"and the budgerigar was like, what be up with you, adam?"


<tieboy> I bet the first gun was a rock that you'd slam on a dude's skull
<Lore> I bet the first rock was a stick.
<tieboy> so, if Eve had never bitten the apple, what'd be going on right about now?
<Samwise> bliss
<tieboy> would they still be alive?
<Samwise> sure
<tieboy> I mean, that was a long time ago
<Samwise> yeah, but they were never meant to age and die. That part of the contract got added after the granny smith of doom
<Lore> Fucking.
<Lore> Specifically me fucking Eve.
<tieboy> oh
<tieboy> you wouldn't be around, Sjoberg
<Lore> Adam standing in the corner, massaging his tiny little dick.
<zompist> if it wasn't eve, it would've been someone else
<zompist> eve's grandkid
<Lore> Me going "She likes this, Adam, doesn't she? Nice big fat dick in the first woman, huh?"
<Samwise> Lore is scaring me
* tieboy wishes he was wearing his fiancee's underpants
<ristoril> so was part of the curse God laid upon Adam and Eve making them fertile?
<Lore> "You named all the animals, huh? You should have saved 'sardine' for your COCK!"
<tieboy> Adam named the animals? Really?
<Samwise> I... I'm...
<tieboy> what was he thinking with Shitzu
<Lore> You didn't know that, Chris?
<tieboy> I had never heard that
<Samwise> Lore, badmouthing Adam
<zompist> he's a post-religious slacker. and short.
<Lore> And Eve's ass "Yes! More!" in Aramaic or some shit. Edenese.
<Lore> s/ass/says/
<Lore> Or stet, I don't care.
<tieboy> Is that in the bible?
<zompist> genesis 2
<me_tew> Actually, there was a another tree in the Garden, the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:22), and if Adam and Eve had eaten its fruit, they would have lived forever.
<Lore> I've got a Genesis 2!
<Lore> With the CD-Rom reader!
<ristoril> i bet humans were all telepathic and super strong and crap before they started interbreeding
<tieboy> the bible is dumb
<tieboy> why do people buy into that crap? are they dumb? are they super dumb? tell me.
<ristoril> they want life to be about more than just finding a good lay
<Samwise> well, those who take it literally are pretty super dumb, I think.
<Leth> fags
<ristoril> ....for some reason
<Lore> And then I'm all like "Okay, Adam, you're gonna suck my spooge out of Eve's pussy, and you're gonna LIKE IT!"
<Samwise> I think it's allegorical
<Leth> jesus
* Leth slowly edges away from Lore
<ristoril> jesus came later
<Leth> after Lore?
<Lore> "It's the Spooge of Knowledge That You're a Wimp!"
<Leth> you mean even Jesus gets cuckolded by Lore?
<Samwise> Yeah, Leth; I've never seen this behavior in a Sjoberg before.
<zompist> it's the new evil lore
<Leth> Data?
<ristoril> with kung fu grip
<me_tew> Adam named all the animals in Genesis 2:19; "and whatsoever Adam called every living animal, that was the name thereof".
<zompist> evil and shaded
<tieboy> this is what I get in /msg all day from him
<Lore> Then me, Eve, and Lilith have a three-way.
<SeanQ> man, I walk away for five minutes
<Leth> I've heard that Lilith could really eat a pussy
<tieboy> I bet Adam thinks about going back in time and killing Lore's grandfather
<zompist> "and the budgerigar was like, what be up with you, adam? and adam laughed him with great laughing."
<Samwise> !Data == Lore, so !Lore == Data
<ristoril> didn't lilith allegedly fuck demons?
<Lore> s/demons/like a demon/
<Samwise> depends who you ask
<ristoril> ok, sam, didn't lilith allegedly fuck demons? some illustrated japeries!
<zompist> why do you think sam and j broke up?
<ristoril> the mpeg?
<zompist> oh, right. yes, risto, it was the mpeg.
<tieboy> Sam ate from the Tree of Regaining Sanity
<zompist> s/from//
<Samwise> rist, here: http://www.restoredcog.org/questions/p121.a.html
<Samwise> don't say I never gave you anything
<Lore> Evil? What evil? I'm pleasuring all of womankind!

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