The Spinnwebe Jargon File : G


Get Off The Shed!
(DFC, #SW)
See : Cecilweed

Palindromes were a popular item on the DFC for a while. In DFC #424, we saw this one : "A Man, A Jar, An Oing, GNIONARAJANAMA!"

Good On You, Mate!
In DFC #219, Jeffy appeared in a shirt bearing the phrase, "Good on you, mate!". As with all things Keane that make us scratch our heads and say "Whuh?", 'Good on you, mate!' went on to become widely parodied, starting in DFC #254 with Jeffy in a cowboy suit saying "Good On You, Pardner!"

Apparently, "Good on you, mate." is an Australian slang phrase.

See : Happy Camper

Goofus and Gallant
Goofus and Gallant are two characters from Highlights for Children, a children's magazine most often found in a dentist's or doctor's office. They are the Yin and Yang of what appears to be a mini morality play. "Gallant flosses daily, while Goofus lets his teeth rot out of his mouth", "Gallant picks up his toys, while Goofus tries to kill his parents by leaving skates on the stairs". Things like that.... I can't remember if Goofus and Gallant are supposed to be brothers, but if they are, I'm sure Goofus is undergoing intensive self-esteem therapy.

Gos Nope
Holder of the seventh key and groundskeeper of Gozer. (According to Agt. Orange)

<Samwise> This Sunday (SUNDAY SUNDAY) See, the mightyweilderof the glowing blade face off with the maintainer of the temple! IT's Gos Nope versus Lord Sarrrnaak!

Guilty Pleasures
Thel's delightfully twisted memoir, which usually consists of Thel laughing hysterically while the children injure themselves and each other. (Ghostwritten by Westur the Unspeakable)

Another member of the Spinnwebe Pantheon.

<Lore> This is the moment for which I was born. Holding my pickaxe to my forehead and asking for the blessings of Gymnorythump, my goddess and protector, I unleash the rage within.

Submitted by: Lore

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