The Spinnwebe Jargon File : M


Marfan Syndrome
Sean Q. went on vacation to Washington D.C. and while debriefing, noted :

"Lincoln Memorial: If the statue is to scale, then the man had hands three times too big for his body."

Charlie Steinhice responded with "For what it's worth, Lincoln's hands really *were* that big, or damn close to it. I read somewhere that today's scientists strongly suspect he had Marfan Syndrome, which tends to make you (a) very tall, (b) have big hands and feet with elongated digits, (c) kinda ugly (see Vincent Schiavelli, the actor who played the guy who showed Patrick Swayze how to manipulate real objects in _Ghost_) and (d) die young of heart trouble (see the late Olympic volleyball star Flo Hyman.)"

Shortly thereafter, DFC #382 came along and Sean Q. remarked "Funny how this subject came up, and then we got DFC#382, where Bil has feet so big Ronald McDonald would point at them and laugh. I think you should give a bonus point to anyone who can get a Marfan Syndrome caption accepted."

hangtownman followed through with : The oversize feet shown in this image clearly identify it as a promo shot from Keane's failed 50's sitcom "My Favorite Marfan". R.J.M.(arfan) added : Do you know the Marfan man, the Marfan man, the Marfan man...

For the first several "memoir" captions, it was simply "Dolly, Memoirs". Jeffy joined her in DFC #43 and Billy in DFC #50, coinciding with her third and fourth captions respectively. While the kids have the most memoir captions, Thel's Guilty Pleasures, started by Westur the Unspeakable, take the prize for the best title and tone.

See : Guilty Pleasures

(SW, #SW)
One of the Weapons of the Ministri.

<Nyder> The editores are the ones who don't need to carry weapons cos the tenenti do it for them.
<Da_Raven> Oh, the ministeri have weapons...oh, yes, we do...
<kaufman> we have ... mice.
<Da_Raven> Silent shivs in the night kind of weapons.
<Da_Raven> And mice

See : Ministri

The Ministri are the primary movers of SpinnWebe who are given core reponsibilities for editing content, and have a hand in directing the future of the site.

See : Spinnoff

My Ass Has Powers!
A Red Zone alumnus : "My ass has powers! F-f-f-f-funt!"

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