#spinnwebe Logs : iSourceline, the Internet's Sourceline


[To get the whole exciting story, check out spinn's Brainshots and select the "Internet Sourceline" filter (and "Update Filters") from the left-hand menu.]

<spinn> yeah. well, I hat to type it from the full-page jpeg they put it in
<Kyol> I thought that that was a touch of class. Nothing says techno-savvy like a full page image.. Of text.
<Raven> Oh yah.
<TomFish> "our pr company wrote this up. I don't feel like typing it again, I'll just scan it."
<TomFish> "Why doesn't the pr firm just send us a .txt file?"
<TomFish> "You're fired!"
<Samwise> Kyol: maybe it's a geekish equivalent of using $1 bills to light cigars..."Look at how much disk space we waste on simple things!"
<jacquilyn> Yeah, and I neglected to remember that my scanner does OCR.
<mdxi> could be a TIFF. or a 1200DPI jpeg
<spinn_> man.
<spinn_> ...somethig that will bring forth a new era-a new standard in to the world of not only news & media.
<spinn_> "era-a".
<spinn_> Era-a, Sun Goddess of Dreck
<spinn_> oh! oh!
<spinn_> bonus fun
<Raven> "not only news & media" implies a "but also ".
<spinn_> isourceline's tagline used to be "news with an attitude"
<spinn_> which I thought was pretty dull
<spinn_> but now they're going to a magazine format, so they have a new tagline
<spinn_> anyway, here's their new tagline
<spinn_> and I can't say it woithout laughing
<spinn_> "Internet Sourceline: The Internet's Sourceline"
<spinn_> skknkt, skknkt
<spinn_> yeahhhh.
<Raven> Is their site actually up?
<spinn_> nope
<Raven> Because I have some serious ragging to do.
<mdxi> i hadn't noticed previously...but they use a radio mast as the "I" in their logo
<mdxi> how....how...NEW of them
<mdxi> nothing says "internet" like "radio"
<Elkman> What did you expect? A router?
<mdxi> something that doesn't make me think "An RKO Radio Picture"
<mdxi> something suitably lame, like a lowercase, sanserif 'i' with a globe as its dot
<mdxi> that's very New Media
<TMR> I read that JPG twice and I STILL can't figure out what they're doing.
<spinn_> elk is getting context for the isourceline story
<spinn_> you know, they're breaking door dorr of moguls who-at media in display of the public, to wit-see fit or unfit of their art and craft to show news & media in no uncertain terms to light
<spinn_> I wonder if there's an online resource for editing marks
<mdxi> they-for mighty are the righteous-are marshalling their forces for an onslaught-the likes of which the e-workd has never seen-which will tear down the wall's of coprprate news oppression-now and forever.
<spinn_> I want to mark up that page with a red pen
<Elkman> "Such as bland, useless, and poorly presented articles that other publications will allow to be circulated to its readers."
<Raven> Elk, is that an actual complete sentence?
<Elkman> "Internet Sourceline will dedicate our time and effort to subject/verb disagreements. And sentence fragments."
<Elkman> "Not to mention badly referenced pronouns."
<spinn_> one of my favorites is "publication...who"
<SeanQ> yeah, Bob, i know
<spinn_> no
<spinn_> no ellipsis even.
<spinn_> publication who.
<spinn_> okay, elk
<spinn_> so this week they sent out a press release
<tieboy> Maybe they just spellchecked, and didn't get any squiggly red lines
<Elkman> And the singing dancing paper clip didn't talk to them and tell them of their errors.
<tieboy> I hate that damn paper clip...
<Raven> No, I think the paper clip is talking to them a little TOO much....
<tieboy> I type an "A" and the clip pops up "Looks like you're trying to write a letter!! Need help??"
<Samwise> I changed mine to the little einstein.
<Elkman> I downloaded Earl the Cat from Microsoft's web site.
<tieboy> I think I have the dog with the cape
<Samwise> Heh...instead of "What's your sign?" you can now ask "What's your Office Assistant?"
<mdxi> a little rotting corpse of Steve Ballmer with a little axe embedded in its skull
<mdxi> a little Steve Case anally raping Janet Reno
<spinn_> the press releas contained the phrase, "key area's of interest"
<spinn_> the PRESS RELEASE
<spinn_> you're a JOURNALISM MAGAZINE
<Kyol> No, no. To keep in the spirit of it, it should be "YOU'RE FACE TO THE WORLD."
<Elkman> I'm tempted to write to their HR department. "Dear Human Resource's, I understand you are looking for writer's. I have an attitude and good writing skill's and I'm not afraid to use it."
<Elkman> "If you would like some sample's, please tell me wher I can send it. I'm also disgusted with the type of articles that other publications's circulate to its readers."
<SeanQ> heheheh, just pictured stan sending them mail...
<SeanQ> "Hello Please! English is not easy for to learn, but it look as you have got good grip for beginnings!"
<SeanQ> "Maybe you try babelfish, whom help Stan Xhiao muchly in English to learn!"

