The Spinnwebe Jargon File : S


Sarnak See : Lord Sarnak

The supervillain opponent of ButtMan and The Fuck.

See : The Fuck

The color your font turns when you're badly Elksplit. Also occasionally used in nicks to mark sides of large-scale elksplits.

See : Elksplit, lagosynclastic infundibulum

The aural equivalent of opping when the conversation turns to puns or cascades or general "for the love of god someone stop this" threads.

<jacquilyn> What kind of poser hoser would have chose a rosy Gozer cozy?
<Nate-0> A lazy poser hoser would choose a rosy Gozer cozy
*** Mode change "+o Leth" on channel #spinnwebe by MrLuke
<raven> Heh, that's the visual equivalent of the *shhkk-SHKK* of a shotgun.
<Leth> yeah, that's what I was thinking...freezes everyone in their tracks

William Shatner is a frequent "visitor" to the Keanes, or at least Thel. Jeffy is often presumed to be his love child, as evidenced by his Shatneresque wavy 'do.

Shed, Get Off The
(DFC, #SW)
See : Cecilweed

The sound made when you are desperately trying not to laugh out loud at work while chatting on IRC. Some #spinnwebers try to mask laughter with coughing, but during some sessions, this can make you sound like a tuberculosis patient.

Soylent Green
Soylent Green is a reference to the movie Soylent Green. Set in a futuristic society, where the populace eats generic nutritious wafers, called "Soylent {Red|Yellow|Green}". In the end, the hero, played by Charlton Heston, finds out what they are actually made of and runs through the street yelling "Soylent Green is made of people! Soylent Green is people!"

Sperm-Burping Gutter Slut
There's not much to say about this one. kafka started it in DFC #93. It's what we like to call Thel.

The general name for the people who are involved in / fans of Spinnwebe.

See : Ruffiani, Tenenti, Ministri

#spinnwebe is the site's IRC channel.

Spremute Vaginali
Italian for "vaginal juices", from a !babel of :
<Photon> !babel By the vaginal juices of Aunt Jemima, that is one gigantic pancake!
<spinnbot> babel: by way of italian...
<spinnbot> babel: From the spremute vaginali of aunt Jemima, that one is a pancake gigantic!

Often mistaken for a dessert or pasta dish.

Summoning Words
The words that cause one to log into #spinnwebe. Some people get them by chance (weird phrases uttered just before they arrive), some by nature (Wabe's Lesbian Lure).

In maime's own words : I was drinking TONS on the friday before halloween. and shawn and greg were the only ones left in the room. I had probably blacked out because I couldn't even type and didn't care. and wanted to watch a tv show that I wastaping to watch again in the morning becuse it would be new. and I totally lost it. and knew I needed ten or fifteen minutes o find the living room. In six hours I'd had 4 lemon drops and at least 7 sun devils. so I said something... and it said god nack sweetbus something or other. I really only remember "sweetbus" and spinn set whatever it as thetopic. so everyone asked me what the sweetbus was for days. I could only say I had been really drunk, I had been talking to someone else on irc and calling him endearing names. and I think I was trying to say "good night sweet boys" to greg and shawn. I have no freakin' idea.

sweetbus has come to mean "too drunk to walk"; I'm waiting for the sweetbus means "I'm drinking" and if you x loop fr sweet bus to jeeb it comes back "soft drunk".

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