The Spinnwebe Jargon File : E


Earl Wilson
Earl Wilson is a hero of the First Pseudo-Annual Pan Galactic Get-Together. He's the only character in Beach Blanket Bingo that isn't annoying; as Mark pointed out "when you're adrift in an awful movie, you grab onto any beacon of integrity you can." His presence, yea verily his very name, is greeted with applause and cheering by all.


Ego, Jeffy's
The idea of Jeffy's megalomaniac-sized ego grew over time, starting with DFC #92. Due, in part, to a coincidental succession of Jeffy-centric cartoons, Jeffy eventually developed quite the prima donna attitude. In the following progression you can see his rise to fame, his arrogant period and his subsequent tragic fall from grace.

See : agents.

A play on "netsplit", to be 'Elksplit' is to be lagged so badly that you're probably in another decade. You do, however, keep talking, giving the rest of the channel a window into ancient times. People who just time out are not considered Elksplit. (Coined by Crazy Climber)

See : sepia, lagosynclastic infundibulum

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