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The Story So Far : #spinnwebe Does Verduria

Wherein a band of plucky adventurers make their way across the land of Verduria, drinking, shagging, or killing anything they come across.

  • I think "I have a whistle pop up my ass" is a better excuse than "I have the flu"
      <agent_orange> round up! there is no round down!
      <agent_orange> up! up! up!
      <agent_orange> this is the worst pep rally EVER!
      * AliasN meekly shakes her pom poms
      * tieboy vomits on the guy in the cougar costume

  • I don't think he's got a labia, Agent.
      <ChannelSecurity> I don't think he's got a labia, Agent.
      <ChannelSecurity2> Ah, we'll just zap him in the jimmy.

  • I think I've wandered into alt.sex.tv-chefs by mistake.
      <JulChild> I'll show /you/ essence, you little shit
      <Emiril> bring it on, fat bitch!

  • but then the cops found the ... you know, the /parts/ in his trunk
      <agtorange> It's that goddamn opium that does this to him...
      <zompist> well, it's not like he killed a man.
      <zompist> tho' some might argue that it's worse.
      <StanXhiao> Look, what he has is as bad as any chemical addiction, he should have our support, not our condemnation

  • "pull up! lore, PULL UP!!"
      * zompist tries to guess how many converstaions are going on at once
      <zompist> i thought lore was in the curling one, but now he's streaking out skyward
      <zompist> no landing in sight
      <spinn> "pull up! lore, PULL UP!!"

  • An Afternoon With #spinnwebe
      <tieboy> hm. a new game. typosweeper
      <SeanQ> making them or finding them?
      <agent_orange> if its making them, I'll kich alk your assess

  • The sun starts sinking as the party sits there in the sand not doing much.
      <zompist> Badass #1, the one with the really good turban, asks who is in charge of your party.
      <Lore> Is there anyone here who didn't put his or her lowest score in Charisma?
      * tieboy points to the catamount
      * raven is +4 for Smartass Trickster, does that count?
      <Lore> It's not really a party. More of a little get-together.

  • Storming the #tribrunchma Battlements
      <tieboy> i mean, i'm a straight guy , but i would accept him in my sacred hollow, if you know what i mean
      <sol-D> are you an elf?
      <tieboy> i'm not an elf
      <sol-D> elves have hollows in trees and stuff, is all I'm saying
      <Raven> Contrary to popular opinion, I don't think he make cookies in that secret hollow.

      <kaufman> no, no, mr. grue. you're going to eat me, just like it says here.
      <grue> oh sure. they all want to be eaten. who'll eat me? i have needs too, you know.
      <grue> plus, it's always dark in this part of the game. would it kill them to put on the lights?
      <grue> and while i'm ranting, is this any use for a monster of my talents? eating people who forget to turn on the light?

  • Last Tuesday....
      A round-robin story told one line at a time.

  • $1000 on Wilfred Brimley.
      Shilantra the Destroyer tackles Tie "Me Up And Beat Me Like a Bitch" Boy in an "I'm Not Touching You" Battle of Wills.

  • spinn passes the Turing Test
      <spinn> Da_Raven, nightly shutdown procedure underway. Abort?
      <Da_Raven> spinn, Good night.
      <spinn> Da_Raven, thank you.

  • The #spinnwebe Show!
      starring zompist, Mr.Q, Da_Raven, sol-D, Aadroma, The Dead Rotting Corpses of They Might Be Giants, and Gilbert Godfrey (On Fire!).

  • The Family Star Wars Circus Trek
      A round robin story : a piece of Star Wars/Star Trek/Family Circus fan fiction. Of a sort.

  • Un Chien Spindalou
      As if the original wasn't weird enough.

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