The Story So Far : #spinnwebe Does Verduria

Thursday evenings, a goodly chunk of #spinnwebe heads off to #dnd to play a generally insane, but always interesting game of Dungeons & Dragons. zompist is our DM, and synopses of the current campaign can be found on his site. The link below lead to full (extremely long!) transcripts of each session.

Date Episode # Title

3/7/01 31-38 Suicide Squid
39-45 What's his mime type?
3/14/01 46-51 Why orcs avoid living here
52-53 Why-a no chicken?
3/29/01 54-59 To catch a thief
4/5/01 60-65 Rock and Troll
4/12/01 66-74 How To Be Rutabagan
5/10/01 75-84 Gargoyles Just Want to Have Fun
5/17/01 85-97 Let Me Entertain You
5/24/01 98-105 The Arm-bone's Connected to the Sword-Bone
5/31/01 106-119 Space Opera Quest!
6/7/01 120-131 Is Mary Sue too damn perky or what?
6/28/01 132-141 Beware of bears bearing wares
7/12/01 142-153 Slugs of mead and meat of slugs

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