Storming the #tribrunchma Battlements

[Ed. -- #sw decided to invade #tribrunchma, the IRC channel for fans of the Brunching Shuttlecocks site. Alas, there were only two natives : Earl--, who mostly schmoozed the two women on the channel; and GuardLion, who seems to be the long-suffering IRC user who wisely puts up with us by, for the most part, ignoring us.

Green is the running commentary that was going on in #spinnwebe,
Red is GuardLion's msg's to me, and
regular text is #tribrunchma.]

<spinn> not terribly exciting over at tribrunchma
<zompist> is anyone there at all?
<tieboy> earl and guardlion
* zompist is kind of in the mood for an invasion
<spinn> don't think you'd get any response on an invasion
<tieboy> they won't talk to me
<zompist> we can put on a tie & zomp show... any ideas?
<zompist> we could argue over the taste of lore's sperm
<tieboy> i think we work best when it's totally improvised
<raven> Where are you guys invading?
<zompist> #tribrunchma, unless you have a better idea.
<tieboy> 'best' being a bit of a stretch
<sol-D> s'no one there!
<wabewalkr> This is getting annoying.
<zomp> dammit, won't let me connect.
<sol-D> what's it about?
<sol-D> try

*** Now talking in #tribrunchma
*** Topic is 'Now where did I put those shorts...'
*** Set by DarkLighter on Sat Oct 28 12:04:13
<GuardLion> Yeah, he was.
<tieboy> i wouldn't know what to do if he was here
* GuardLion happened to be around to see it.
<tieboy> i'd probably shit my pants
<Da_Raven> Ew.
<tieboy> you were HERE???????????????????
<tieboy> holy FUCK
*** Retrieving #tribrunchma info...
<Earl--> that'd be impressive
<Earl--> hi raven
<sol-D> could you tell me about it? leave out no detail
<sol-D> hi raven
<tieboy> hi raven! a/s/l????
<GuardLion> Just talk. He's pretty much like anyone else, I'd guess; you talk to him. :)
<Da_Raven> hey
<tieboy> but he's NOT like everybody else
*** wabewalkr is on IRC
<tieboy> he's more godlike
<GuardLion> Well, sure, he's a large part of what I consider more or less the funniest thing on the web.
<sol-D> he's like some finely chiseled helenistic statue of a man

<sol-D> zomponfire!
<raven> Uhoh, I think they think I'm the other raven.

*** wabewalkr has joined #tribrunchma
<tieboy> i mean, i'm a straight guy , but i would accept him in my sacred hollow, if you know what i mean

<raven> man, that's scary, tie.
<tieboy> seeing if i can get kicked out

<sol-D> no, what do you mean?
<wabewalkr> A-HA.
<sol-D> are you an elf?
<tieboy> me?
<sol-D> Yeah
<sol-D> I'm a cat
*** spinn_ has joined #tribrunchma
<tieboy> i'm not an elf
<sol-D> elves have hollows in trees and stuff, is all I'm saying
<Da_Raven> Contrary to popular opinion, I don't think he make cookies in that secret hollow.

<raven> jinx, sol. :)
* sol-D giggles

<spinn_> what?
<GuardLion> Hmm. I'd just read his website, but maybe I'm not doing it right. :)
<tieboy> it was a sexual metaphor
<sol-D> Oh..
<spinn_> how secret can it be? they show you films of it with clear scenery background and such
*** gourmand has joined #tribrunchma
<spinn_> few checks against satellite photos and you're in
<tieboy> i wish Lore would show up
<gourmand> who's that?
<tieboy> they say he was here, but i don't believe them
<Da_Raven> There are satellite photos of his secret hollow? Man, technology is getting scary.

<raven> I'm glad I auto-log.

<wabewalkr> Who said it?
<Earl-->'s 3 in the morning on the east he doesn't sleep...
<sol-D> I haven't seen him, but I'm new here
<tieboy> guard lion, that liar
<Earl--> this is why i wear pants in public
* sol-D meows
<tieboy> east coast? you know where he LIVES??????
<tieboy> i bet it's a mansion in Connecticut
<wabewalkr> Doesn't he live in Virgina or something?
<Earl--> no...I don't have and address
<spinn_> he has to be near the office where the writers work
<tieboy> I bet he sleeps on a bed of rose petals

<spinn> ok like 6 people all the sudden isn't suspeicious
<spinn> baha
<spinn> you drooling fanboy you

