The Spinnwebe Jargon File : D


(1) v, to remove kemlo(2) text.
Ex. "Rave's quotes page captures all the highlights of #spinnwebe, and dekemlos the rest."

Also see : kemlo

Dildos, Glass
In the Un Chien Spinndalou riff on #spinnwebe, glass dildos were mentioned.

See : Un Chien Spinndalou

dik play
See : nutsak

dirmi is an underling of nbsp and the patron saint of babel.

<Leth> once a year, he bring bags of conejitos to all the good little girls and boys
<Leth> and Fancy Shit Candy, of course

See : Honking out a Dirtsnake

Dog, Big Fucking
The one joke of "That's One Dysfunctional Dog" : "That's a big fucking dog!"

Dropping a Chalupa
<StanXhiao> Isn't "chalupa" Spanish for greasy cheese-like dirt snake?

Euphemism for taking a crap.

See : Honking out a Dirtsnake

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