White Castles: 9 out of 10 scavanging fecalvores can't be wrong


<MisterQ> nite
<zompist> night, Doe
<sol-D> night
<Marnen> buona notte
<zompist> happy pennsylvania
<MisterQ> remember kaiser soze
<Marnen> isn't that an oxymoron?
<Doe> I'm gone until wednesday night, but I might pop on if I'm at the inlaws' and need some sanity
<MisterQ> mmm... sanity
<Marnen> what's that?
<Doe> rich, frothy sanity
<MisterQ> I think it's like one of those wetnaps.. sanitary
<Marnen> sanitized for your protection
<Doe> sanity is being on this channel when I'm in the stifling, low-thought atmosphere of the inlaws
<Marnen> oic...."Outside the Asylum"
<Mr-Ben> We have sanity here?
<MisterQ> just give them some cavemen clubs and possibly a giant black obelisk. That should keep them busy
<MisterQ> maybe raise that low-thought atmosphere
<Doe> yeah
<Doe> but
<Doe> bye
*** Signoff: Doe (zoom)
<Marnen> how 'bout a giant black monolith in proportion 1:4:9?
<MisterQ> what's significant about that proportion?
<zompist> 1^2:2^2:3^2
<MisterQ> ahh
<Marnen> i hope i'm not the *only* A.C.Clarke fan
<zompist> how about a monolith with measurements 38-24-36?
<Marnen> well...
<MisterQ> cause you see, at this time of night, my higher brain processes are either off line or occuppied with dirty, dirty thoughts
<zompist> it'd be a lot better at getting the attention
<sol-D> that'd be one sexy chunk of rock
<Marnen> wouldn't 36-25-36 be more mathematically perfect?
<MisterQ> The venus deMonolith
<MisterQ> People will notcie that monolith..
<Marnen> elliptical hyperboloids...
<MisterQ> Then the aliens can put cheap advertisements on it
<MisterQ> fake or real elliptical hyperboloids?
<Marnen> Eat at Zorph's!
<zompist> that may be more mathematical, marnen, but these days, people like big jugs
<Marnen> Buy Drd Gmphi Skin Cream!
<sol-D> Jugs, jars... as long as it's large and ceramic
<Marnen> well...yeah
<MisterQ> McDogstar's: We make you bufscond!
<Marnen> Burger Emperor: Have it your species's way!
<MisterQ> Pepsod: The taste of a new spawned brood!
* sol-D bufsconds while thinking of TMR...
<sol-D> ok, that wa suncalled for
<sol-D> was
<sol-D> uncalled
<MisterQ> heh
<MisterQ> suncalled
<Marnen> Come to Marlboro Planet!
* MisterQ adds suncalled to the growing dictionary of fun words along with 'bufscond' and 'wafflecopter'
<Marnen> Coca-Corpha: Tackle a giant spiracle dehydration
<Marnen> 7-arrow-down-curl-left: Never had it...in this timeline!
<MisterQ> United Saucers: Fly the friendly hyperspace ways
<Marnen> Chase Bank -- where the right relativity is everything
<MisterQ> Chao-Mart: Grab the blue light specials before they fall in to a black hole!
<Marnen> Snapghle: made from the best matter probabilistically available
<MisterQ> This is not your male progenitor's Oldsmosaucer
<Marnen> Have you piloted a Ford...in this space-time continuum?
<Marnen> Wioll haventa you piloten a Ford...lately?
<sol-D> Ford: Like an iron-rich asteroid
<Marnen> Chevy trucks: B-B-B-Bad to the chitin
<Marnen> Oh what a complex of sensory impressions!--Toyota
<MisterQ> Niee-Qu'l: The itchy, stuffy, sneezy, inflamed, bulbous, mutation, radiation diffusing medicine so you can participate in your regenerative night pattern more efficiently
<Marnen> rotfl
<Marnen> Viagra: Works on any species
<Marnen> (Or would that be Herbal V?)
*** Signoff: Mr-Ben (Ben McClellan: He's got POP.)
<MisterQ> White Castles: 9 out of 10 scavanging fecalvores can't be wrong
<Marnen> A'pl'gh Computron: Process information different.
<Marnen> Xerox: The data cube company
<MisterQ> I could really use a data cube, too
<MisterQ> Must See SubliminalAd TV
<Marnen> Intel inside...if you exist in only three dimensions.
<Marnen> no...better:
*** Signoff: zompist (sleeeeepy)
<Marnen> Intel inside...unless you occupy >3 dimensions
<sol-D> I wish I could be sleeeeeepy
<MisterQ> your wish is granted
<Marnen> take an actifed
* MisterQ falls asleep
<MisterQ> zzz...back...fire...zzz
<MisterQ> zzz... nite all!
<sol-D> aw
<Marnen> Epson printers. At 600 dpi you see a zorpf in the shlmnov. At 1200 dpi you see that the zorpf is the shlmnov.
<MisterQ> heh
<Marnen> At 2400 dpi you see that it's all a carefully crafted holovid!
<Marnen> or would that be Epson holographic generators?
<Marnen> and of course...
<Marnen> "Stardate 19.84 won't be like Stardate 19.84"
<Marnen> oh well, best wishes for your regenerative night pattern
*** Signoff: MisterQ (LET MORTAL KOMBAT.. um.. go on or start or something)

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