The Spinnwebe Jargon File : U


Un Chien Andalou
Un Chien Spinndalou
There was a bizarre art movie called Un Chien Andalou. It cropped up in a few DFC captions and, more recently, #spinnwebe spent a couple hours creating their own version, Un Chien Spinndalou.

See : Glass Dildos, Kittens! On Fire!

Uncle Roy
"Uncle" Roy is one of the earliest DFC creations, starting all the way back in DFC #4. Uncle Roy is Bil's "special friend", although he occasionally takes an interest in the children as well. Some of the most popular attributes include Roy being black, a Vietnam vet, and having the last name of Washington. However, it's also been suggested that there are many different "friends of the family" named Roy, including Italian Roy. Uncle Roy is now as much a part of the character roster as any of the others.

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