Curse you Draecan, for you have stolen my great flapping labia!


<tieboy> opening sentences, anyone?
<tieboy> 'oh fuck', was charitably the only thing going through XXXXXX's head as he watched the body of his girlfriend drop to the pavement, as the rain mixed with the blood, a single bolt of lightning howled it's mournfull wail across a dark and cloudy sky.
<mdxi> the only thing going through HER head was the rain
<Zole> The Body Of His Girlfriend
<tieboy> I'm going with the classic, "Wake up!" or some variant thereof.
<mdxi> been a while since i heard a lightning bolt wail.
<mdxi> or howl
<mdxi> whichever
<tieboy> Awaken? Arise? Terminate slumbering!
<mdxi> Okite! (make the fangurls wet)
<AliasN> what are we doing here, writing a grade ten creative essay?
<Samwise> Ohio gazai emas, bacca gaijin!
<CrazyClimber> that's not a palindrome at ALL
<tieboy> it's from national novel writing month, alanis, where participants have from Nov 1 - 30 to write a 50,000 word novel
<tieboy> and these are from the forums
<tieboy> opening lines
<mdxi> which are full of mostly-morons
<tieboy> lots of teenagers
<AliasN> same thing, isn't it?
<zompist> why the XXXXXX?
<Leth> The night was sultry
* Leth bets Sam gets that ref
<tieboy> dunno. couldn't figure out how to spell 'Rainthyne' or 'E'hurg'n', maybe
<tieboy> Throw Momma from the Train
<Zole> aw, don't tell me they're writing these books in furry-speak
<zompist> probably afraid that another nanonano writer will steal their bitchen protagonist name
<AliasN> I like the "oh fuck" opening line, tie, but can you work in the words "great, flapping labia" into it?
<tieboy> She was walking home from school, when all of a sudden she was hit by a women on a vespa.
<zompist> wait now, which of your roommates has the great flapping labia?
* AliasN ignores zompist
<tieboy> The great labia flapped against a sky of iron gray, while the sun hung like a still silver coin behind the clouds.
<tieboy> Curse you Draecan, for you have stolen my great flapping labia!
<zompist> i can still remember a bulwer-lytton winner: "The surface of the unexplored planet was mottled and green, much like cottage cheese gets way after the date on the lid says it's OK to buy it."
<AliasN> I have one: "No one ever debates abortion with me" she sighed wistfully.
<tieboy> He calls her Ylva.
<tieboy> "He was lying on wet brown leaves, the fog was whisping in and out of the trees, and he could hear the sobs for hours before he realised they were his own. Prince Amergin, Lord of the Gaels, had finally become mad."
<CrazyClimber> oh good, the aneli-stool pictures weren't *that*
<CrazyClimber> "no worms here!"
<tieboy> these are getting hurty
<tieboy> The sun comes through windows dusted like vellum pages, soft and slant-wise, unable to dream of vertical space, pooling gold paint onto my fingernails, and I am yellow as Midas? best loved child, and it is winter in the world.
<mdxi> CrazyClimber: ew.
<Leth> I always imagined the rain was jealous of us, able to run among the trees of the orchard, playing among the branches, and the rain would stop us from going outside, keeping the orchard for its own play.
<tieboy> here's one I like: "The phone rang."
<CrazyClimber> hey, i didn't name 'em
<Leth> Why did the dog run from the house, into the path of the oncoming car, meeting its own fate while at the same time changing my fate, as well as that of my family?
<Zole> Is that from the forums?
<tieboy> man. I wish I liked my writing as much as these people like theirs
<tieboy> "The queen dies!!" the ancient midwife shouted, and Irguth, king and a bear of a man burst into the bed chambers, knocking a maid to the floor in his effort to make it to the bed, his slender wife's hands knotted in the sheets with pain.
<tieboy> ech. okay, time to force down some lunch
<mdxi> nothing says Great Literature like multiple bangs
<Leth> Zole: nah, those were pulled straight from my nether region
<Zole> In that case, bravo.
<AliasN> "For Christmas I want a Red Rider Action Rifle, with real pump-action, a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time. (Wow, that's good.)"
<raven> "Irguth, king and a bear of a man burst into the bed chambers" That's a lot of people in the room....
<raven> "Irguth, king and a bear of a man walk into a bar...."
<mdxi> Bear says, "RAAARRRRRWWGH"

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