cream of wheat is the work of the devil


<rJak> Lively discussion so far...
<Samwise> Waffles.
<jacquilyn> I like waffles.
<jacquilyn> Do you like waffles?
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> waffles are aokay by me
<CCsVerySleepyToday> pancakes are better.
<mdxi> round waffles are better than square waffles
<CCsVerySleepyToday> but the malted waffles at joanne's down the street are mighty fine.
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> traitor
<CCsVerySleepyToday> o/~ pancakes are better, pancakes are better o/~
<jacquilyn> I like the rectangular ones besst, because that's what my Mom always made for sunday brakfast.
<mdxi> i like pancakes too. and ham. and bacon.
<mdxi> and scrambled eggs and toast
<jacquilyn> But in restaurants, I expect round ones.
<rJak> What is a pancake but a flat waffle?
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> back when I was in college, i experimented with french toast
<jacquilyn> Waffles have about 3 times as much oil in them.
<TomtheFish> or is a waffle a pancake with grids?
<KemloCaesar> And/or eggs.
<jacquilyn> Other than that, the recipe is pretty much the same.
<CCsVerySleepyToday> you can make pancakes without special equipment.
<jacquilyn> It's really just the cooking process that differs.
<mdxi> and grits. need grits to go on toast.
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> waffle = vector pancake
<SleepyElk> I don't even have a waffle iron.
<jacquilyn> What are grits precisely?
<KemloCaesar> What exactly *are* grits?
<rJak> grits are ugly things.
<mdxi> but cream of wheat is the work of the devil
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> hominy
<rJak> corn shit.
<jacquilyn> And hominy is?
<rJak> grits.
<KemloCaesar> Hominy is grits.
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> bugs, mostly
<KemloCaesar> Weren't you paying attention?
<jacquilyn> How circular.
<Samwise> Hominy is punishment from God.
<TomtheFish> hominy is 50 cents
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> pigs is pigs
<SleepyElk> Hominy is when several people sing the same tune.
<TomtheFish> hominy is extra
<rJak> I think it's a southern right wing plot.
<mdxi> grits are hominy (a corn-like plant) which has been boiled in lye then dried and ground.
<CCsVerySleepyToday> restaurant near me makes great grits.
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> Dominus pax voboscim, hominy, hominy, hominy
<mdxi> then reconstituted with water, butter, salt and/or cheese
<KemloCaesar> Kitty litter plant nearby makes great grit.
<jacquilyn> boiled in lye?
<jacquilyn> That sounds like a rather nasty process.
<mdxi> yes. i don't know why, but it is.
<rJak> Gritty Kitty?
<jacquilyn> Isn't lye rather bad for you.
<SleepyElk> I thought lye was for lutefisk.
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> a kittly litter plant? what do you water it with?
<rJak> Southerners eat snakes, too.
<KemloCaesar> "Yesterday's News", actually.
<mdxi> i believe they boil it several more times to remove the lye, actually
<Samwise> No one has ever accused grits of being pretty.
<mdxi> the lye is used as a bleach
<KemloCaesar> Agent - cat urine, obviously.
<rJak> It's the fugu of the south.
<mdxi> otherwise grits would look like cornmeal
<mdxi> errr...
<mdxi> nevermind
<SleepyElk> Lutefisk makes for better jokes, though.
<mdxi> anyway, they are basically inedible unless you add huge quantities of salt, butter (and possibly cheese)
<KemloCaesar> Lye is for lutefisk, that's good enough for me.
<KemloCaesar> Oh god, now I'm all hungry. Good day.
*** Signoff: KemloCaesar (This is getting tedious.)
<mdxi> ibedamned
<D-Cup_Semen_Double_Bomb> "getting" tedious?
<tieboy> "getting?"
<tieboy> damn
<rJak> We should have thought of that long ago.

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