"Oh, yeah, you can TOTALLY come into my house, you blood sucking asshole."


<Lore> Can a vampire enter a chat room if it hasn't been invited?
<Samwise> an e-vampire can't
<tieboy> he can, he just can't get ops
<Samwise> or, a v4/\/\p1r3
<Lore> Can a vampire in high school enter a homeroom without being invited?
<Drusilla> Yes.
<Zole> Maybe the homeroom assignment is an implicit invitation.
<Lore> Home Directory, Home Depot okay done now.
<Lore> Well, I'm assuming it's someone else's homeroom.
<Lore> Also, e-vampire.com has been registered.
<tieboy> and it's night school
<Lore> Oh, wait, no.
<Zole> Can a vampire call someone his homeboy without being invited?
<Lore> It was, it's not now.
<Lore> Can he order home fries?
<Lore> I guess I wasn't done.
<agent_orange> they have plenty of homepages
<agent_orange> mostly geocities
<tieboy> if the invitation reads Vlad Tempes & Guest can the guest be another vampire?
<Lore> Heh.
<agent_orange> even if they're not invited into the home, that can hang out in the yard nd people can pass them a plate through the side window, at least until Melissa finda out and pitches a fit to Brad.
<tieboy> what if you're just housesitting? it's not your house you're inviting him into
<agent_orange> what if you only invite them to the reception? will they be insulted?
<Lore> What if you invite him in sarcastically?
<tieboy> can a vampire take a raincheck?
<Lore> "Oh, yeah, you can TOTALLY come into my house, you bloodsucking asshole."
<Lore> You could totally tease a vampire.
<Lore> "I invite you into my houuuuuuuWIE MANDEL SHRINE! EXCEPT I DON'T HAVE ONE!"
<ristoril> i'm betting after a couple hundred years of it they'd wise up
<Samwise> does it count if the vampire believes you really did invite him, but you actually said "can't"?
<tieboy> If a real estate agent holds an open house, does that count?
<Samwise> howabout a mat that says "Welcome"?
<Lore> "I invite you into my houuuuuuND'S DOGHOUSE!"
<Lore> I think it has to say "Welcome Vampires."
<agent_orange> do vampires leave signs like hobos?
<Samwise> I think they leave dried husks of hobos
<ristoril> according to a crazy guy in a stephen king novel, they leave blue sparklies around their "snacks"
<Lore> What if you're currently playing "Come Into My House" by Queen Latifah?
<agent_orange> what if you had a combination vampire/kirrby vacuum salesman?
<Samwise> what's the hobo sign for "loose woman"?
<agent_orange> you invite them in, or so they claim, they never leave, shit on your carpet, kill your kids and drink their blood and on top of it all, you've bought a $1500 vacuum.
<tieboy> does he need an invitation to enter the International House of Pancakes?
<ristoril> hm, maybe Jehovah's witnesses are really vampire scouts
<Samwise> what about a porch?
<Lore> If you were a gay hobo, do you have to memorize both hobo signs and handkerchief codes?
<agent_orange> what if he was elected to the house? does that constitute an invitation?
<ristoril> i think it'd be more fun to have my house consecrated, and then invite one in
<Lore> "Easy mark, enjoys shrimping"
<agent_orange> it would suck if you were a kid vampire in school and everyone got invited to the parties except you
<Samwise> I don't want to know what shrimping is
<tieboy> toe-sucking. there.
<agent_orange> ew. okay. ew.
<Lore> It's one of the few sexual terms that's less disturbing than it...awwwwww...
<ristoril> why isn't it called 'pigging'
<tieboy> because then what would you call fucking a pig?
<Samwise> the whole "squeal like a pig" connotation, perhaps
<agent_orange> you take a frozen pigs tail, see, and as it thaws out, you [NO CARRIER]
<Lore> There must be some connection between shrimping and Matter-Eater Lad.
<Lore> I should rate handkerchief codes.
<Lore> And hobo signs!
<Samwise> both are things I didn't know about at this time yesterday?
<agent_orange> hobo signs are fun
<agent_orange> I used to see them when I was small, outside houses near the train station
<Lore> Really.
<agent_orange> really.
<Lore> Huh.
<agent_orange> we had us a real hobo jungle down to the waterfront
<tieboy> "nice lady, likes spanking, no manticore"
<Lore> I always assumed that, like milkmen, hobo signs were basically made up.
<bob> you can still get home delivery from a dairy here in the city
<Lore> Oh, like manticores don't know how to write the "no manticore" sign.
<agent_orange> "Mean dog, unitarian, prefers hegelian discourse but will assfuck if clean."
<tieboy> good point
<Lore> That's quite a dog.
<tieboy> heh
<Lore> I'm guessing a labrador.
<tieboy> jack russel. labs are dumb and into frottage
<Lore> A Unitarian Jack Russel? Next you'll be telling me you know a mormon chihuahua.
<agent_orange> shinto shitzu
<agent_orange> and of course the famed islamic terriers
<Lore> Zoroalsatian
* SeanQ catches up, builds a quick shrine to St Bernard
<Lore> YOu ruined my Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint Bernards joke.
<Lore> Actually, that's a lie.
<Lore> I came up with that after you, and wanted an excuse to say it anyway.
<Lore> I'm a bad man.
<tieboy> my dog is a wagnostic

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