<sol-D> I thought he lived in a cabin in the rockies
<Earl--> he just moved east from Clifornia..that's all i know
<gourmand> is he like the chef or something?
<spinn_> I hear he once shot a man just for snorin'.
<wabewalkr> Does he get fanned by buxom native girls?
* gourmand doesn't understand all this adulation.
<spinn_> acutally it's more like ululation
<tieboy> gimme ops so i can ban this gourmand from our channel
<wabewalkr> I mean, I've been in Virginia and it's HOT there.
<Earl--> i don't how
<GuardLion> The Lore that can be worshipped is not the one true Lore. :)
<Earl--> don't know how that is
* sol-D stalks gourmand
<Earl--> there is no Lore
<tieboy> are you saying i can't worship Lore? I'LL KILL YOU
<sol-D> *pounce*
* gourmand doesn't really know where he is, he just likes brunching
<spinn_> there is no Dana, only Zuul!
<GuardLion> That's where I am at too, gourmand.
<gourmand> tho' it is a bit early for that. it's 1:46! it's 1:46!

<wabewalkr> Who's gourmand?
<zomp> moi
<spinn> I was just trying to figure that out
<wabewalkr> And who's GuardLion?
<spinn> guardlion and earl are the natives

<GuardLion> At the moment, however, we're having Invasion From Another Channel Theatre.
<sol-D> is that on cable?
<tieboy> that would be a GREAT brunching idea
<tieboy> i'm gonna e-mail Lore. Again.

<wabewalkr> Ha.
<wabewalkr> "Great Brunching Idea!"

<sol-D> I don't have cable
<tieboy> I think something is wrong with his server. I e-mail him 50 times a day but he doesn't get them
<GuardLion> man mh :)
<gourmand> have you tried therapy?
<sol-D> he doesn't get them, or he doesn't *get* them?
<tieboy> i don't like when someone else writes them. Like that Mark Rosenfelder
<tieboy> who the fuck was that?
<wabewalkr> Tie, you nut. Why do you keep crashing servers?
<GuardLion> You have to use the secret mailing address: /dev/
<tieboy> fucking Mark Rosenfelder. Sounds like a dope

<zomp> memo to tie: you doofus.

<wabewalkr> Mark was Lore's old roomate, IIRC.
<tieboy> oh
<tieboy> then i love him
* sol-D stalks mark rosenfelder

<zomp> dammit, where are the groupies?
<zomp> where's *faint*girl?

<spinn_> invasion from another channel?
<gourmand> that would be me.
<gourmand> i liked the channel name.
<tieboy> i'm gonna start #brunchingrules
<spinn_> come on, we're just four to six entirely unrelated people who picked the letters "tribrunchma" at random on dalnet at 1-4am
<wabewalkr> I just follow tie to keep him out of trouble.
<sol-D> I like waffles
<gourmand> you don't seem to be succeeding.
<wabewalkr> As you can see, I'm not successful. LOL.
<wabewalkr> jinx.
<GuardLion> Oh, ok.
<spinn_> I mean, the odds can't be more than four to one
<GuardLion> I'll just be buying that, then. :)
<tieboy> can we please redirect this conversation to Lore topics only?
<Da_Raven> Lore only told me about this place yesterday, so this is the first time I had a chance to drop in.

* raven waits for tie to go ballistic.
<tieboy> eh

<tieboy> I want to make a skin suit from his body
<Earl--> heh
<sol-D> I stillw ant to know about your secret hollow, mr tie boy
<tieboy> LORE TALKS TO YOU?????
<tieboy> WHAT WHAT???
<tieboy> WHAT DID HE SAY
<Earl--> I heard he didn't have any lips
* wabewalkr hands tie his medicine.
<tieboy> LIAR

<GuardLion> It's not normally like this.

<Da_Raven> Well, if you can call that vocoder of his "talking".
<sol-D> I heard he shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
<tieboy> i wish it was me
<gourmand> wait. this chef guy is an associate of janet reno?

<Da_Raven> Ah, s'okay. It's not like life's that exciting at 3am.

<raven> Guardlion is apologizing to me for you guys.
<tieboy> heh
<zomp> ha!

<Earl--> No it's true. When he was younger he lived up north. His mother breast fed him. One day it got really cold. And well, it was like licking a flagpole
<wabewalkr> I heard he used to hang out with Vice Pope Doug, until the "incident."
<tieboy> I'm gonna tell Lore you said that, and then you'll be in trouble
<sol-D> nipple cubes!

