The Spinnwebe Jargon File : P


Pan Galactic Get-Together
One of the large-scale, wide-area Spinnwebe get-togethers. Pan Galactics are open to all, advertised on Spinnwebe, and usually are intended to draw out-of-staters.

Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.

What's PEBKAC?

Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.

What's PEBKAC?

Are we looping??

I dunno. Do you know what PEBKAC stands for?

(One afternoon on #spinnwebe, the same question kept coming up : "What's PEBKAC mean?" People were coming in from other channels, I think, just to ask. Must've been a full moon or something...)

During the Keanes' trip to Washington D.C., one of the kids, usually PJ, was always carrying around a pennant labelled "Washington D.C.". Apparently, this was done to make sure we understood they were on vacation in our nation's capital...just in case the famous national monuments occupying the background of every cartoon didn't clue you in.

During the PGGTG, a pennant labelled "Chicago" was present, just in case anyone was feeling lost or confused.


The #spinnwebe haven for sol-D. If the conversation is getting a bit too much for her, sol hides under the piano.

Submitted by: maime

Poopenspigot comes from the Nori discussion on #spinnwebe. Among the rest of the mockery of the German Nori website, agent orange commented on the warning to "keep your mouth open"...

<agt_orang> "Gesputten der mouthholle open und zei poopenspigot closed, Greta!"
<spinn_> bahhhhhhhhahahahah
<spinn_> poopenspigot
<SeanQ> wahahahah, agt-o, christ
<SeanQ> "poopenspigot" got me too
<spinn_> godDAMN I'm losing it
* Da_Raven passes out from containing her laughter.
<CrzyClmbr> must... pretend... to cough...
<spinn_> I was just thinking, it's good to be back
<spinn_> for a minute there I had to literally hold my nose closed
<spinn_> 'cos I can't laugh here, but the snnkt that woulda come outta me woulda knocked my cube walls down

The youngest of the Keane brood, PJ doesn't say much, but he has his own unique charm. He never gets the spotlight, but tends to comment on his siblings and their twisted world with a Zen-like wisdom. The mystery of what PJ's name stands for continues to this day. When he does get the spotlight, he's often trapped in the center of a high chair the size of a card table.

See : pennant.

poop holds the tent wher it is
In DFC #317, 'poop holds the tent wher it is' was red-captioned (and rightfully so).

In DFC #365, it showed up as : In retaliation against the DFC, Bil Keane unleashes his secret weapon: the "All-Difficult-Zone Series." His plan worked, as the best caption submitted was "the poop keeps the tent wher it is." --c.

Portuguese is one of the best languages to babel phrases through. The translations are always the most unusual.

Prehensile Vagina
It was an IADL thing. Red-zoned. Rightfully so.

When procrastination isn't enough.

<MisterQ> Cause if I stop procrastinationating, I'd have to start procrastinating and after I finish that, I'd have to start working!

Submitted by: maime

Psychic Objects
The Psychic Fern started off as a mind-controlling house plant. Its goal was to take over the family and earn sweet freedom. Eventually, it spawned the sub-joke : The fern laid in wait. His time would come. His time would come. [The Stripper With The Heart Of Zinc]

The concept spread to the IADL, where it actually became even more popular.

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