<spinn> leth, #spinnwebe is the leading upcoming irc channel, focusing on humor and information, technology and programming information in the Internet and the surrounding emerging areas; hopefully.
<hockeyfag> spinn: we should do an IPO with a mission statement like that
<spinn> yeah, there's an idea. put "; hopefully." at the end of a mission statement
<Leth^> Will we be merging the IRC channels of tomorrow into the scrollback of today?
<spinn> guy at work said: wait a minute. merging the technology of tomorrow with the content of today? tomorrow's technology doesn't exist yet. when it does, we'll be merging it with the content of yesterday
<spinn> hey, that's a point, too. so maybe they're actually proposing some sort of advanced library solution
<spinn> hehehe
<spinn> even isourceline's html is stupid
<spinn> wish I had seen it witht he original page
<spinn> a href="mailto:info@iSourceline.com"><font size="-1"><font size="-1"><font size="-1"><font size="+1"><font size="+1"><font size="-1">Press Relations</font></font></font></font></font></font></a>
<Kyol> snkkt.
<Leth^> heh...it's like an html excercise video... "Fonts...UP, down, UP, down..."
<SeanQ> Our Web Site Has Power's! </font></font></font></font></font>
<Leth^> snnnkt
<jacquilyn> Exactly like an exercise video, it's all a lot of effort for little gain in the end.
<TomFish> iSourceline: we want a slice of the internet pie, deserving or not
<spinn> </f/f/f/font>
<Raven> "Jeff and Matt have over 12 years of combined experience" So, six years each, eh? Big whoop.
<spinn> wonder if the webmaster was sitting there saying "gosh, wish there was a way to abbreviate all these tags...like '<////font>' or something. seems like such a waste."
<spinn> oh, rave, know how it says they've already raised $5000?
<spinn> yeah, they raised it by matt and jeff opening their wallets
<Raven> If all they can raise between them is $5000, they *do* suck. I got a credit line for $5000 just so I could get a lower auto loan rate.
<TomFish> i think their webmaster has problems figuring out if the computer is switched to on or off
<Leth^> heheh "Hey, why doesn't any of the numbers except 1 and 0 work on my calculator?" "It's binary" "Oh, um....ok.....but why don't they work?"
<spinn> saw the `signal' out there on the internet
<spinn> man.
<Leth^> The modern day `riddlers' will not get in
<Leth^> the way of our efforts to help our publication succeed on the Internet.
<Leth^> that's actually my favorite....does he mean Batman's enemies, seeing the bat'signal' and try to get in the way?
<Raven> Maybe they mean us. :)
<spinn> I don't get the riddlers bit.
<spinn> what the hell does that mean?
<SeanQ> "riddler" was a bad guy on Batman
<SeanQ> "nor will the news & media 'penguins' stop the spread of chunky greatness and efforts across the threshhold of our new direction, as we burst through that door; hopefully."
<spinn> I am 40% through this article and I still can't find the activity the guy's complaining about
<SeanQ> "In the spirit of the times, Internet Sourceline announces as their new spokesman the reanimated visage of Burgess Meredith."
<SeanQ> "Internet Sourceline. the Internet's Sourceline. QUAAAAACK qwack qwack..."
<Leth^> "Internet Sourceline: The Internet's Sourceline" : A Dozen Dead Monkeys Production
<SeanQ> A Hundred Masturbating Chimps Production
<hockeyfag> "produced by Spank, the monkey"
<SeanQ> InterSourceTiva
<SeanQ> hey Leth, spinn: isores.com is available
<SeanQ> iSores. the Internet's Sores. Self-important. Incomprehensible. Hopefully.
<jacquilyn> you forgot the semi-colon in ;hopefully.
<Leth^> Egotistical. Upcoming. Idiots.
<Raven> Was that "Upcoming" or "Upchucking"?
<TomFish> What do you want to mis spel today?
<spinn> it'd be cool to do a parody if 1) they were big enough for context and 2) if they weren't already their own best parody anyway
<SeanQ> we could have a pparody site up before they get the real site running
<spinn> we could be the up and coming news and media parody site; probably

