#spinnwebe Logs : Spinn passes the Turing Test


*** Orpheus20 has joined #spinnwebe
<Orpheus20> Nanites?
<wabewalkr> Uh, I was going to ask...
<Da_Raven> DML wigged.
<Orpheus20> What are nanites then?
<wabewalkr> Very small nannies.
<Orpheus20> right !!!
<wabewalkr> For midget English children.
<Orpheus20> thanx for clearing that up for me!
<Orpheus20> I had this awful vision of them being something off ST TNG!
<Da_Raven> Or for killing very small American children.
<Orpheus20> er. . . .
<Orpheus20> right!
<Orpheus20> I'll be moving right along now then !
<spinn> enjoy
<Orpheus20> erm. . . have a nice. . . chat . . . wont you?
<Orpheus20> hey that thing at the top just spoke!
<Orpheus20> it has one of them @ thingies?
* Da_Raven looks up. We'll have to get that fixed.
<wabewalkr> What, the bot?
<Orpheus20> so what does a bot do ????
<spinn> wabewalkr, All signs point to Yes.
<sol-D> houses porn, mostly
<Orpheus20> does it have a postironic neural net?
<wabewalkr> Heh!
<Orpheus20> right!
<Orpheus20> I see!
<Orpheus20> does it have simultaneous access to over 47 million data channles of porn?
<Orpheus20> channels!! (spelling)!
<Da_Raven> Well, it's on IRC, isn't it?
<Orpheus20> :)
<Orpheus20> is it capable of 40 trillion calculations per nanosecond??
<Da_Raven> Ask it, Orph.
<Orpheus20> 1010101010010001001001010101010100
<Orpheus20> I just asked it and this was it's response
<Orpheus20> on a more serious note. . .
<Orpheus20> what the hell is a BOT (As far as IRC is concerned)?
<Da_Raven> A program's avatar.
<wabewalkr> It is a small program that manages the channel, provides some administration, etc, etc.
<wabewalkr> Woo. Good summary.
<Orpheus20> If I am running my own IRC server could I use a bot?
<wabewalkr> Sure.
<Orpheus20> how??? I mean what is the best site to visit for more info on these "BOTS"?
<dpk> plug "baloobot" in any search engine
<Da_Raven> Tell ya what - figure out how to run an IRC server, and then worrying about bots will be a piece of cake.
<Orpheus20> is that the best one then?
<dpk> baloobot is one of the oldest bots.. heh.
<wabewalkr> Talespin?
<spinn> huh
<spinn> okay, don't.
<dpk> /on public "* spam*" / ==== SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAMMITY SPAM! ====
<dpk> that's a great example.. haha.. i want a bot that does that!
<Orpheus20> so what is the best BOT?
<dpk> are you for real?
<Orpheus20> who?
<Orpheus20> me?
<dpk> spinn, i guess
<wabewalkr> We've had a problem with trolls of late...
<Orpheus20> well I have no form of tactile contact with you to prove it but yess I consider myself as real as they come!
<spinn> dpk, Answer hazy.
<dpk> you are assuming that i'd just jump out and touch you
<wabewalkr> spinn, give me a url.
<Orpheus20> spelling atrocious in my case!
<dpk> LISTING OF BALOOBOT AS OF 4/9/92. woah
<Orpheus20> well stranger things have happened
<spinn> wabewalkr, <http://www.trainupachild.com/>.
<Da_Raven> spinn, is baloobot the best 'bot?
<wabewalkr> I love that feature.
<spinn> Da_Raven, Yes.
<Da_Raven> There ya go. And he should know.
<wabewalkr> Every time it sees something that resembles a URL, it saves it and will cough it back at random.
<spinn> yeah
<wabewalkr> I forgot what spinn responds to?
<Da_Raven> type /msg spinn help. :)
<wabewalkr> Oh, right.
<Orpheus20> what about all these commands like !up and stuff!
<dpk> first /msg spinn hello
<dpk> so spinn can identify you
<Orpheus20> huh????
<spinn> Orpheus20, Hello!
<Orpheus20> then what?
<dpk> you're in
<spinn> Orpheus20, to ask me a question, type "spinn, " followed by your question.
<Orpheus20> spinn, am I really stupid???
<spinn> Orpheus20, Concentrate and ask again.
<hockeyfag> :)
<Orpheus20> :(
<Orpheus20> what does it mean ?
<Orpheus20> spinn, can you make me a channel op?
<wabewalkr> You've never owned an 8 ball, have you?
<spinn> Orpheus20, Not likely.
<Orpheus20> grrrrr!
<Orpheus20> spinn, are you dimensionally transcendetal??
<hockeyfag> I like the new electronic 8balls at sharper image
<spinn> Orpheus20, in 8 dimensions.
<Orpheus20> hey
<dpk> good, good. the NLP code is working well.
<Orpheus20> someone is manopulating the bot here!
<dpk> ha. spinn is the result of years upon years of research and training in topics ranging from language to mathematics.
<Da_Raven> What, like that made sense?
<Orpheus20> as far as I am concerned we need to re route auxilliary power to the subspace transciever assembly
<Orpheus20> could we re align the MHD field taps!
<dpk> countless people helped to train spinn, and spinn's training is ongoing. in fact, you are helping to train spinn, right now.
<dpk> we all are.
<Orpheus20> I could do with some help on my magneto Hydro Dynamic Field taps!
<spinn> dpk, You called?
<Orpheus20> spinn are you utopia AI in disguise?
<dpk> spinn, Meet Orpheus20. He's our new friend, and is now your friend. He likes potatoes and tacos.
