The Sims Add-On Pack Six: We Added a Blue Ottoman, Now Give Us $34


<Erol> A game designer thinks I might be able to help him give his game panache. Eventually.
<Drusilla> cool
<Lots42> Yay!
<tieboy> neat
<Lots42> If you can, give the bad guys our names
<Erol> Yeah. It's not like he was pulling out his wallet as he wrote, but it might lead my life in an interesting direction.
<tieboy> what kinda game?
<Erol> Not known yet. The company doesn't even have a name. It's a guy who quit another game company to start his own.
<Kyol> Wangbot 2000.
<tieboy> Bible Salesman Unleashed
<Lots42> Quake 5: The One With A Plot
<Erol> mAybe he should talk to the leisuretown guy and see if he can license "Shit Keeps Falling."
<tieboy> Ultimate Flight Attendant Uniform Designer
<Erol> Take That Or Die Extreme
<Lots42> Game. Sold at Store. For some price.
<Erol> Maybe another video game based on the band Journey. Those are always cool.
<KemloCaesar> Digitized Amusement.
<tieboy> Termite Inspection III: The Woodening
<KemloCaesar> I Spy (network version)
<tieboy> Sim Orange Juice Frozen Concentrate Defroster
<Erol> Lemonade Stand: The Reckoning
<tieboy> Will & Grace's Desktop Adventures
<Erol> The only thing I really know is that it's going to be for a palmtop, Palm PC and/or Gameboy.
<KemloCaesar> Leisure Suit Larry Does Laundry
<Erol> Stoic Nude Raven
<tieboy> Paul Hogan's Trapshooting
<KemloCaesar> Shoot Fish In A Barrel
<Lots42> My Dinner With Andre: The Arcade Game
<Machival> Mary Kate and Ashley's Bulimic Adventures
<tieboy> Turkey Baster Pro
<Erol> eBay Bid Sniper
<Mr-Ben> Mary Kate and Ashley's Frat Party Adventures
<Machival> Virtual Paintdrying
<Erol> Jeez, Tie, you're scaring me.
<Leth> Unreal Breasts
<KemloCaesar> Blood Donor Madness
<Erol> Quarterfinal Fantasy
<Machival> Stick it in me!!!
<tieboy> Jacqui's Spelling Challenge
<Erol> Final Tax Filing Deadline Fantasy
<Drusilla> Virtual Midterms
<Erol> Don't Touch Me There
<Machival> Mommy Doesn't Love Daddy Anymore
<tieboy> Find Bolivia on a Map II: The Searchening
<Leth> UPN's Spot The Whitey
<KemloCaesar> Virtual Arcade Game Designer
<Mr-Ben> Mommie Dearest: The Game
<Erol> Mavis Beacon Teaches Fellatio
<Erol> Street Golf
<Mr-Ben> Wesley Willis Whups Everybody's Ass
<tieboy> The Sims Add-On Pack Six: We Added a Blue Ottoman, Now Give Us $34
<Erol> The Hamster From Hamsterdance's Wonderful Math Adventure
<Drusilla> X-treme Tennis
<Leth> Mahir's English Challenge
<Machival> the Wesley Willis line of video games: "Suck a Moose's Cock", "Suck a Camel's Dick", etc.
<KemloCaesar> SimHomeless
<Lots42> Retail Madness. With Add-On Level, 'December 24th'.