<sol-D> oh my god..
<wabewalkr> Next you'll be saying the glass 'd' word.

<wabewalkr> C'mon, tie. Bail, OK? Lore's not giving you free adverts on his site.
<tieboy> i don't have a site. i wouldn't want to even CHANCE taking even ONE internet user's time away, time that could be spent on brunching
* gourmand wonders how much time "tieboy", if that's his name, spends stalking "lore"

<GuardLion> Depends on if your channel is getting invaded by weenies or not. Though, I guess that's not really exciting either.
<Da_Raven> True.
<GuardLion> Anyway, normally it's just actual people from the board talking. Not sure where the Visigoths came from.
<Da_Raven> Well, they seem to have some idea what Brunching is.
<Da_Raven> It's one up on the "hey u wanna sex?!?!" types.
<GuardLion> Yeah, but they also seem to want to incite trouble. I think they're possibly associated with elsewhere on exit76..

<tieboy> sorry, i was doing a google search for 'Lore' to make sure I was up to date on everything
<gourmand> hey, that's an idea.
<sol-D> wait, does lore run brunching, or steve berlin?
<tieboy> so, anyone know why Lore moved to the east coast?

<wabewalkr> Who wants to say, "Because of you, doofus."
<tieboy> it wouldn't work if i said it
<wabewalkr> Obviously.
<wabewalkr> I told them about the "bitch in prison" banner.
<sol-D> in referwence to what?
<wabewalkr> He doesn't believe me.
<tieboy> i have a jpg
<wabewalkr> DCC it to them, if you have it handy.
<wabewalkr> Actually, I'd like a copy too.
* sol-D raises her hand
<sol-D> I wnat one too
<sol-D> want

<tieboy> LORE DOES
<gourmand> google just comes up with folklore stuff.
<gourmand> should i google for "chef lore"?
<tieboy> jeeb, google for - oh, never mind
<tieboy> RAVEN talk to me
<tieboy> when did you talk to lore
<gourmand> "The Full Bloom Show - This Week" - there he is, chef lore
<Da_Raven> Are we going to have to hose you down with Liquid Valium, tieboy?
<sol-D> Steve Berlin is so cool.

<GuardLion> Anyway, before you ask, I'm a flaming scrappy newbie, but irc I am not new to.
<GuardLion> And have some interest in seeing the channel survive.
<Da_Raven> I'm sure they won't last long.

<Earl--> Can you hose me down with liquid valium?

<zomp> i think we're boring the natives
<tieboy> feh
<tieboy> there's not enough of them to make this interesting

<Da_Raven> Besides, I already told you, tieboy, and apparently you don't care enough about Lore to keep track.
* gourmand tries to work up a joke about "beyond the valium the dolls", but it just doesn't work out.
<tieboy> Noooo I do so
<tieboy> please raven i'll do anything to know what you know

[I repeat all of the GuardLion bits (in red) to #sw.]
<zomp> raven, you voice of reason, you!
<tieboy> ha!
<spinn> hey, it's like good cop, mindless fanboy cop
<zomp> heh, yeah!

<GuardLion> Hope not.

<sol-D> I like it in here
<sol-D> valium!
<sol-D> LOL
* sol-D is back
<tieboy> I'll be right back
<gourmand> that will be a thrill.
* sol-D settles in for the night
<tieboy> i've programmed my mIRC to say 'Lore' at random intervals in case he shows up

<zomp> heh! tie, you are evil.

<gourmand> "tieboy: i'm back! any news about lore???"
<sol-D> lore might come in
<tieboy> Lore
<wabewalkr> He's ASLEEP.
<tieboy> Lore
<sol-D> No way, it's early yet
<wabewalkr> I give up.
<Earl--> I'm so glad I'm drunk right now.
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
*** tieboy was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*lookabat@*

<tieboy> whoo-hoo!
<spinn> whoo!
<zomp> first kill to TIEBOY!!
* tieboy debates whether or not to return
<zomp> you're banned

<sol-D> _thank you_
<spinn_> well that took long enough
<wabewalkr> Thanks. I can go now.
*** spinn_ has quit IRC (Quit: out)
<wabewalkr> Sol, did you get that banner?
<sol-D> banner?
<wabewalkr> The one that got mr. happypants all riled up? "Bitch in Prison"?
<sol-D> Yeah, it's so cool
<GuardLion> Sorry. Was playing guitar. Invasion from another channel is really stale.
<Da_Raven> He's *that* tieboy?
<wabewalkr> Yeah.

