#spinnwebe Logs

More fun than human beings should have.


Collaborative Works Outright Mockery of Others
Creative efforts through group participation - usually role-playing or story-telling. [ Enter ] Logs revolving around our principle occupation - the mockery of really bad web sites. [ Enter ]
One-Note Wonders Ruffiani Brainstorms
Bludgeoning a joke into the ground. [ Enter ] Similar to the "One-Note Wonders", usually riffing on a single theme, but a lot more creative and original. [ Enter ]
Individual Achievement Flying Nun Leather Porn
Spinnoffs getting individual attention. [ Enter ] Everything else. [ Enter ]
Ten Most Recent Logs
  • ...file a grievance with the Department of Testicles... [New 4/29/04]

  • RB
  • "Blessed are the perps, for they have the right to remain silent." [New 4/7/04]

  • RB
  • "Oh, yeah, you can TOTALLY come into my house, you blood sucking asshole." [New 4/7/04]

  • RB
  • "and the budgerigar was like, what be up with you, adam?" [New 3/26/04]

  • RB
  • Christables: Kosher salami, wafers, and a squeezy box of holy water [New 3/19/04]

  • RB
  • Ask your doctor if Kryptonelle is right for you. [New 3/19/04]

  • OMoO
  • Mayhpuh Nuht Cruhnsh [New 3/19/04]

  • RB
  • The Glee narb spackle foam pffffrpt wauggle HEY FAGGOT blrllblrlblrbl about Advanced Syphillis [New 3/19/04]

  • OMoO
  • Curse you Draecan, for you have stolen my great flapping labia! [New 2/20/04]

  • OMoO
  • Sometimes, I feel like a small, frightened mammal in the Mesozoic Era. [New 2/20/04]

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