Mayhpuh Nuht Cruhnsh


<tieboy> I made the coffee this morning and they're all wigging out
<tieboy> they usually make weak ass shit
<Samwise> ironically, using more coffee can make it less bitter.
<tieboy> I'm just tired of having to drink 4 cups before 11am
<tieboy> He's all "How many spoonfuls did you put in? 7 or 8?"
<Samwise> "12."
<tieboy> 15
<zompist> there was a big war at spss over how much coffee to use
<agent_orange> heehee
<agent_orange> happens to me all the time
<Kyol> We just use bags.
<Kyol> You get the occasional 2bagger, though.
<tieboy> should be, 1 tablespoon per cup, yah? They only have little plastic teaspoons, so I wanted to put 20
<agent_orange> whenever my parents visit, they go out for coffee in the morning
<agent_orange> one cup of my stuff and my mom looks like that guy with the bag over his head in "Jacob's ladder"
<zompist> i don't understand why the pansy-asses can't just add hot water
<tieboy> zomp: exactly!
<Leth> I'm not allowed to make coffee here anymore
<Leth> for a bunch of jocks, they're mighty fags about their weak (and usually hazelnut) coffee
<Samwise> mayhpuh nuht cruhnsh
<tieboy> I bitched about the flavored stuff they were making too, so they make regular and have their pansy flavored creamer now
<Kyol> Ballsy for a temp.
<Freyja> that's why every company should have an espresso machine. Give the Normals their 4 shot rocket fuel, and the fags their foamy maple nut hot chocolate with sprinkles
<Leth> nngggh
<Leth> yeah, they have the friggin flavored creamer thing too
<Leth> I told them there's a Starbucks a block down the road, prance down and get their skipping fuel there
<zompist> this place has the guiness-certified absolute worst coffee ever
<zompist> i finally ended up bringing in my own coffee
<Samwise> skipping fuel, heh
<tieboy> when I worked at the dental school, they'd brew the morning coffee in this order: 1) the DECAF. 2) the flavored pixiepiss 3) the regular
<zompist> the stuff here doesn't even taste like coffee. maybe it's chicory, like those wackoid louisianans drink
<Samwise> zomp: there's no way it can beat the bona-fide worst source of coffee on the planet: CHURCH COFFEE
<tieboy> best coffee: Dunkin Donuts
<Leth> yup
<Leth> lahj regulah
<Freyja> you guys don't have Tim Hortons here, so I'd have to agree. Dunkin is purty nice.
<Samwise> I swear, they keep the used grounds and dump new ones on top, to preserve that Wet Nasty Ass flavor
<Leth> *obligatory JessWetNastyAss joke*
<Samwise> *obligatory punch in the balls*
<zompist> i'm kind of reeling at the idea of sam going to church
<Leth> he just goes for the donuts
<Leth> "Oh yeah, that was a great sermon, Reverend. Especially the, uh, thing you said about Jesus. that rocked HORMFNORFSNARF"
<zompist> or the babes, maybe? but for that, wouldn't he go to the hootenanny?
<zompist> 'course, communion wafers are inherently funny
<Samwise> most places don't go for the wafers
<Samwise> little cubes of bread is popular
<tieboy> "Eat of this Low-Sodium Triscuit, for it is my body"
<Samwise> I mean, jesus didn't give the disciples little wafer thingies with shit embossed on them.
<Leth> fucking heathen
<Leth> the pope says he did
<Leth> so there
<Samwise> would this be the same pope that said the sun orbited the earth?
<tieboy> wait. Jesus turned water into wine and what else into what?
<Freyja> fish into more fish
<Samwise> lepers into regular folks
<Freyja> jews into murderers
<Leth> Frey wins

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