<tieboy> whooooo!
<zomp> can you get to another server?
<raven> But we're talking about your banner mention. :)

<wabewalkr> Recovering from a bender.
<wabewalkr> Took the Mets losing HARD.
<sol-D> he's annoying. I can undertsand why he was lore's little bitch
<sol-D> what did Lore do?
<gourmand> what sort of guitar?
<GuardLion> Guild jumbo acoustic from the 70's sometime.

<tieboy> hm. what's another server?
<zomp> i mean, you can't log on as *lookabat@*
<zomp> or maybe you can, i'm no irc guru.

*** tieboy has joined #tribrunchma
<tieboy> whoops! looks like i was accidentally banned!
<wabewalkr> tie, go to bed. Sleep it off, OK?
<tieboy> sorry about that
<tieboy> anyways.
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
<tieboy> Lore
*** tieboy was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*lookabat@165.121.110.*

<raven> damn, tie.
<tieboy> hee hee
<spinn> aw hell whatcha do?
<spinn> I should've stayed
<tieboy> got banned twice
<raven> <tieboy> whoops! looks like i was accidentally banned!
<raven> <wabewalkr> tie, go to bed. Sleep it off, OK?
<raven> <tieboy> sorry about that
<raven> <tieboy> anyways.
<raven> <tieboy> Lore
<raven> <tieboy> Lore
<wabewalkr> He started typing LORE over and over again.
<spinn> hehehe
<tieboy> doot da doo

<gourmand> oh jesus.
* sol-D pulls her things closer to her and glares
<Da_Raven> What a weenie.

<tieboy> ah well, that was fun
<wabewalkr> You're still connected.
<wabewalkr> You could send /msgs.

<Earl--> Why...thank you.
<Earl--> oh
<Da_Raven> Heh
<Earl--> :)
<wabewalkr> Oh, great. Getting msg'd.
* sol-D jealous
<sol-D> no one ever messages me. never.
<sol-D> it'd be cool.
<gourmand> there. i just msg'd you.
<sol-D> thank you so much!
<wabewalkr> Rats. I wanted to be her first. :-P

<tieboy> hmm
<tieboy> who keeps kicking me?
<wabewalkr> GuardLion.
<wabewalkr> Living up to his name.

<wabewalkr> So, neither of you two have written for Brunching?
<Earl--> Not me...I'm just a dummy with a cinnamon bun next to my name...
<wabewalkr> Oh.

<tieboy> i sent him a message
<tieboy> it read, and I quote, "Lore"
<wabewalkr> You are a prick, a perfect prick.

<gourmand> written what? recipes?
<Earl--> *shrug*...sorry
<wabewalkr> I was thinking of submitting a collection of odd memos I got from work.
* gourmand should probably research these channels before invading.
<Earl--> You could be the Michael Feldman of Brunching
<GuardLion> gourmand: you're fine.
<sol-D> all I see is an arrow. no cinnamon bun
<wabewalkr> Depends on your client, sol.
<sol-D> Hmm.
<sol-D> I'm hungry
<gourmand> i like michael feldman but he's on too early in the day. dammit.
<sol-D> WWLE?
<Earl--> The cinnamon bun is that @ thingie
<sol-D> What would lore eat?
<gourmand> i hate getting up before noon.
<sol-D> Oh
<sol-D> I'm new to irc
<Earl--> me too
<sol-D> it's so hard!
<wabewalkr> I'm old to it. Really haven't IRCed since college.

<zomp> hey, they think *i'm* fine.
*** tieboy2 has joined #spinnwebe
<tieboy2> hello

<sol-D> I want a cinnamon bun, too
<sol-D> .nick sol-D@
<sol-D> damnit
*** Earl-- sets mode: +o sol-D
<sol-D> are comamnds the / or the \?
<sol-D> thanks B)
<Earl--> there
<Earl--> yessim

<raven> I think Earl's cruisin' the chicks.
<raven> Just a little.

<wabewalkr> Forward slash, sol.
<sol-D> ok, forward from what direction?
<gourmand> you guys are nice. #metallica kicked me just for saying i hated metalheads.
<wabewalkr> OK, I have to give up the phone and talk to him. This is so annoying.
*** wabewalkr has quit IRC (Quit: zip, I'm gone!)
*** wabewalkr has left IRC

<tieboy2> just switching over to my dial-up
<zomp> hee hee!
<wabewalkr> Oh no.
<wabewalkr> Is tie going back on?

