Sometimes, I feel like a small, frightened mammal in the Mesozoic Era.


<raven> gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
<tieboy> 2 - 6 women to have 2 - 15 children by me.
<SeanQ> is that a personal ad?
<tieboy> In sexual activity, I generally prefer a long, slow build-up with a light and gentle touch. While I'm not that experienced, I know from the experience that I have had, and I know myself well enough to know, that I have neither the desire to maintain, nor, indeed, the slightest capability of maintaining, any psychological or emotional barriers during sexual intimacy.
<SeanQ> "Our Childrens' Reproduction"
<raven> Somewhere, I understand, there are naked pictures of him.
<SeanQ> he's trying to brred his own master race
<tieboy> he has the deepest above-lip crevasse I've ever seen
<SeanQ> with him at the beginning of the evolutionary scale, I have to think that's a fool's errand
<tieboy> gnhhh
<bob> so. not. looking.
<bob> i'll invite him to orkut though
<me_tew> "Sometimes, I feel like a small, frightened mammal in the Mesozoic Era. But that mammal somehow managed to continue his line. Within the context of my nature, I'll try to do the same."
<me_tew> Extinction is not necessarily a bad thing...
<Zole> Extinction is nature's way of telling you it's working!
<tieboy> I insist that corrective lens for nearsightedness not be put on any of my children (before adulthood).
<tieboy> I don't want my children vaccinated against the standard childhood diseases. Against serious diseases, yes, but not against things like measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc. I want them to get these illnesses and have to fight them off unaided.
<tieboy> umm
<tieboy> In Addition. I'm not particularly thrilled about such fads as tonsil removal.
<tieboy> I would like to have 17 children. Why 17? I don't know. It just seems like a good number to have. I didn't say this earlier in the web-site because I didn't want to scare you away right off the bat.
<SeanQ> way to work up to that bombshell, Sparky
<me_tew> "A downside of this idea that I would like to address is that it could necessitate my not choosing - essentially rejecting - numerous individuals." No, probably not.
<tieboy> he's very specific about things
<Zole> I gotta give this guy credit. I have plenty of ridiculous ideas that will never happen, but he set up a whole web site.
<Zole> Yeah, and he's clearly thought everything through.
<tieboy> The first thing in the morning, the children and I would milk, take care of the animals - one or two milk cows, a few beef cattle, chickens, perhaps pigs, and maybe a few sheep - and collect eggs. (I realize that animals are a great inconvenience, but they are probably necessary for sufficient caloric intake. Of course, the children would probably want some pets also - a dog or two, some cats, two or three horses maybe.)
<me_tew> Every few days, we would make butter.
<tieboy> I would place that day's milk in the cooler, then separate the cream from the milk of the previous day and begin the pasteurization process.
<me_tew> We would also make cheese occasionally.
<tieboy> Our tractor would have an enclosed cab.
<Zole> This guys sounds like the Onion's Smoove B minus the romance.
<me_tew> I would prefer, when we were working outside, that you use such items of clothing, etc. that would prevent you from becoming roughed up and weather-beaten.
<Zole> And when it comes down to making love, I'm going to touch your body like it's never been touched before. I will remove my hat upon your request, because that is the right thing to do.
<me_tew> If one of you had a background in, say, ballet, then you could conduct a class in this for us two or three times a week.
<me_tew> I read aloud to everyone. For example, over an extended period, I read everyone Will and Ariel Durant's 'The Story of Civilization' (10 volumes).
<me_tew> Man, he must have thousands of offers by now.
<tieboy> he requires responders to take personality tests
<me_tew> Livejournals quizes?
<Zole> "What kind of wacko-marrying woman are you?"
<Zole> "1. Are you interested in what I look like naked?"
<me_tew> You are the ballet background, butter churning wacko marrying woman!"
<Zole> Well, at least he knows HTML.
*** AliasN has joined #spinnwebe
<SeanQ> *sigh*
<AliasN> hello everyone
<Zole> A, do we have a surprise for you.
<tieboy> he's obsessed with uncorrected vision
<AliasN> whatsat?
<Zole> There's a man out there who wants to have "2 - 6 women to have 2 - 15 children by me", and one of those 2 - 6 women could be you!
<AliasN> do I get a say in this?
<Zole> Now, he prefers small breasts, but he says there is some leeway.
<Zole> Well... I guess so... but his standards are pretty high!
<AliasN> it's bob isn't it?
<tieboy> What is of primary importance to me in this regard are attractive legs. To me, this involves muscular, well-shaped legs. To give you an idea, I'd point out the legs possessed by many female dancers, fitness contestants, body-builders, and runners.
<tieboy> Concerning the lower leg, I like fairly large, muscular calves tapering to slim, compact ankles.
<tieboy> I like generally muscular upper legs, with an outward curve, in profile, along the back of the leg.
<tieboy> this after 4 paragraphs explaining why looks don't matter
<AliasN> Lots42?
<Zole> More inexplicable, actually.
<AliasN> maybe I'll just tell him I'm barren
<AliasN> this Colorado guy is a joke, right?
<AliasN> "The picture above probably flatters me a bit, but it was the closest to the expression I wanted out of quite a few pictures that I took."
<Zole> "If I gave you a card in person, requesting that you look at this web-site, please tell where and when you saw me so that I'll remember you."
<Zole> This guy is handing out cards? Who the hell does he think he is, Jack T. Fucking?

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