ> Entering the space slug
<mdxi> Waxing Greedo
<TMR> Choking Jar-Jar into a jar
<zompist> for girls: finding amidala
<zompist> meesa love meesa
<DocEvil> Look sir! Nads!
<DocEvil> Pulling the Padawan
<mdxi> bullseyeing the exhaust port (no, that'd be something else)
<zompist> jedi training in the swamp
<sol-D> lifting the battle cruiser
<TMR> Jedi Penis Trick
<DocEvil> The Palm side of the force
<DocEvil> X-wing
<sol-D> "This is not the ***** you're looking for."
<DocEvil> Rasining the X-Wing
<zompist> the monkey spanking you are
<mdxi> when 800 years lod you are, get it up as often you will not! hmm?
<TMR> Commending R2-D2
<DocEvil> Making the Kessel run
<DocEvil> Boxing the Boba
<mdxi> hugging the Old Pirate
<zompist> saluting princess leia
<sol-D> C3 PEE o
<DocEvil> Lovin Mr Lucas
<DocEvil> C3JO
<DocEvil> Makin the bald Ewok dance
<zompist> teaching my sith apprentice
<DocEvil> Adjusting the hyperdrive
<mdxi> jizz-wailing
<TMR> Punching Sebulba
<DocEvil> Honoring Leias gold bikini
<zompist> giving jabba a rubdown
<mdxi> fighting the rancor
<sol-D> Helping Obi Wan Kinobe
<DocEvil> Launching the Spermaton torpedos
<mdxi> heh..."Sit down, little one. You've had a busy day"
<MisterQ> haggling with the Jawa
<zompist> putting the tusk in 'tuskan raider'
<mdxi> shaking the gaffi stick
<DocEvil> Polishing Vaders helmet
<DocEvil> Tinkering with the R2 unit
<DocEvil> ComeonnIwannaleia
<zompist> exploding the death star
<TMR> Shipping your Carbonite
<MisterQ> Sending Boba Fett on a mission
<zompist> corus-CAN
<DocEvil> Releasing the special Edition
<DocEvil> Evacuating Hoth
<mdxi> shooting Episode I
<TMR> There is no father? Here's why.
<DocEvil> Jumping to Delight speed
<DocEvil> Hows yer father, Luke?
<mdxi> detatching the tow cable
<mdxi> whacking the wampa
<DocEvil> Leggo my Dagobah!
<zompist> knocking off the stormtroopers
<DocEvil> Taming the tauntaun
<TMR> "Your hand will go numb for hours.... so it feels like someone else!"
<DocEvil> Wrestling with the diagnoga
<DocEvil> Grand Muff tarking
<mdxi> discharging the blaster
<zompist> operating yoda without the muppetskin
<TMR> Using the Forcekin
<mdxi> ILM: I Love Myself
<DocEvil> Philospophizing with Mr Lucas
<MisterQ> Princess Layme
<mdxi> taking a trip to the Skywalker Ranch
<zompist> sending some midichlorians on a mission
<mdxi> reprogramming the vaporator?
<DocEvil> Lowering my midichlorian count
<zompist> in-bedroom light and magic
<mdxi> human-groin relations
<zompist> wrestling darth dick
<DocEvil> Hammerhead
<DocEvil> Nub-Nub!
*** DocEvil has changed the topic to: Spank the Wookie
<DocEvil> choking the Imperial officer
<TMR> Let's switch to Star Trek.
<DocEvil> Dating: Trekker style
<mdxi> blasting the redshirt?
<zompist> where every man has gone before
<zompist> teaching spock emotions
<zompist> (splurch)

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