I think "I have a whistle pop up my ass" is a better excuse than "I have the flu"


<spinn> 'cos I get this edit and it takes me like ten minutes
<spinn> I generally track time in 5-min increments and bill in half-hours
<spinn> just wondering if I should like bill a half hour for that anyway
<agent_orange> hell yes
<agent_orange> as long as you're doing it hourly
<agent_orange> round up! there is no round down!
<agent_orange> up! up! up!
<agent_orange> this is the worst pep rally EVER!
* AliasN meekly shakes her pom poms
* tieboy vomits on the guy in the cougar costume
<agent_orange> goddamn thing
<agent_orange> Alright, let's see some pep or you all get detention!
<agent_orange> You, greaser. Show me your pep.
<raven> yay......
<agent_orange> That's pathetic, son.
<agent_orange> Wee you after school.
<agent_orange> I mean see.
<agent_orange> You wee after school <WHEEEEN SQUAAAAAARG>
* AliasN dates the basketball team
<tieboy> but... we just had that school shooting this morning
<agent_orange> walk it off, son
<tieboy> we're a little unhappy. and timmy there is gutshot
<agent_orange> be a man! <WHACK!>
<tieboy> shouldn't we at least call the cops at some point?
<agent_orange> and you, Alanis, you report to my office for (cough) discipline
<AliasN> Yes sir. (hee hee hee)
* spinn (and crowd) oooOOOOOOooooo
<agent_orange> cops, shmops, get Eddie from custodial in here
<agent_orange> get them shavings down
* AliasN hides gun down her ample cleavage
<spinn> well there's some mixed signals
<agent_orange> I was just sitting here mast
<agent_orange> I mean
<agent_orange> I was just sitting here thinking
<AliasN> (spinn, it's cuz I killed the guy, get it?)
<spinn> no, actually, I didn't get it
<spinn> I'll admit some mental disconnection when we got to "cleavage"
<agent_orange> trying to cot how many teachers & admins at my HS I *know* were fucking underage girls
<agent_orange> I'm up to six
<agent_orange> teachers, I mean
<agent_orange> not fingers up my ass
<agent_orange> or anything
<mdxi> man...alias is the new channel whore and i *missed* it :-/
* mdxi kicks at a rock. spent bullet. whatever.
<tieboy> timmy's spleen
<agent_orange> okay uOP ttO sEvengm
<AliasN> Ahem. My *character* in this scene is a whore, mdxi.
<agent_orange> StPUdid KebBRaodd
<jacquilynne> Who was the old channel whore?
<agent_orange> The Old CHannel Whore
<agent_orange> Old Gertie
<AliasN> Why that's Fox, isn't it?
<agent_orange> Held the title from 65 through 1982
<AliasN> What? Whoreless for 22 years?
* agent_orange slaps AliasN
<agent_orange> quiet, whore
<agent_orange> no, just no one holding the title thatlong
* AliasN takes out gun
<agent_orange> Sorry
<agent_orange> Ms. Whore
<AliasN> I thought so. That's better.
<AliasN> Plus, you know. It would really have been only 20 years.
* agent_orange slaps AliasN again
<AliasN> That one I deserved.
<agent_orange> see? they come around after a while
* AliasN throws the gun over to jacquilynne
<agent_orange> Do they have prostitutes in Canada? Do they take checks?
<AliasN> No, they take cheques.
<AliasN> American scum.
* agent_orange slaps himself
<jacquilynne> Don't give me a gun.
<jacquilynne> Christ. This is Canada.
<jacquilynne> I don't have time for all that paperwork.
<AliasN> But there's that great "guns for hugs" program!
<jacquilynne> I don't like to be touched.
<agent_orange> "Hi, Hon, what'll it be? Just a blowjob today? That'll do ya, eh? Okay, Hon, you just have a seat and I'll be witcha inna minute. There's Molsons in the cooler, eh?"
<jacquilynne> If I could exchange a gun for something fun, like a bicycle or something, maybe. But hug? Fuck that shit.
<agent_orange> guns for rimjobs, that'd be a program I could get behind
<tieboy> i got held up by a guy with a rimjob once
<tieboy> it's no solution
<agent_orange> you know, I'm not going to waste my A material on you people if you're just going to sit there like Lots42 with a rotating lollipop up his ass
<AliasN> Oh, I get it! "Behind!"
<mdxi> is it manually rotated, or is it one of those with the little motor?
<jacquilynne> If that's your A material, agto, I'm thinking you need to get more rest.
<agent_orange> little motor
<agent_orange> better soundtrack
<AliasN> In the shape of Taz
<mdxi> hrrrrnnnnnnnnnggggggggggmmmmmmMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
<agent_orange> <click> RRRRRRRRRR <fup> r r r rr rrrrrrrrrrrr
<spinn> beheh
<spinn> man I'm sorry I keep going away and missing this agto
<agent_orange> Dear Livejournal: in an attempt to answer how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, I have conducted the folowing experiment
<AliasN> What flavor tootsie pop?
<raven> yeah, 'cause the grape irritates the colon.
<tieboy> dootsie flavored
<mdxi> ObPorkProductRef: BACON
<AliasN> New colon-friendly Tootsie-Pops!
<mdxi> man. you know, almost every tootsie/blow pop i've ever eaten had air bubbles in it, which, when exposed, formed razor-sharp candy edges
<mdxi> think about it...won't you?
<tieboy> lollypoops
<raven> ow.
<tieboy> thank you
<agent_orange> MAAAAAAAA!
<agent_orange> It's happening again!
<AliasN> "blow pop". Heheh
<raven> His mom sighs, fetches the trained gerbil to retrieve the lollipop.
<agent_orange> gets the special reversable motor
<agent_orange> and the dishpan
<tieboy> the worst is when he gets one of those candy whistle pops up there
<tieboy> you can hear it for miles after dinner
<agent_orange> MAAA<hoot>AAAAAAA<hoot hoot>AAAA!
<agent_orange> jinx
<raven> "I made a tootle!"
<tieboy> I think "I have a whistle pop up my ass" is a better excuse than "I have the flu"
<agent_orange> MAAA! <fweet fweet fweet> MAAAA! <fweet fweet fweet> MAAAA!
<raven> His parents sitting patiently on the couch as he gives another "recital". "Oh, Jingle Bells! Very nice, dear!"
<mdxi> oh what a difference an 'i' makes
<tieboy> i think i have a heart murmur
<agent_orange> catch hm after a bacon burger from Chilis and he can do a whole brandenburg concerto
<agent_orange> teiboy: that's gas

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