The pig's holding its crotch...


<spinn> woobie's.
<agtorange> v3.0?
<spinn> yeah, v2.0 resulted in too many dead woobie's
<zompist> jeez, woobie world is slow.
<mdxi> ooh, all her Award graphics have "SAMPLE" on them
<Samwise> So can we abuse the woobies as badly as the Sims?
<mdxi> apparently there was a counterfeiting problem?
<zompist> i may just let those lonely woobies to themselves.
* agtorange reads the Secret Magic Woobie Ceremony
* agtorange vomits a long, steady stream
<tieboy> "I refuse to repeatedly bless you."
<mdxi> and, of course, all the Awarde Grafickes have bevels
<Samwise> Ooh, and apostrophe error's on the FAQ.
<agtorange> Most Woobie's will tell you what their names are. All you have to do is let them into your heart and listen closely. Before you know it, there is a name sitting right there in your head!
<zompist> am i missing something?
<zompist> i want a cthulhu woobie.
<tieboy> a name sitting in my head?
<Samwise> That happened to me once, but it was morphine.
<zompist> can't seem to find one.
<agtorange>[penisario] THAT'S IT!
<Samwise> That's because you haven't done the Secret Magic Woobie Ceremony.
<agtorange> Gag Gag Gag Gag
<Samwise> It's very...cuddly.
<SeanQ> Cecilwoobie
<zompist> ok, no cthulhu... ferret is the best i can do.
<Samwise> Come...join us...woobie...*woobie*...WOOBIE!!
* Samwise pets his woobie...which is an obvious blah blah blah.
<Elkman> Anyone got any pancakes? This page is too syrupy sweet.
<tieboy> yeah, it needs a woobie insult page
<CrzyClmbr> all of these animals are the same size.
<Samwise> OK, I'm getting us a Spinnwoobie.
<zompist> the dragon seems like a serious wuss.
<tieboy> "You're so dumb I bet you've never had a woobie's name sitting in your head."
<CrzyClmbr> either the mouse is hung like a pony or vice versa.
<CrzyClmbr> the pony's blue, at least, zomp
<zompist> who did furplay?
<CrzyClmbr> the pig's holding its crotch...
* agtorange raises his hand
<agtorange> all of the woobies are monkeys with big penises! Scarey monkey!
<tieboy> especially if you look at the one under agt's
<Elkman> "Why I need a Woobie: The restraining order prevents me from approaching real women."
<Samwise> Why I need a Woobie: My hands are made of wood."
<Samwise> Elk: did you fill up that special container of love & joy?
<CrzyClmbr> "Help Me Be Strong" is about life, but it isn't inspirational.
<zompist> ok, i added woobie 55.
<tieboy> "I'm tired dogs and cats. I want to strangle a woobie now."
<Elkman> Uh, if you're talking about that visit to the sperm bank, that's kind of personal.
<Samwise> I almost feel bad about this.

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