The Spinnwebe Jargon File : F


(#SW, a.f.sw)
Famewolf is an especially bad poet discovered in one of our ruffiani excursions.

Fancy Shit candy
'Fancy shit candy' is the result of a Portuguese !babel and the phrase "Sweet fancy shit, I need some sleep."

Featureless Void See Void, Featureless

A cute DFC mispronunciation of "Amphetamines", from one of the captions.

A close bonding in the oral tradition.

Originally Darren's misspelling of "fine," it was formally defined by Samwise as...

fune: adj. the quality of being a pleasant meatball

For example,

    <Darren> That's a really fune meatball
    <Nate-0> I'm aged like a fune wune
    <Darren> Nate's not feeling fune today
    <Nate-0> Very un-fune...
    <Darren> Are you having a fune time, Photon?
    <Photon> Oh yeah

Submitted by: Darren

See : My Ass Has Powers

Flaming Kittens
See : Kittens

Fuck, Don't Scratch The
TheEnigma: Ah. I wrote an angry post about Keane's lawyers wanting to shut the site down, and ended the post with a single word - "fuck." I later took back my words about writing an angry letter, saying "scratch the letter-writing....but don't scratch the fuck." For some reason, people found that funny.

zompist: i think i made it a catch phrase. i thought "don't scratch the fuck" sounded good.

The Fuck
#spinnwebe superhero.

"How, The Fuck, did you do that??"

Seeing the word "fucktard" in #spinnwebe always gets a chuckle out of Samwise... or at least, a snkkkt.

[Ed.: For a while, Samwise was auto-responding to "fucktard" with "snnnkt", resulting in the Great Fucktard War of '00.]

Submitted by: Samwise

Furiously Urinating
Red Zone alumnus.

Abe Vigoda
Why is Abe Vigoda listed under "F"? 'Cause SeanQ's a smartass.

See : Vigoda, Abe

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