* GuardLion looks at the cd player with the Iron Maiden singer solo cd in it.
<sol-D> metalheads are slightly more tolerable than hippies
* GuardLion looks at gourmand.
<Da_Raven> I'm sorry, we're going to have to kill you now, gournamd.
*** tieboy2 has joined #tribrunchma
* GuardLion goes back to guitar and keeping
*** tieboy2 was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*lookabat@*
<GuardLion> that out of channel.

<tieboy2> dammit
<tieboy2> couldn't even get a word in
<wabewalkr> BanKick'd already?
<tieboy2> yeah
<raven> *** tieboy2 has joined #tribrunchma
<raven> * GuardLion goes back to guitar and keeping
<raven> *** tieboy2 was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
<raven> *** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*lookabat@*
<raven> <GuardLion> that out of channel.
<raven> Points for style there.

* Earl-- likes metalheads and hippies
<GuardLion> (Nice timing on the part of the doofus.)
* sol-D shakes her head sadly
<Earl--> I play guitar too you know...*nod*
<sol-D> really?
<Earl--> yep
<sol-D> do you play it well? I tried to learn but thhe guitar is so large! it's scary
<gourmand> actually i was just generalizing... i only know one metalhead and he's kind of weird.
<Earl--> I've played for 14 years I guess I'mok...not great by any means
<sol-D> then I tried mandolin, but lost interest after I could play frere jacques and the beginning of "pennsylvania"
<gourmand> a little more tolerable now that he finally got laid.
<Da_Raven> Did you have to start a fund for him?

<zomp> i wonder if "tieboy2" was kind of obvious
<wabewalkr> Change the username. It's matching on lookabat. Go for lookasquirrel or something.
<tieboy2> kay
<tieboy2> i thought switching to my dial-up was pretty clever

*** wabewalkr is on IRC
<Earl--> I've never tried a mandolin

* raven waits for wabe to run into the channel screaming "Run! He's COMING!"

*** wabewalkr has joined #tribrunchma
* GuardLion wonders if he'll become more tolerable then too.
<sol-D> it sounds pretty. it's a lot like the violin
<wabewalkr> Rave, did he try getting back on?
<wabewalkr> His line is busy.
<Da_Raven> He *tried*.
*** nottieboy has joined #tribrunchma

<spinn> hehe
<zomp> ha!
<zomp> "nottieboy". lol
* raven is soooooo glad she wasn't drinking anything when tie logged in.

<Earl--> Yeah..I've heard 'em...just never tried toplay one...The fretboard looks too tiny for my giant fingers
<gourmand> we did-- we were all so pleased.
<nottieboy> hi
*** nottieboy was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*lorefan@*

<tieboy2> damn! how did they see through my ruse!

<Earl--> hi nottie
<wabewalkr> Well, that answers that.
<Earl--> bye nottie
* wabewalkr sighs.
<GuardLion> All right, now I'm irritated.
<wabewalkr> Set the channel to invite-only.

<wabewalkr> Damnit, I just helped them!
<wabewalkr> I'm locked in character... blast it.
<zomp> aw, it only increases the challenge.

*** Earl-- sets mode: +o Da_Raven

<zomp> waha!! they do like chicks.

*** nottieboy has joined #tribrunchma
*** nottieboy was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*pedant@158.252.223.*

<tieboy> ah, crap
<tieboy> messed that up
<GuardLion> You recognize which of these people?

<GuardLion> This is some friend of yours, wabewalkr?
<Earl--> Man, I'm all out of beer.
*** kemlo has joined #tribrunchma
<kemlo> hello
<Earl--> hi nottie
<wabewalkr> I don't buy it.

<wabewalkr> Tell them I'm an old cow-orker. Tie is a wanna-be brunching writer.
<raven> I'm only claiming to have seen wabe around.
<zomp> hee hee.
<raven> Sorry, I already "don't *know* you".
<tieboy> fuck
<wabewalkr> Damn.

*** kemlo was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*kemlo@*

<tieboy> sol! you hsve ops! why aren't you protecting me???