<Machival> X-Treme Bowling
<Mr-Ben> SimCrack House
<tieboy> Serious Sam, the Pre--Pre-Pre-Release
<Machival> The Read a Book game
<Lots42> I saw that on SNL
<Lots42> Click for the next letter
<Leth> Elmo's My First Dragon Ride Game
<Drusilla> Virtual Strip Croquet
<Mr-Ben> G.G. Allin's Act Like an Uncivilized Animal Game
<Leth> Team Fortress 2
<Leth> wait, that's too outrageous
<Lots42> Sex For Dummies: The Game
<Erol> Wal-Mart Greeter: The Return
<tieboy> Cricket Match 4: The Googlying
<KemloCaesar> Donkey Kong Prostate
<Machival> Mule Kong
<tieboy> Sim Home Pregnancy Test
<Machival> Search Chronicles
<Mr-Ben> Mullets Galore: The Mullet Uprising
<Humbreto> Drug Runner IV: Vice Squad
<Machival> Steal This Game
<Erol> I Send You This File In Order To Have Your Advice
<KemloCaesar> Deserted Graveyard At Midnight Where Nothing Happens
<Leth> Sim IRC Channel Riff
<antihero> Sim Convenience Store Night Manager
<tieboy> Shopping Cart Retriever Extreme
<Erol> Wisconsin Dairy Council Kart Racing
<Machival> Milk a Cow!
<Humbreto> The Popsicle Stick Game
<Mr-Ben> Ultimate Cow Tipping
<antihero> Sim Aglet Factory
<antihero> Pro Buck Fucker
<Machival> Sim Vaginal Penetration
<Erol> Our Bodies, Ourselves
<KemloCaesar> Bank Lineup
<Machival> The Legend of Murphy Brown
<tieboy> Junk Drawer Searcher IV: The Shuffling
<Erol> Duck Hunt AWESOME
<KemloCaesar> Urkel Universe
<Lots42> Duck Hunt: Shoot The Fucking Dog
<Mr-Ben> Dick Trickle's NASCAR Racing '01
<Erol> Spelling Hooker
<Mr-Ben> Keith Olbermann Burns All of His Bridges in the Media
<tieboy> MLB '94 - Man the Picket Lines!
<Machival> Dale Earnhart's NASCAR Racing '02
<Erol> Barbie's Magical Bikini Line
<tieboy> Head-To-Head Solitaire
<Lots42> Half Life: COPS Edition
<Machival> Grand Theft Autoerotic Asphyxiation
<Erol> Schoolhouse Rock Kart Racing
<KemloCaesar> Galactic Cat Grooming
<tieboy> Haunted Hotel: It's Not Really Haunted, Just Drafty
<Erol> The Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald
<Machival> Yet Another Fucking Mario Game
<Humbreto> Super Mario Shroom Hunter
<Leth> Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego's G-Spot?
<Erol> Hey You! Pikachu! Fuck off!
<Machival> Corporate Merger Adventures
<Erol> Wedding Rice Thrower
<Machival> The Facts of Life
<KemloCaesar> Write Your Name In Wet Cement
<Mr-Ben> Program a Low Power TV Station
<Humbreto> Death: The Last Game You'll Ever Play!
<Machival> Epilepsy Mania
<Mr-Ben> Special Games for Special People
<KemloCaesar> Toilet Cleaner Mania
<Leth> Microsoft Colon Explorer
<Erol> Uribyoto Bunny Hate Madness
<Machival> Gameboy Special Olympics
<Mr-Ben> Yell Obscenities in Church
<Humbreto> Sim Alter Boy
<Leth> Flight Simulator: Gamera Edition
<Humbreto> Sim Sewer Worker
<KemloCaesar> Parappa the Rapper Fails Miserably
<tieboy> Timmy the Tooth's Adventures in Molartropolis
<Machival> Bukkake
<Erol> Virtua Flatland
<Humbreto> Sim Butler
<Mr-Ben> Prison Sex Orgies
<Leth> Yet Another Weak Tetris Ripoff
<KemloCaesar> KILN, the Game that lets YOU design your own Pottery!
<Erol> 39 Lashes Online
<Machival> Jam a Pencil in Your Peehole
<Leth> mach: BME has a home game already
<Machival> oh, okay.
<tieboy> Ted Kennedy's Bridge Jumpin' Madness
<Mr-Ben> Drinkin' with the Bush Twins
<Humbreto> The History Channel Presents: Medieval Plague Explorer!