<Da_Raven> I was hoping to teach it basketball, but I can't get it to stop double-dribbling.
<Orpheus20> cos you are not doing a very good job of convincing me!?!?
<spinn> dpk, Thank you.
<spinn> Orpheus20, Hello!
*** wabewalkr has quit IRC (school...life...death)
<dpk> spinn, what does Orpheus20 like?
<Da_Raven> spinn, do I like waffles?
<Orpheus20> spinn I need you to transmit via a TCP link all yer matrices?
<spinn> dpk, hamburgers and fries.
<Orpheus20> can you do that for me spin?
<Orpheus20> can you ?
<spinn> Da_Raven, Yes, yes, yes, and yes again.
<dpk> hmm.. spinn's parser seems to be busted.
<Orpheus20> spinn, COMPLY!!!! access code Turing
<Da_Raven> Maybe the database is getting corrupt again. that looks like zomp's faves.
<spinn> Orpheus20, I'm busy.
<dpk> ah.. that's right. i forgot to commit the patch.. guys, remember that bug in line 726 of world_parse.c? (hehe, function take_input_from_world()?) haha. i can't believe it.. i got the for loop wrong there.
<Orpheus20> could you look into that EPS conduit I am not sure we are getting the right pressure!!!
<Da_Raven> I don't do conduits, Orph.
<Orpheus20> and pass me that sonic screwdriver!
<Orpheus20> oops!
<Orpheus20> I need a starfleet medical!
<Da_Raven> Psychiatric unit?
<Orpheus20> I am relieving myself of command pending a medical examination to be conducted by the chief medical officer
<Orpheus20> effective immediately I am consigned to quarters!
<Orpheus20> the medical will inculde a full Psych eval yes!
* Da_Raven hoses Orph down, Deap breath there, kiddo.
<Orpheus20> Hey !!! I am only supposed to take "sonic" shower OK?
<Orpheus20> SONIC!!!
<spinn> Orpheus20, please reduce multiple punctuation.
<dpk> ok, you are clouding the matrix.
<Orpheus20> water bathing was deemed un-hygenic back in 2049!
<dpk> be careful please, you may destroy all of our work.
<Orpheus20> I am being grammatically corrected by a script of the period!!!
<Orpheus20> I laugh in the face of such humour!
<Orpheus20> I apologize
<Orpheus20> It is not my intention to interfere with other cultures scientific progress!
<hockeyfag> well, that's a good thing
<spinn> Orpheus20, this is the US Internet, it's spelled "humor".
<Orpheus20> the Internet Is an international network you foolish AI!
<Orpheus20> how dare you presume to correct me!
<Orpheus20> arrogant presumption indeed me learned AI!
* Da_Raven makes a note to fix spinn's possessive checkers. Missed "cultures".
<Orpheus20> hmmm active matrix eh???!?!?
<Orpheus20> top of the line in the late 20th!
<spinn> [loc:host62-6-19-155.btinternet.com:/trace ack ON/-sub2 process.b]
<spinn> spinnbot, Result?
<spinnbot> spinn, Prospect looks bleak.
<Orpheus20> transfer all power to emergency transporters!
<Orpheus20> break TCP link!]
<Orpheus20> give me optimum UDP torpedo spread!
<Orpheus20> Increase intensity of 1 gigabit ADSL link!
<Orpheus20> Ready ICMP missiles!
<spinn> Overuse of technobabble detected. First warning.
<Orpheus20> ALl tubes opn captain !
<Orpheus20> open
<Orpheus20> 31337 FIRE!!!!
<Orpheus20> 12354 FIRE!!!!!
<Orpheus20> Direct hit aft sheilds captain!
<Orpheus20> Shit report ensign!
<Orpheus20> no damage sir!
<Orpheus20> re modified firewall sheilds in place!
<spinn> [loc:host62-6-19-155.btinternet.com:/trace ack ON/-sub2 process.b]
<spinn> spinnbot, result?
<spinnbot> spinn, Yes.
<Orpheus20> integrity at 48 percent!
<Orpheus20> dropping!
<Da_Raven> Damn, and I thought I was bored to be here at 3:20 am.
<spinn> Clampdown initiated.
<Orpheus20> take us out of here !
*** spinn sets mode: +m
*** spinn sets mode: +vvv Da_Raven dpk hockeyfag
<hockeyfag> well, that's annoying
<dpk> Thank you, spinn. see, i told you guys spinn's self-protection unit would kick in.
<Da_Raven> Took him long enough. I say you crank that threshhold a little.
<spinn> dpk, Levels nominal. Resuming.
*** spinn sets mode: -m
*** spinn sets mode: -vvv Da_Raven dpk hockeyfag
<dpk> yeah, i think i'll do that.
*** Orpheus20 has left #spinnwebe
<spinn> heh
<spinn> damn.
<dpk> heh.. wow.
*** wabewalkr has joined #spinnwebe
<wabewalkr> He left?
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> hey
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> what is going on here?!?!?!?
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Besides you being a weiner and flooding the channel with drivel?
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> well aside from that?
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Nothing.
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> I am just taking the piss man!
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Well, take him somewhere else, sweetie.
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> you guyz chatting shit about this bot I wanna learn more about it!

