The Glee narb spackle foam pffffrpt wauggle HEY FAGGOT blrllblrlblrbl about Advanced Syphillis


<Craig2> hehe, looking at some advertising by one of my hospitals:
<Craig2> "Everyone has been touched by cancer. We're touching back."
<Craig2> So, cancer, have another drink. Wow, you are *really* beautiful, you know what?
<Craig2> It's just our little secret, cancer.
<tieboy> Touched by a Polyp
<agent_orange> "What's that you got there, cancer? You got a log in your pocket? ... it's so biiiigg..."
<Craig> behehe.. man, they need some marketing help
<Craig> "Open your mind to brain attacks -- A Stroke Awareness presentation"
<Craig> "Open your eyes to Glaucoma"
<Kyol> "TIA: more than a cute acronym!"
<agent_orange> I heard a god one on the radio today -- "Such-and-such Gated Community -- Featuring the Custom Homes You Build Yourself!"
<SeanQ> "Getting a grip on arthritis"
<tieboy> Shook Up by Epilepsy
<SeanQ> "The Skinny on Anorexia"
<Craig> "Beating Child Abuse"
<Craig> (that's my first fake one, by the way)
<tieboy> Kids SIDS Korner
<tieboy> Bringing Up The Truth about Bulemia
<Craig> Retarding Cerebral Palsy
<SeanQ> "Getting to the Bottom of Colorectal Cancer"
<tieboy> Expanding Your Mind about Encephalitis
<SeanQ> "What's Up With Erectile Dysfunction?"
<tieboy> Penetrating Child Rape
<agent_orange> Sticking A Pencil Down Erectile Dysfunction
<SeanQ> "An Open Exchange on STDs"
<agent_orange> The Bumpy Road to Vaginal Warts
<Craig> Feeling Up Breast Cancer
<zompist> Getting a Grip on Clawhand
<SeanQ> "Hard Truths About Arterial Plaque"
<tieboy> Peeling The Surface of Psoriasis
<SeanQ> "The Low-Down on Dropped Bladder Syndrome"
<agent_orange> Getting the Hang of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation
<SeanQ> "Leprosy Fallout"
<agent_orange> Leprosy Drop In Clinic
<SeanQ> "Dropping a Dime on Circumcision"
<agent_orange> This ain't no booshit about sicka cell 'nemia
<tieboy> Crushing Obesity
<SeanQ> "Scratching the Surface on Hemorrhoids"
<Samwise> owwwwwww
<zompist> Licking Cold Sores
<Craig> Roughing Up Skin Tags
<Craig> Sizing Up Elephantiasis
<SeanQ> "Fucking Ass-Loads of Bullshit About Tourettes"
<Samwise> Aixelsyd Gnidnatsredun
<SeanQ> "A Brief Look at Incontinence"
<tieboy> Getting the Juice on Retardation
<zompist> You Got Chops: Straight talk on circumcision and skin tags
<Samwise> Getting the Skinny on Anorexia
<Craig> loop
<SeanQ> did that one!
<Samwise> poop
<Craig> *SeanQ is sincerely flattered
<SeanQ> "The Latest Poop on Constipation"
<Samwise> Getting The Low-down on Suicidal Depression
<SeanQ> "The Straight Dope on AIDS"
<zompist> Raising Retarded Children for Dummies
<SeanQ> "Extra! Down Syndrome!"
<tieboy> Arming Yourself for the Leap into Quadruple Amputation
<Craig> Getting a Leg Up on Paraplegia
<agent_orange> Washing away the stigma of Premature Ejaculation
<agent_orange> News Leaks Regarding Incontinence
<SeanQ> "An Outsider's Perspective on Rectal Prolapse"
<bob> Swallowing the Hard Truth About Pica
<agent_orange> Clearing the Air About Vaginal Farts
<SeanQ> "What You May Have Read About Irregular Periods"
<agent_orange> You Mentally Retarded Child and the Workforce: It's In The Bag!
<tieboy> Juggling The Facts About Whatever It's Called When You Only Have One Ball
<agent_orange> Your Mobidly Obese Adult Cihld and Sudden Skintag Popups: A Guide To Surviving Transmutation Into Nyaarl-Thotep
<bob> Plain Talk About Harelip
<agent_orange> The Glee narb spackle foam pffffrpt wauggle HEY FAGGOT blrllblrlblrbl about Advanced Syphillis
<Craig> Beating Compulsive Masturbation
<Freyja> 101 Important Facts to Remember about Alzheimer
<tieboy> The Truth About ADD and The Consequences Is That A Sheepdog?
<agent_orange> heheheh
<agent_orange> sheepdog
<agent_orange> fucker
<SeanQ> "How to Spot Cataracts"
<agent_orange> HOLY GOD JESUS SHIT: A Guide to Sudden Nut Drop Off Syndrome
<SeanQ> I'm running out of steam
<tieboy> Laughter is the Best Medicine When It Comes to You Comically Small Penis
<tieboy> What you Both Need to Know about Schizophrenia
<agent_orange> It Aint The Size of the Boat in the Ocean, but the Motion of the Lotion: Masturbation Support for the Lonely Man
<Samwise> Hangups About Abortion
<agent_orange> So You Just Got Your Fuckin' Nose Bashed In, Eh, Smartguy?

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