but then the cops found the ... you know, the /parts/ in his trunk


<StanXhiao> So, does anyone know when they're holding Spinn's hearing?
<agtorange> Spinns what?
<StanXhiao> oh, the grand jury thing?
<kaufman> the grand jury what thing?
<zompist> is spinn in jail?
<StanXhiao> No, he posted bond
<StanXhiao> Good thing his in-laws had that house in the Poconos
<zompist> they let you post bond for that kind of crime??
<SeanQ> has he been around at night?
<StanXhiao> sure, sean....like they'd /let/ him get on a computer after what he did
<Kyol> Huh?
<agtorange> It's that goddamn opium that does this to him...
<zompist> well, it's not like he killed a man.
<zompist> tho' some might argue that it's worse.
<StanXhiao> Look, what he has is as bad as any chemical addiction, he should have our support, not our condemnation
<StanXhiao> And besides, Tyler and Hunter are OK now
<TomFish> whoa
<zompist> that's true. perhaps we could help him find a new identity?
<agtorange> but then the cops found the ... you know, the /parts/ in his trunk,
<agtorange> and of course, it was all over after that.
<StanXhiao> Trunk? Thought it was /trunks/
<StanXhiao> Weird to be walking around with that...
<zompist> the saddest part is when bil keane left that message on his answering machine.
<zompist> one word: "Why?"
<agtorange> Well, it's just flat unfair what they classify as munitions nowadays.
<StanXhiao> Zomp, that's why you should never leave fone lists on your hard drive.
<agtorange> if this was libya, he would have gotten a medal
<zompist> a posthumous medal.
<StanXhiao> bronze, maybe....
<agtorange> or the order of the tournefortia, with clusters
<zompist> tournefortia? isn't that a form of tourette's?
<agtorange> it's a droopy tree with fleshy fruit
<kaufman> Ia tournefortia in forteena monthas
<agtorange> somehow appropriate
<zompist> is this tree legal?
<SeanQ> babel via Portuguese:
<SeanQ> droopy with fleshy is a tree fruit
<SeanQ> rather disappointing, that
<zompist> i thought it was a description of parade kid at 40.
<agtorange> well, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, if your know what I mean, hrr hrr hrr.
<zompist> unless there's a slope, in which case the acorn can end up a few furlongs away.
<zompist> give or take a rood.
<kaufman> maybe a bird picked it up
<agtorange> I swear, contemporary Noh drama is /lost/ on you people!
<zompist> hey, i noh it when i see it
<agtorange> Stan explained it to me, but I never got the part about crapping politely at the end.
<zompist> which frank zappa never did! it's an urban legend!
<StanXhiao> It's easy! You smile and go oomp-in-chair!
<agtorange> oh, god, my head hurts.
<zompist> ah, that was my favorite character from h.r. puffenstuff... Mr. Oomp-In-Chair
<agtorange> look out! tumor!

<StanXhiao> hey spinn FUCK-ER
<StanXhiao> Man, looks like that Confinement Loaf look agrees with you.
<SeanQ> heh, yeah, can you talk about your brush with fate yet?
<StanXhiao> Did you have one of those stailess steel combination sink/toilets in your room?
<CrzyClmbr> whose bitch did you end up being?
<StanXhiao> When you went out in the yard, did you hang out with the guys in the weightlifting area, or the guys who slouched on the bleachers and chain-smoked?
<SeanQ> i had you pegged as a sloucher, personally
<StanXhiao> What kind of "dressing" did they give you when they "tossed your salad"?
<CrzyClmbr> did you make my license plate?
<StanXhiao> Man, prison sounds like fun!
<CrzyClmbr> There must be a cute way to misspell "pententiary"
<StanXhiao> altho I hear that convicts have their own moral code, they really hate child molesters and people who dis the Keane kids
<rJak> you guys are joking, right?
<StanXhiao> Oh, yeah. We're just joking.
<SeanQ> damn, i was hoping he logged on thru prison.net
<CrzyClmbr> all the irony, after spinn so thoroughly protected his rectal virginity from hockers here
<StanXhiao> Yeah, a mere butt plug won't stop Big Earl.
<SeanQ> we could've had rJak going for days...
* StanXhiao didn't know RJ was here and apologizes for letting the cat out of the bag
<StanXhiao> Yeah, just joking, really.
<StanXhiao> Right, Sean?
<rJak> you stinking bastard :)
<rJak> you had me worried for a sec.
<CrzyClmbr> Once the records are sealed, then yes, we'll look back and laugh
<StanXhiao> spinn's awful quiet....guess those broken ingers aren't helping any.
<CrzyClmbr> he probably traded his net connection for another night of safety
<CrzyClmbr> so, spinn, what's new?
<StanXhiao> I think they broke him.
<StanXhiao> Let's make him feel more comfy: "Att-i-ca! A-tti-ca!"
<CrzyClmbr> Did the post-it notes on the door of the solitary lockup last?
* rJak bangs a coffee cup along the bars.
<CrzyClmbr> Did the UPS man keep delivering your cigarettes to the cell across the aisle?

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