<sol-D> Kemlo!
<sol-D> you banned kemlo. I bet he was going to be our firend
<sol-D> friend

<raven> Ooh, sol, you tied yourself to tie.
<zomp> with what? all-out nuclear war?
<sol-D> how did I tie myself to tie?
<tieboy2> if i'm goin' down, i'm bring you all with me
<tieboy2> bringing
<zomp> uh oh!
<raven> Ah, never mind, you cleared yourself with the followup.
<sol-D> I thought i had

* sol-D sighs
<wabewalkr> C'mon, sol. Kemlo on a brunching channel? Isn't him.
<Earl--> kemlo was nottieboy
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*@*
<GuardLion> Same address.
<wabewalkr> A bit extreme, but you can take it off later, right?
<sol-D> Oh, is thatw aht the +b's and stuff mean?
<GuardLion> A bit extreme?
<wabewalkr> Yeah, sol. It keeps people out.
<wabewalkr> All of sprintnet?
<sol-D> wow
<GuardLion> I haven't picked this thing up in a month.
<gourmand> it's usually that causes the trouble...
<wabewalkr> I used to play the flute. But I gave it to my cousin so she could be in band.

<raven> You used to play flute wabe?
<wabewalkr> Yes.
<raven> Weird. You would have broken my instrument-guessing streak.

<GuardLion> It's three in the fucking morning, and I get to keep dinking around with whatever new crap he comes up with every two minutes so he doesn't fill the channel full of Lore.

<tieboy2> now, i just need to get something accepted to brunching under the name of 'tieboy'
<tieboy2> then they'll change their tune
<zomp> heehee! that'd be great
<wabewalkr> Ha! That would be perfect.

* Earl-- rocks back and forth slowly
<wabewalkr> He's probably stoned, Guard.
<GuardLion> I don't see how that relates.
<sol-D> I thought they quit stoning people because it was cruel and unusual
<sol-D> people died B(

<raven> sol, you are so damn goofy-naive. You rock.
<sol-D> thanks. I use that a lot B)

<gourmand> it'd be acceptable in this case, sol-d
<wabewalkr> I dunno. Like I said, Lore was being silly and posted a message on brunching, personalized to tie.
<wabewalkr> He sorta went Lore-crazy about it afterwords.
<wabewalkr> Never saw him this bad, though.
*** spinn_ has joined #tribrunchma
<gourmand> he gives channel invasion a bad name.
<spinn_> yeah FUCKER
<wabewalkr> Ya, greg.
<wabewalkr> chris pestering you?

<tieboy2> what am i missing over there???
<spinn> we're haing a great time and there are balloons and presents and poundcakes
<tieboy2> awww
<zomp> guardlioin is annoyed at you. earl is rocking back and forth
<tieboy2> poundcakes
<tieboy2> heh heh
<tieboy2> why poundcakes?
<zomp> can you get one more server? you could come on as hockers...
<wabewalkr> Better than kilogramcakes.
<tieboy2> they'll just boot me
<tieboy2> be funny if Lore showed up, and they figured he was me
<wabewalkr> He can't.
<zomp> can't? why, is he on
<wabewalkr> They banned all of

<Da_Raven> He's certainly been pestering us.
<wabewalkr> Rave?
<Da_Raven> wabe?
<wabewalkr> Sorry. Tired, I guess.

<raven> <GuardLion> I am tempted to ban the lot of them. I don't, however, know what's going on.
<spinn> maybe they just assumed you're him
<zomp> baha! you mean, they banned their own boss?
<zomp> what?? they don't like me now? the fuckers.
<tieboy> i pretty much rule at this point
<raven> <GuardLion> Nor do I really want to be involved; they've already proven to be people I don't want to deal with.
<spinn> "they"?

<sol-D> greg?
<Da_Raven> puma?
<wabewalkr> Glad I didn't go into the city.
<wabewalkr> Now you're just being silly. :-P

<tieboy> i told you! bringing you all DOWN
<raven> The channel invasion. He's not an IRC newbie - he knows what one looks like.
<zomp> "ban the lot of them".
<zomp> well, they figured that out pretty damn quick.
<spinn> no, I know, I'm just wondering which "they" specifically he doesn't want to be involved with
<spinn> kinda a sweeping comment
<tieboy> ask SOL. she's all opped and shit
<wabewalkr> Earl did that.
<sol-D> Yeah, he's cool
<zomp> damn! if i could've gone in as paula, i'd have ops too!

<wabewalkr> We should leave these people alone. tie's given us a bad name.

<raven> Nice, wabe.
<wabewalkr> What did I do?
<raven> No, I liked the "maybe we should stop bothering these nice people" bit.

<gourmand> like "fucktard"?

<raven> He seems to think you're okay, zomp.
<tieboy> what does he think about me?
<tieboy> does he like me?
<wabewalkr> I think he doesn't trust me.
<sol-D> did he say anythign about me?
<zomp> ah, good, i was wondering if they were buying it.