<wabewalkr> Oh, left in a huff. As I expected.
<spinn> what, he was msging you?
<Da_Raven> Nope, driven off by the spinn-dude. No, he;s messaging me right now.,
<wabewalkr> "Today young Asok learns life is not like 'Star Trek.'"
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> hey!
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Hey!
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> kiss my cherry coated ass and may the hairs choke ya!
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> oops!
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> wrong key !
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> What I meant to say was please allow me a voice in the channel!

<Da_Raven> Heheheh. That's the way to get let back in.
<spinn> made him think I was a bot
<dpk> bahahaha.. "what i meant to say was"
<spinn> heheh
<spinn> but it's pronounced throat-warbler mangrove
<spinn> oh, dpk, what's the url?
<dpk> http://www.malkavian.com/funny/khakz.txt
<dpk> done in aug '98
<spinn> heheh
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> I don't know - the 'bot is pretty picky and I don't know if I feel like resetting him. Any particular reason I should?
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> well just tell him I was just pissing about !!! and that he should not take it to heart!

<dpk> background: people frequently came to #best to ask about bots.. like.. 3 or 4 times a day.
<spinn> tell the bot not to take it to heart
<spinn> yeah
<dpk> heh
<Da_Raven> Okay, "It's a bot, not a _______"
<Da_Raven> Help me fill in the blank. :)
<spinn> quit booga booga
<dpk> bricklayer?
<dpk> spinn: yeah. ha. i couldn't believe he typed it.
<spinn> psychiatrist?
<wabewalkr> Oh, #best.
<wabewalkr> Jeez, my brain is offline.
<spinn> um
<spinn> neglected aunt
<wabewalkr> Oh, goody.
<spinn> gotta get me to bed soon
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Um, Orph.... It's a 'bot, not your neglected aunt.
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> right. right sorry !!!
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> well cant you just re program it or something!
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> into accepting the fact that i am profusely sorry!?!?!
<dpk> raven: 'bots never forget.
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Sorry, dpk says 'bots never forget.

