I think I've wandered into alt.sex.tv-chefs by mistake.


<Chef_> I must eat his brains! God would agree!
<Chef_> We will. sautee the brains in a white wione reduction!
<IronChef> Aut cuisine!
<Kaga> Today's ingredient is....... Brains!
<IronChef> kojisan, looks like Iron Chef Kenichi has hit too much of the cooking sherry.
<DeliaSmit> I'm going to show you twenty fabulous things to do with brains and eggs
* IronChef Emeril
<DeliaSmit> This is your brain on a skillet. Any questions?
* IronChef pours some red wine on the brains.
<IronChef> let's put it up a couple of notches!
<JulChild> Did someone say sherry??? or wine???
* JulChild drools on herself some more
<Emiril> and BAM!
* Emiril hits Julia Child with frying pan.
* WokCnCook picks up a cleaver in each hand and runs around the room waving his arms.
* DeliaSmit constructs a catapult out of two spoons and an egg whisk
<JulChild> I'll show /you/ essence, you little shit
<Emiril> bring it on, fat bitch!
* JulChild wraps her legs around Emeril's neck, blocking airflow
* Emiril turns a lovely shade of blue.
<DeliaSmit> I think I've wandered into alt.sex.tv-chefs by mistake.
* JulChild then begins putting Emeril's groin through her power-whisk
<JulChild> Now, where was that sherry
* JulChild walks away
* Emiril takes some cayenne pepper and puts it in Julia Child's Wig.
<JulChild> Aiiieee! It burns!
<FrugalPrv> Come here, little boy! Wonderful! Hahahaha!
<FrugalPrv> Delightful little child. Do you like salami?
* JulChild empties her glass over her own head, accidentally igniting a bigger blaze
* JulChild dies in a blaze of glory
<FrugalPrv> Here's a lovely cuisine, from one of the quaintest little cultures on earth, the chinese!
<FrugalPrv> wonderful little people!
<tufatslag> I ate them.
<FrugalPrv> Those little chinese boys have asses tight as pencil sarpeners!
* Emiril cuts open Frugal's head with a carving knife.
<Emiril> Nope. Nothing in there.
* tufatslag falls on Frugal and Emiril killing them both
<FrugalPrv> Chad! Come in here and clean up my head, will you?
<tufatslag> damned immortals
<MichaelMo> You don't mid if I film this, do you?
<tufatslgs> our faces would break the camera
<Yan> Ok! We cook now!
<Mr_Luke> please!
<Yan> You rike sarami?
<Mr_Luke> me like kung pao cat
<Mr_Luke> stan's gonna kill me

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