<spinn_> what you mean "we", paleface?
<wabewalkr> Ha.
<wabewalkr> "fucktard." forgot about that.
* sol-D averts her eyes from foul lang-wich
<Da_Raven> Really, guys, there's a lady here.

<sol-D> I wore that new dress and everything
<zomp> i think it's pretty amusing that he not only trusts you but confides in you.
<zomp> no msg's to you, sol?
<sol-D> Nope. earl messaged "woo woo"
<zomp> in what context?
<sol-D> when I was asking for messages
<zomp> ah, ok.
<raven> well, I might be getting by on the fact that a 'raven' is really active on the brunching bb.
<raven> Lore even asked me if that was me.

<wabewalkr> Two.
<gourmand> three.
<gourmand> no, wait, two.
<wabewalkr> Gourmand?
<wabewalkr> I didn't think so.
*** totallynewguy has joined #tribrunchma
<wabewalkr> Grrr.
<totallynewguy> hi! i'm totally new
*** totallynewguy was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*newperson@*

<tieboy> crud
<tieboy> ha. i can still get in
<zomp> i think absolutely anyone new who shows up in the next hour is going to get booted.
<GuardLion> Any idea what spinnwebe is?
<zomp> where'd he get that?
<spinn> huh
<spinn> bahahahahah
<spinn> totallynewguy

<sol-D> what's bitch-x?
<GuardLion> irc client.
<wabewalkr> His IRC program.
<GuardLion> In which I haven't changed the default kick message.
<sol-D> like mirc, only different?
<wabewalkr> Great, more messages. I need to deal with this in another window.
<GuardLion> Sort of. Runs on unix.
<sol-D> liek for a mac or something?
<sol-D> ah
<sol-D> I like macs. they're pretty.
<sol-D> we use them in school
<sol-D> I made this cool hypercard thing

<Da_Raven> Oh, yeah, that's the site a sec.
<spinn> heh
<raven> still, I wonder who he got it from.
<spinn> yeah, kinda unfortunate I'm named spinn there now
<GuardLion> They seem aware of said site, or related to it. Same dork, the other night, tried this before and mentioned it.
<raven> hehehehehehe
<zomp> tie, your reputation preceded you.

*** guardlionsbestfriend has joined #tribrunchma
<sol-D> it was a house
<guardlionsbestfriend> hey pal!
<sol-D> and the kitched had an oven that shot fire when you clicked on it
*** guardlionsbestfriend was kicked by GuardLion (Bitch-X BaBy!)
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*poop@*

<tieboy> jeez. don't i get any slack for being creative?
<wabewalkr> Mindspring's blocked.
<raven> I'm starting to feel both guilty and amused, all at the same tim e.
<tieboy> ha! soon NO ONE will be able to get in
<spinn> I'm thinking we would cut you more slack, but then I picture lik e lots doing the same thing you are and I'm not sure

<sol-D> and there was a secret door
<spinn_> man, you're cold
<wabewalkr> Apple screwed themselves when they unbundled HyperCard. I really think so.
<spinn_> booting your best friend
*** GuardLion sets mode: +b *!*@*
<GuardLion> spinn_: he's wasted about half an hour of my time. I don't really need to hear about it.
<sol-D> I bet if you both talked, he'd act nicer
<wabewalkr> sol, he's beyond talking.

<tieboy> Soon Al Gore's internet creation will be totally shut down
<raven> man, you're cold
<raven> booting your best friend
<tieboy> heh
<tieboy> guess i'll leave them alone now
<wabewalkr> Going for the jugular, greg?

<spinn_> yah, I suppose if he's keeping you away from your #tribrunchma monitoring duties
<wabewalkr> Just keeps /msging me with crap.
<sol-D> maybe if you made him a gif
<gourmand> well, who made you his keeper, mr wabewalkr?
<sol-D> I did that when my friend got sick
<wabewalkr> Hey, I have to work with the guy.
<gourmand> he's a cow-orker?
<gourmand> co-worker?
<wabewalkr> Damn company and their permatemp policy.
<sol-D> it had john linnell and john flansburgh, playing instruments in space

* raven throws a DVD in as it's obvious she's not going to get to bed for another couple hours.
<spinn> heh
<spinn> sol, you do do that well.
<sol-D> I try
<wabewalkr> Heh.
<wabewalkr> Oh, man, john linnel in space.
<wabewalkr> i can parely type
<wabewalkr> Oh,man.

