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We can think, too.


  • The Nature of Political Humor [New 1/14/04]
      Prop comics are automatically excluded. I'm talking people with real talent.
  • The Meaning of Unique [New 3/11/03]
      You are the king of Realtor-Publication Grammar, forging new usage pathways
  • Reparations for Slavery [New 9/13/02]
      I guess, technically, at the time, slaughtering Jews was legal in Germany.
  • Fundamentalism and Scholars [New 8/23/02]
      I don't have time to think about it, so I'll just agree with wabe
  • The Nature of Humour [New 8/1/02]
      I think about comedy a lot.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance [New 8/1/02]
      7th circuit: "If the [Supreme Court] Justices are just pulling our leg, let them say so."

  • Heather Garvey / Raven / raven@xnet.com
    I want to submit a log!