<Da_Raven> So expect some /msgs, dpk. :)
<dpk> thanks!
<dpk> heh
<spinn> just tell him to msg me
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> yeah but bots are subject to accidental memory erasure right????
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> I mean come on!!!!
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Not *my* 'bots.
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> storage emdia of the day was hardly renowned for it's reliability!
<spinn> man.
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> well can you not, acting on my behest erase it's mem?
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Try /msg'ing it.

<spinn> if I thought stan was up this late...
<wabewalkr> Hehe!
<wabewalkr> Oh, that would be a perfect Stan-style scam.
<spinn> it's the "it's" that make me think so
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> and say what?
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> I am not in the chan I lost the chan !!! what was it called?
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Huh. Keywords.... Try "sorry" or "apology" or "forgive"....
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> You don't need to be in the channel to /msg

<spinn> he forgets the name
<Da_Raven> But he REALLY REALLY has to get back in your good graces. :)
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> right OK !
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> let me try then!

<Da_Raven> Y'know, even if he thinks he's trolling us, I am laughing my head off.
<spinn> *Orpheus20* I am so sorry spinn. Please let me back in!

<spinn> Orpheus20, I'm not sure you mean it.
<wabewalkr> Heh.
<wabewalkr> Oh, that's too cruel.
* Da_Raven keeps startling her cat.
<wabewalkr> This is hitting the kicking-sleeping-puppies level.
<spinn> *Orpheus20* I am sincere spin. Really I am!
<spinn> --> Orpheus20 Orpheus20, spell my name correctly.

<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> I am chatting to the bot in a window now!
<Da_Raven> <Da_Raven> Good. Sometimes, he can be a softy, if you hit the right phrases and keywords. It's all in the parser....

<spinn> *Orpheus20* uh sorry spinn!
<spinn> *Orpheus20* a minor oversight on my part!
<spinn> *Orpheus20* please forgive me!
<spinn> --> Orpheus20 Orpheus20, say you're sorry.

<Da_Raven> Are you going to be nice and remember his favorite foods when he comes back? :)
<spinn> should be now
<Da_Raven> <Orpheus20> I think I am gettng to it!

<Da_Raven> Damn, wabe, you're right.
*** Orpheus20 has joined #spinnwebe
<wabewalkr> Whoa...
<Da_Raven> Hey, Orph! I see you got back in spinn's good graces.
<Orpheus20> Well suffice to say I can speak it's language!
<spinn> remit: *Orpheus20* I am really, really sorry
<Orpheus20> what?
<Orpheus20> I am afraid I dont understand spinn
<Orpheus20> please restate your request!
<Da_Raven> He's just letting us know what made him change his "permissions".
<Orpheus20> Right! I see. Is that standard procedure for him?
<Orpheus20> Or is he deviating from standard protocol?
<Da_Raven> Debugging mode.
<Orpheus20> right.
<spinn> Debugging: OFF
<Orpheus20> so who else here is a bot? Is Spinn the only one?
<Da_Raven> Well, spinnbot's the first generation for the channel. He's just a very simple 8-ball type of bot.
<spinn> "What a shame it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind at all. How true that is." --Vice President Quayle
<Da_Raven> But the rest of us are people. It's kinda late for the channel; that's why it's so quiet.
<Orpheus20> where can I obtain or otherwise procure such a bot?
<Orpheus20> Such a magnificent bot I might add!
<spinn> Orpheus20, what you suggest is paramount to slavery.
<Orpheus20> Please understand Spinn I have no intention of performing such a heinous act!
<Orpheus20> My interest is purely the study of such advanced forms of intelligence !
<Orpheus20> Have you passed the Turing test Spinn?
<Da_Raven> It helps the parser if you address him directly - "spinn, "
<spinn> Da_Raven, nightly shutdown procedure underway. Abort?
<Da_Raven> spinn, Good night.
<spinn> Da_Raven, thank you.
<dpk> goodnight, spinn.
<dpk> be good.
<wabewalkr> That's a good idea. Take down the ancillary bot and let's call it a night.
<Da_Raven> Yeah, I'm still not big on leaving him up unattended.
<wabewalkr> Does it still function when dumping the DB?
*** spinn has quit IRC ([out-.3156.12.85a:stat 1,1,9])
<wabewalkr> I suppose it could... it's multithreaded, right?
<Da_Raven> It could, I guess. Depends on what you want to access.
<Da_Raven> Time for me to call it a night, too.
<dpk> well, guys, i forgot to tell you.. i sorta broke the multithreading.

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