* sol-D opens paint
<gourmand> "instruments in space"? what album is that on?
<sol-D> I amde it up!
<Da_Raven> He's a temp, wabe? That explains his flightiness.
<gourmand> i wonder what'd happen if i joined #tmbg and asked about that song.
<spinn_> thing brunching will ever have a "mr t ate my balls" parody page?
<wabewalkr> Yeah, clerical work and the lot.
<wabewalkr> Can't answer phones worth a damn, though.
<Da_Raven> Yeah, I knew a guy in my dentist's office like that.

<zomp> tie, wabe's dissing you now.
<wabewalkr> Yes!
<tieboy> i'm trying to get back in, but i think they've totally blocked me now

<sol-D> they'd laugh at you
<wabewalkr> Not that I could. :-P I just program PBXs, don't run them.
<sol-D> there's a #tmbg?
* sol-D is so stoked
<sol-D> I made him a bitmap!
*** GuardLion has left #tribrunchma
<wabewalkr> You don't think that was us, rave?

<wabewalkr> GuardLion is TOAST!
<spinn> well that's one way of taking care of that

<Da_Raven> Might have been, wabe. You guys are pretty insane.
<wabewalkr> Who am I fooling, right?
<wabewalkr> What'dya make, sol?
<wabewalkr> DCC it to me.
<sol-D> it was a pretty picture so he'd act nicer
<sol-D> don't look at it. it's just for him
* sol-D blushes
<sol-D> I can't draw
<wabewalkr> How seasonal.
<sol-D> you looked!

<zomp> another op can unban you, nyet?
<tieboy> aw. thay's no fun
<tieboy> i don't wanna go in if he's not there
<zomp> he didn't even say goodbye.
<tieboy> i was gonna go in as 'missedme' and quit before he booted me
<tieboy> there's no point, now
<zomp> yeah, earl isn't even talking.
<sol-D> I made a sappy bitmap and everything
<sol-D> a BITMAP
<wabewalkr> Earl's probably flat on his back.
<zomp> heh. he *said* he was drunk.
<wabewalkr> He
<wabewalkr> He's probably ROTFLHAO.

<gourmand> lordy, it's late. tho' slightly earlier than very late, because of the time change.
<gourmand> so, good night. you've been lovely invadees.
<gourmand> come and invade us sometime.

<tieboy> i can't even get into
<wabewalkr> You want sol's gift, tie?
<tieboy> yeah
<raven> I think it's time I ban the lot of you. :)
<sol-D> noooo!
<tieboy> awww. that's beautiful, sol
<tieboy> it's all halloweenie too

*** gourmand has quit IRC (Quit: ta ta)
<wabewalkr> Well, I'm off too. Tell me if he pesters more, rave.
*** wabewalkr has quit IRC (Quit: zip, I'm gone!)
*** wabewalkr has left IRC

<wabewalkr> Raven, I do hope you're making a page for this.
<spinn> I guess we wouldn't be mean enough to boot earl and take over, huh
<sol-D> I didn't even get to the part where I couldn't find anythign to snack on becuase my mom blew the grocery money at the casino
<spinn> heheheh
<zomp> heh.
<spinn> well we appreciate the sidebar anyway
<tieboy> what are you guys doing in there. be nice, now
<zomp> earl's pretty much scenery at this point, i think.
<wabewalkr> Heh.
<spinn> leaving, tie
<sol-D> we should do this every night
<tieboy> i KNEW you wouldn't let them walk all over me like that without leaving
<zomp> er... right!
<zomp> are you left yet? is it time to divvy up points?

<sol-D> my mom came in and yelled at me for being up so late. I have to go, guys B(
* sol-D waves
*** sol-D has quit IRC (Quit: .. but nothing ever changed. That wouldn't be fair.)

<raven> Let me kick spinn and I'll be right back.
<sol-D> it's nice to be out of there
<zomp> neat!
<zomp> did you do anything evil on the way out?
<sol-D> Nope!

<spinn_> um. tits?
*** spinn_ has quit IRC (Quit: out)
<Da_Raven> Whew!
*** Disconnected

<wabewalkr> Raven, kick earl, then send him a /msg saying 'Ooops!'
<raven> Sorry, already bailed.
<zomp> well, i think the most points go to tie for a convincinv imitation of a fucktard.
<tieboy> imitation?
<zomp> followed by points to raven for simultaneously insinuating her way into guardlion's heart.
<tieboy> the temptress

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