I don't think he's got a labia, Agent.


<rJak> Okay, I'll fire Kyol too.
<Morwen> Lets all fire him!
<Agent_Orange> lets all ping him1
<Mr-Ben> Kyol, you are hereby dismissed.
* rJak sets kyol on fire.
<Agent_Orange> hit the bricks, friedel!
<Mr-Ben> You have until 3:30 to get your belongings gathered and out of this building!
<rJak> Kill the Kyol! Bash him in! Break his T1 Line!
<TheEnigma> Kyol! ON FIRE!!!
<Kyol> ...well, I _was_ just smoking.
<Agent_Orange> Security! Report to #spinnwebe!
<Leth> but did you get oral sex, Kyol?
<Leth> or were they not Marlboros
<ChannelSecurity> You called, boss?
<ChannelSecurity2> Sorry, I was busy drinking coffee.
<ChannelSecurity2> Hey!
<ChannelSecurity> No excuses, Biff.
<ChannelSecurity> Our boss called us.
<ChannelSecurity2> Yes, we need to see the boss.
<rJak> Security! Haul Kyol's burning ass out!
<Agent_Orange> escort mr. ~pfriedel@windowpane.execpc.com to the parking lot and kick him in the nuts, willya boys?
<rJak> Leave the rest for us.
<ChannelSecurity> Yes, sir.
<ChannelSecurity2> Awright, a FUN ejection!
<ChannelSecurity> Come on, Biff. Let's do our job.
<ChannelSecurity2> Righto, Frank.
* ChannelSecurity2 grabs Kyol by the arms.
<Agent_Orange> choke hold! choke hold!
<Leth> heh... that would probably be a pretty good deterrent... "Employees in violation of these rules will be escorted from the premises and Rochambeuaxed"
* ChannelSecurity gets Kyol in a headlock
<ChannelSecurity> Don't resist, sir.
* ChannelSecurity2 whaps Kyol with a chain.
<ChannelSecurity> I SAID DON'T RESIST, SIR!
* Elkman films this all for blackmail purposes
<ChannelSecurity2> Calm down, man!
<ChannelSecurity2> It's not our fault you're a constant screw-up!
<ChannelSecurity> He's resisting....
<Agent_Orange> taser! taser!
<ChannelSecurity> We can't have this.
<rJak> Get out the broken broom handle!
* ChannelSecurity pulls out an Omnitaser Supreme
<Agent_Orange> plunger!
* ChannelSecurity2 gets out the...TASER!
<ChannelSecurity> I left the floor lamp at home, guys. Sorry.
<Agent_Orange> it's taseriffic!
<ChannelSecurity2> Frank, you just HAD to forget the floor lamp!
<ChannelSecurity> Now it's time to vote on what part of Kyol you want us to shock until he's unconscious!
<Agent_Orange> labia
<ChannelSecurity> Put your vote in NOW!
* ChannelSecurity2 has to consult a health book to find the labia.
<jacquilyn> major or minor agt?
<CrazyClimber> agt answered that too quickly.
<LJ-atwork> .
<Agent_Orange> *
<LJ-atwork> he's making fun of me
<ChannelSecurity> I don't think he's got a labia, Agent.
<Agent_Orange> ( * )
<Agent_Orange> psst
<ChannelSecurity2> Ah, we'll just zap him in the jimmy.
<TMR> So, anyway.
<Agent_Orange> -----> ( * )
<rJak> Left kneecap!
<ChannelSecurity> I think Agent wants us to taser Kyol's asterisk, Biff.
<ChannelSecurity2> Left kneecaps are reserved for crowbars.
<Agent_Orange> x loop de Ah, we'll just zap him in the jimmy.
<jeeb> Agent_Orange: Ampere-hour, we will-even zap it in the Jimmy.
<ChannelSecurity> All right. Are we going to remove this guy from this office, or what?
<ChannelSecurity2> Yes!
* Elkman calls #fox and asks if they're accepting submissions for "World's Most Brutal Channel Security"
<Agent_Orange> are you clowns still here? get him OUT!
<ChannelSecurity2> Right away, boss.
<Agent_Orange> or no cake!
* ChannelSecurity zaps Kyol into unconsciousness and drags him from the channel
* ChannelSecurity2 throws Kyol's belongings out the door after him.
<agt_orange> he's out kyold
<ChannelSecurity> ...and STAY out!
<Agent_Orange> [booo]
<ChannelSecurity2> Here's your damn Dilbert mug! And your laptop computer! (CRUNCH!)

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