The Spinnwebe Jargon File : R


Red Zone
The Red Zone was the third asterisk in the Dysfunctional interfaces. It was meant primarily for things that were so bad, they're almost funny. As the title read, "By the way, landing a caption here is not an honor.". Eventually, the Red Zone was done away with when people started trying to make the Red Zone by writing extremely bad captions. Some of the weirder in-jokes inadvertantly came out of the Red Zone

I Ruffiani
La Banda Errante Dei Ruffiani SpinnWebe ("I Ruffiani")

Translation: "the roving band of SpinnWebe hooligans." Together, comprises the sickly purple beam of light that shines unhappiness on people who deserve it. See the Spinnoff site for details.

See : spinnoff

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