The Spinnwebe Jargon File : L


lagosynclastic infundibulum
According to zompist, "a temporal anomaly in the fabric of EFnet, sometimes explored by one or more fearless time explorerers from #spinnwebe."

See : Elksplit, sepia

Later on, they conspired.
In DFC #437, Dolly is conversing with Jeffy in front of a fireplace. One of the captions was "Later on, they conspired.", refering to the song Winter Wonderland.

The Official Wabe Lure on #spinnwebe. Wabewalker is noted for his ability to find lesbians to date.
<wabewalkr> As a dater of lesbians, I do prefer the pseudo-lesbians... women who dig women, until a REAL MAN shows up and satisfies them both.
<maime> in contrast to the real womyn showing up and kicking your ass for looking at her girlfriend.
<wabewalkr> Right. I hate when that happens.

Lord Sarnak
In IADL, awkward lighting would often create strange streaks or bars of light in the IADL picture. Evil Ed created THE GLOWING BLADE OF LORD SARNAK to explain it, with some help from Don Spudleone.

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