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The Network Settlers (NetSet) Website is http://home.earthlink.net/~mgardner0/. Netset is a Windows-only client. Please bone up on how to use the client.

The IRC channel for hanging out while playing netset is #netset.

Complete Settlers of Catan Rules from Mayfair Games

Seafarers Expansion (A Settlers Variant)

Seafarers is an expansion of Settlers that lets you build across the oceans.

Ships : Ships cost 1 Wood / 1 Sheep.

Ships work just like roads. They must be placed adjacent to either a settlement or another ship. Ships and roads cannot directly connect - a settlement must serve as an intersection point in order to form a trade route between them.

Moving Ships : The last ship in an open shipping lane can be moved anywhere a new ship can be placed. One move is allowed per turn.

Water/Water hexes - Ships
Water/Land hexes - Ships OR Roads (A ship and a road can't share the same coastal segment.)
Land/Land hexes - Roads

Gold Fields : When the number on a gold field is rolled, all players due a resource get to choose which resource they receive.

Pirate : The pirate is almost interchangable with the robber. You can move the Pirate INSTEAD OF the Robber when a 7 is rolled or a knight is played. The Pirate is played in an ocean hex and gets a card from any one player with a ship bordering the hex. In addition, the Pirate "freezes" the hex - no new ships may be placed along it and any existing ships cannot be moved. Land settlements bordering an ocean hex may be affected?

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