"my yoni has a first name"


<zompist> so what *do* you call your yoni-temple of the goddess?
<LJ-atwork> depends on my mood
<LJ-atwork> I wrote a poem about it once
<LJ-atwork> on a dare
<tieboy> a yoni-temple of the goddess by any other name...
<LJ-atwork> lemme see if i can find it
<CrazyClimber> a yoni-temple / looks up, likes what it sees, and / smiles vertically
<CrazyClimber> the yoni-temple / despite my worship, worry / the smell of incense
<Leth> Do yoni-temples / have diff'rent shapes and sizes/ and slant in Asia?
<LJ-atwork> ok
<LJ-atwork> I found it
<LJ-atwork> it was a dare to write a poem to this other chick on the channel, coming onto her
<kaufman> infantilism / gives me partiality / for Yanni-temples
<zompist> there once was a yoni named beulah / that craved to be feulah and feulah...
<LJ-atwork> no wait
<LJ-atwork> the second one was for that, the first one was just a 12 line poem entitled "my vulva"
<LJ-atwork> My vulva
<LJ-atwork> My vulvar lips
<LJ-atwork> are not shaved bare
<LJ-atwork> my cootchie coo
<LJ-atwork> is framed in hair
<LJ-atwork> From deep within
<LJ-atwork> a muffled sound
<LJ-atwork> a lover lost
<LJ-atwork> has now been found
<LJ-atwork> Each woman's lips
<LJ-atwork> are quite uncanny
<LJ-atwork> unlike the rest
<LJ-atwork> is my punani.
<LJ-atwork> -LadyJ
* K-Man snap-claps
<LJ-atwork> there.
<LJ-atwork> snkt
<kaufman> much better than "my vulva lays over the ocean ..."
<zompist> "she wore bluuu-uue vuu-ulva..."
<LJ-atwork> here's the second one:
<LJ-atwork> My vulva - Ode to eso
<LJ-atwork> Eso, darling,
<LJ-atwork> tell me sweetly
<LJ-atwork> would you lick
<LJ-atwork> me down completely?
<LJ-atwork> My lips are here
<tieboy> second one?
<LJ-atwork> for you to suckle
<LJ-atwork> and while you're there,
<LJ-atwork> insert a knuckle.
<LJ-atwork> My hair is trimmed
<LJ-atwork> and getting wetter
<LJ-atwork> I've had great men,
<LJ-atwork> but you'd be better.
<LJ-atwork> Twelve lines down
<LJ-atwork> and what I've said
<LJ-atwork> is that I want
<LJ-atwork> some eso head.
<LJ-atwork> I'm not joking
<LJ-atwork> I'm no phony.
<LJ-atwork> Put your fingers
<LJ-atwork> in my yoni.
<LJ-atwork> Well this dare
<LJ-atwork> and poem's finished
<LJ-atwork> but my wanting's
<LJ-atwork> not diminished.
<Leth> you need a MIDI to go with that
<zompist> did it work?
<LJ-atwork> heh
<CrazyClimber> and an MPEG
<LJ-atwork> we had our chance
<CrazyClimber> who chickened out?
<LJ-atwork> but we didn't go for it
<kaufman> "my yoni has a first name"
<LJ-atwork> she fucked this guy and broke the sink
<LJ-atwork> we all got really drunk
<CrazyClimber> an obvious euphemism
<LJ-atwork> and I passed out
<LJ-atwork> and when i woke up, the sink was broken
<LJ-atwork> and I was mad cause the hotel room wa son my card in my name
<LJ-atwork> so i fixed the sink
<LJ-atwork> found out the next day that he'd had her (she's around my size) perched on the sink

Heather Garvey / Raven / raven@xnet.com
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