The Spinnwebe Jargon File : T


Tater Tots
During a run of darkly-lit Burger King pics in IADL, the following caption appeared :
The tater-tots are done, inform Lord Vader! --Doc Evil
Lord Vader and his tater tots appear every so often.

The secondary editors of SpinnWebe, who review user submissions and kick worthy material up to I Ministri for further review.

The Tenenti Neri are Tenenti with a specific responsibility, such as editing IADL, or being the central point of other features.

See : Spinnoff

The matriarch of the Dysfunctional Family Circus, Thel epitomizes bulemia and OCD. Her waist is as small as her neck and her neck is as small as her forearm. She cleans compulsively, not happy until everything shines, whether meant to or not. Her memoir, Guilty Pleasures, shows that Thel takes just as much glee in her offsprings' injurous escapades as we do.

See : Sperm-burping Gutter Slut, Guilty Pleasures

Short for Too Much Information. Used whenever a channel member gets a little too descriptive or graphic about certain topics, usually sexually related matters.

See : brain brillo, BMI

Submitted by: Ben McClellan

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