The Spinnwebe Jargon File : B


!babel is a spinnbot command that will run text through babelfish translation.

Bacon Head
Jeffy's unusual hair qualities coupled with the probable difficulty of portraying wavy hair correctly has christened Jeffy "Bacon Head" on occasion.

See : hypno hair.

"Bathe Her, And Bring Her To Me!"
Whenever a rare lovely IADL gal shows up, so does Doc Evil ordering her to be bathed and brought to him.

Bear Claws
In DFC #406, Bil is setting out some bear claws onto a plate as Jeffy recoils in sheer horror. Why? Hell if we know. But Jeffy developed a fear of those pastries in future cartoons.

aka Big Fucking Dog. See : Dog, Big Fucking

Big Fish
In DFC #365, Jeffy is standing next to a stream fishing, and in his thought bubble, he's astride a giant dead fish. The Freudian implications are staggering and best left untouched.

The Scourge of Shameless Acronymization.

* jacquilyn holds an internal debate on the subject of 'BIRT I shouldn't bother to take my laptop home tonight since I'm just going to do laundry, anyway.'
<spinn> birt?
<jacquilyn> Be It Resolved That
<tieboy> whoah whoah WHOAH
<tieboy> BIRT? No. No no no.
<tieboy> NO NO NO.
<tieboy> You can't do that to phrases that are only said once in the span of a decade
<spinn> yeah.
<tieboy> Not only that, those four words don't even add anything to the damn sentence
<tieboy> If let BIRT go unchecked, next thing you know, they'll be herding the Jews into camps

Bad Mental Image. Usually requires cleansing with brain brillo.

Brain Brillo
Used for scrubbing one's mind clean of the terrible thoughts/images put there by fellow #sw'ers.

Also see : BMI

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