<KemloCaesar> Bill Watterson's Artistic Integrity Game
<antihero> Sniper!: The Kennedy Expansion Pack
<Leth> Liesure Suit Larry 8: Waiting for the Test Results
<antihero> I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Home Game
<tieboy> Pappy the Pedophile's Schoolhouse Chase
<Leth> and the third in the series: Michael Kennedy's Downhill Football
<Erol> Mork and Mindy Advance
<KemloCaesar> Virtual Test Pattern
<antihero> Part four: JFK Jr's Airplane Madness
<antihero> Phantasy Credit Card Scam Online
<tieboy> Valet III: The Parkening
<KemloCaesar> What's Up My Nose?
<Mr-Ben> Pete Townsend Loses Even More of His Hearing
<antihero> Guess Which Hand
<Lots42> Tag
<Humbreto> Outpost
<Lots42> Hide and Go Seek
<Machival> How Many Fingers am I Holding Up?
<Erol> Alton Brown in: I Use Kosher Salt
<KemloCaesar> Got Your Nose!
<Leth> Ted Bundy's Circus Games
<Humbreto> Listen to the Voices, Charlie Brown!
<Mr-Ben> Beat Fred Durst with a Sledgehammer
<KemloCaesar> Sim Coin Flipper (now with extra denominations!)
<antihero> Who's Touching Me?
<Humbreto> The Loin King II: Gigilo Pride
<tieboy> John Romeo's Daikatana 2 (2008)
<Erol> X-Pac Rocks The X-Box's Socks
<Machival> Larry King Live
<antihero> Virtua Accountant
<KemloCaesar> Stephen King's Write A Novel
<Erol> Hello Kitty's Sunshine Fun Pals Storytime Decapitation
<Mr-Ben> Everybody Tries to Kill As Many People As They Possibly Can
<antihero> Pokemon Slaughter
<antihero> (Gotta Kill 'Em All!)
<tieboy> Loogie 3: The Expectorating
<KemloCaesar> The Ultimate Weapon That Kills All The Enemies In The Game The First Time You Use It
<antihero> Oral Sex 3: The Swallowing
<tieboy> Kicking a Rock Down The Street While You Walk To The Mailbox
<Erol> Misspelled Kombat
<KemloCaesar> The Mosnter That Lives Inside Your Closet And Waits To Disembowel You
<Mr-Ben> Ben Schumin is Beaten to Death in a Biker Bar
<antihero> Ultimate Extreme Pro Yo-Yo World Champion
<Humbreto> Cable Tester Deluxe: Fiber Edition
<Machival> Flesh Eating Bacteria
<antihero> Virtual Toaster
<tieboy> Trick Frisbee: Dude, You Know You Can't Catch It Under Your Leg Like That, So Why Do You Keep Trying? You Look Like A Moron.
<Leth> Diablo 3: The Demesnes of Clippy
<antihero> Home Lan Setup Tournament
<KemloCaesar> Mohel Adventures
<Erol> IRC: Infinite Revenge Chainsaw
<Humbreto> X-Treme Vet Action: Kitten Putdown!!!
<Erol> Trannie Adventure II: The Search for Silicone
<antihero> X-Treme Vet Action: Kill Those Gooks!!!
<KemloCaesar> Realtime Bonsai
<antihero> Sim Oil Change
<KemloCaesar> Sim Recursion
<Humbreto> LA Riot 3: Loot Shit and Run!
<antihero> Hall Monitor Extreme Action
<Lots42> Slow Weaponless Targets
<KemloCaesar> Extrem Itch Scratching
<Leth> Joe Lieberman's Media Censorship
<tieboy> Bullets: The PowerPoint Chronicles
<Leth> IRC Dead Horse IV: Adventures of a Short Temp Monkey
<tieboy> Microsoft Meets Groove: The Butt-Cheek Spreadening

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