SourceRunner : Just Can't Get Enough of Our Love

<spinn> whahh hah hah!
<spinn> rambo wrote me!
<Samwise> give give give give
<spinn> I'm packing, but I had to share this.
<CrazyClimber> job offer?
<jacquilyn> ;hopefully
<Lore> Do tell!
<spinn> here we go
<spinn> http://www.spinnwebe.com/temp/rambo.txt
<Lore> Huh.
<Lore> That was pretty meaningless.
<maime> ugh.
<maime> an experiment in bandwidth?
<CrazyClimber> nope, he isn't holding on. not at all.
<maime> sorry "an experiment with bandwidth"
<SoiledGreen> wtf?
<maime> so basically, he lives to waste bandwidth.
<CrazyClimber> where can we hear his talk radio show? it /must/ be a webcast.
<kaufman> at least the letter he sent wasn't in the form of a gif
<SoiledGreen> jiff.
<spinn> heh
<maime> Two [2]
<jacquilyn> Man that is the longest bit of nothing I've ever read.
<Lore> The content of the letter seems to be "I disagree."
<kaufman> but rather the form of a gaffe
<jacquilyn> And what's with his desire to accentuate I with ().
<spinn> I plan to reply to himn later. for now I just asked him if "wanted to get my story out there" implies the letter is good for publication
<Lore> Which isn't exactly a newsflash.
<maime> can someone edit this letter?
<Lore> I think the thing he's missing the that the Web exists not only for people to make mistakes, but for other people to make fun of those mistakes.
<Lore> As well.
<spinn> yahm I don't expect perfection from a startup. what I do expect is "not suck tremendously"
<jacquilyn> My standards are somewhat lower - I expect 'actually start up at some point'
<CrazyClimber> they don't have to be mutually exclusive.
<jacquilyn> Or maybe that's a higher standard?
<Samwise> Hrm... I think it can actually start up and still suck tremendously.
<spinn> rambo sent me mail
<spinn> I dig the "I don't see why you wasted your time with this" intro to the next twelvfe paragraphs
<jacquilyn> How long was your sourcerunner bit inbrainshots and how long was his mail?
<jacquilyn> Perhaps a character count comparison would enlighten him.
<tieboy> nice of him to provide all his domains
<spinn> yeah
<spinn> cuts down my research time
<tieboy> "Two [2] syndicated columns, a talk radio show and almost two years later"
<spinn> defonline...?
<tieboy> doesn't he mean two [2] years later?
<jacquilyn> I don't think that was all of them, was it.
<tieboy> mailbolt.com
<jacquilyn> It looked like an etc... sort of list.
<spinn> yeah, I know I listed one
<spinn> popsomething
<tieboy> the internets bolt-mailing service with an attitude
<tieboy> "Prior to iSourceline.com, journalism was not my given profession."
<tieboy> yet after having a pooply written .jpg letter up for 2 days, I be a journalister.
<spinn> well that's why he was passed over in journalism 101. he was in film arts 302
<jacquilyn> Neither, apparently, was his given profession copy editing, proofreading or speaking English.
<Lore> What is a "given" profession anyway? Is that what the fairies bestow on you at your Christening?
<Samwise> Lore: I think it's like in mathematics where one would say "Well, that's a given."
<Lore> Ah. His axiomatic profession.
<Samwise> Like, it's obvious, nearly painfully so.
<Elkman> Huh. Interesting letter from Jeff Rambo.
<jacquilyn> Well, not interesting exactly.
<Samwise> Oh, you got one too, Elk?

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