The Spinnwebe Jargon File : C


Caption Salvage Crew
Occasionally, people will raid the Yellows for a good caption. (That's what they're there for, right?) A convention has arisen for signifying that you've just stood on the shoulders of giants : You sign the captions from the "Caption Salvage Crew". There is no reason you can't also add your own signature, but it's considered courteous to also acknowledge the contribution of the original (if anonymous) writer. While the CSC is a favorite, there are also other amusing and creative ways of giving the Yellow Zone its due.

Now that the Yellow Zone contains names, people tend to give direct attributions, rather than only the CSC reference.

(#SW, DFC)
cecilweed comes from the Red Zone caption :
your name is cecilweed you goddamn animal, i ought to take you out back and make you beat yourself with a rusty rake in the shed. get off the shed! for the love of god just get off the damn shed! oh man i am really tripping out here. i think my hands are made of wood, here have a feel, Jeffy me lad!
cecilweed is also the 'bot in #spinngeeks.

Go read this and you'll never buy celery again.

<StanXhiao> Isn't "chalupa" Spanish for greasy cheese-like dirt snake?

See : Dropping a Chalupa

cream cheese
Cream cheese is evil. Eeeeeeevil.

<daria> you are plain evil.
<daria> not quite evil with cream cheese, but still evil
<jacquilyn> does cream cheese act as some kind of catalyst for greater evil?
<Samwise> Well, if it does for evil what it does for toasted bagels, hell yes.

Submitted by: Daria

Dr. Cuthbertson
In DFC #238, the Keanes visit their family doctor, Dr. Cuthbertson. The good doctor returns to the DFC captions regularly; he's even written a few scholarly papers on the Keane family. Dave Matthews gives us his full name (Dr. G. Henry Cuthbertson) in DFC #350.

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